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51 Ghilz3rd Jan 2011 12:21:28 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
[up] That doesn't change that he's the original (and sole) protagonist for 2 decades.

Lets put it this way, should we change the Blue Beetle image to one without Dan Garrett and with Booster Gold instead coz Booster appears way more than Dan does? The page isn't (or rather, should not be) just about what Green Lantern comics are now.

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As Patrick would say, "It would seem we have reached an impasse."
Ugh. This is why there needs to be a deadline for these kinds of Crowner pic votes. They just keep dragging on and ON!
Sometimes life just sucks. You have to learn to take the good with the bad. Why should you expect anything different in the mediums?
It's been a month since the Crowner went up and we've made no progress. Can we not just use the three point lead and roll with it?
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Not now that it's a one point lead.

It'll never end! Never!!!! :D
Compare the relative ratios. The #2 has a somewhat higher percentage for it than the #1.

This is the worst crowner. It just cannot make up its mind.

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57 Ghilz13th Jan 2011 02:11:52 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Maybe have an admin put the 3 day clock up, whenever the clock ends, whatever is on top is what we put on the page?
Clock applied.
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A question, though. As I said earlier, one is currently winning in difference between up and down votes, while another is currently winning in percentage (while still having a reasonable number of votes). Which should take precedence?
60 Ghilz13th Jan 2011 02:26:05 PM from Canada, or the Moon , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
I'd say for simplicity whichever the crowner puts in first place (as in top row).

Eitherway will make sure to put the others on ImageLinks.Green Lantern

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