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TNA is a very...special Professional Wrestling show, and it's been said that almost anybody could book better than Vince Russo and company.

So, here's my challenge, how would you book TNA? Run down potential feuds and blow offs to feuds. Prove that you can book better than Hulk Hogan!

I'll start, Immortal is way too ponderous and big, and it makes no sense for 4chan to be part of it. 4chan should get upset they were ordered to attack Matt Morgan, and Flair should start getting into arguments with Sleazy-E and Hogan. Eventually, Flair would apologize to Matt while they downplay their attempted murder of him (4chan had a great dynamic going, no reason to ruin it yet), and the sextet would back-stab Immortal at a crucial point. I'm thinking that a Dragon Gate style promotion that's dominated by the Power Stable.

EV 2.0 should concede defeat to 4chan after a nasty series of matches, and retire after everyone gets in the ring to congratulate EV 2.0 for a "great run" to help with their face turn.

So, anymore ideas?
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Orlando Jordan and D'Angelo Dinero both have an amateur boxing back ground, so I'd put them in a feud featuring lots of matches with stips were they would be encouraged to hit each other. Not one of those do this backwards or item on a pole in a mud pit type stips TNA loves but the more traditional ones. Full metal mayham, last man standing, multiple falls, falls count anywhere.

The feud would start with Dinero thinking of Jordan as a sissy while Jordan thinks of Dinero a fake/wannabe. During the feud I'd let the fans decide who to cheer or boo and then pair them up as a tag team at its conclusion due to mutual respect.

They would then feud with Team 3D and the Motor City Machine Guns. For the belts.

Kyoshi and Hernandez where Kyoshi is the one used to being the bigger guy having to adapt to no longer throwing his weigh around while Hernandez is that big guy he used to be. Hernandez would challenge him for the television championship he won by defeating AJ styles very controversially. Again let the fans decide who to cheer for.

AJ Styles would feud with Abyss, who inexplicably attacked him during his television title defense causing him to lose. Abyss would state he's tire of being compared to Kane and Mankind, squash AJ multiple times, then be fued with Hernandez or Kyoshi for the TV title.

Shark Boy, he's still around? Finally beats whoever is holding the X division title. Tournament between X division people for shot at Shark Boy. Winner? Suicide best of five series for title.

Knockouts Tag? Hamada and Taylor Wilde can stay champions but they need a name at least. I think all tag teams should have a song, a finishing move and a name. Feud with beautiful people obviously and uh Daffney and Winter, is winter still around? Why the hell do they even have a knockout tag?

Mrs. Erich Bishoff's assistant. Is seen laid out by a mysterious attacker, and she was supposed to have her first match against Sarita, who's also found laid out. Madison Rayne is wrestles Mickie James non title to make up for the loss on the card. Rayne gets counted out. Mickie demands a rematch but the next week she too is laid out but security footage shows it was by Tara with kendo stick. Tara says that Rayne has been ducking her and demands a title shot. Madison is quick to say bring it on but Sarita, not appreciating what happened last week, goes on to come out and attack Tara despite being bruised up. They have a number one contender's match the following week, a kendo stick match. Sarita wins. Sarita goes on to pay per view and beats Rayne so she can go feud with in the Knockout tag division. Tara lays out Christy Hemme in anger and continues the feud with Sarita.

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy vs Dr. Stevie vs Samoa Joe vs Rhino vs Tommy Dreamer in a six pack challenge for the TNA world title. Everyone else is in the X division thing, going for the TV title, a tag team or knockout. Samoa Joe wins and feuds with ECW. Beats both Dreamer and Rhino separately then together. Joe feuds with and defeats Angle, twice. Joe has a champion vs champion against the tv title holder and wins. Joe feuds with the former champion invoking his rematch clause and defeats Jeff Hardy. Joe Fueds with Dr. Stevie and wins. Joe has a champion vs champion with the X division title holder and wins.

A battle Royal for the next number one contender. In a rare moment of a logic in a professional wrestling show the big guy wins the royal rumble. Abyss, who may or may not be TV champion challenges Joe and loses. Joe defeats all member of the British Invasion. Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolf feud for the number one contention, become a triple threat. Joe wins. Joe defeats Desmond Wolf solo. Joe and Rob Van Dam go at it only for Kurt Angle to interfere and injure Van Dam. After holding the title for over a year, Kurt Angle finally dethrones Samoa Joe.

Sorry if my booking sounds even worse than Hogan/Russo or whoever but to be honest, I really don't care about TNA anymore.
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