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Would this be a good idea for a (mostly humorous story)?:

 1 mst3kluv, Thu, 4th Nov '10 9:26:55 PM from British Columbia, Canada
Many years after The New Tens, the internet has taken over every aspect of our culture, and I do mean everything. It all started in 2012, when Justin Bieber teamed up with Disney, touched everyones' hearts with a Glurge filled song. In fact, the song was so touching, it brought about world peace. Thus, an idea was created that all nations would join under the Internet and that Justin Bieber would be declared the first Peace Leader & Ruler of the world. With that status, Justin decided it would be best for him & Disney to monitor the Internet in case there was an uprising. Needless to say, with Justin Bieber & Disney basically patrolling the new world, things were bound to go horribly wrong...

Many years later, pop culture is basically what people study in school nowadays. Since that tends to change every 3-5 months, there's barely any history being taught in school. The only history schoolchildren learn is is from the time of Justin's rise to power onward. With the current Peace Leader & Ruler controlling the Internet, it seems like there's no hope for things to go back to way they were, wars and all. But, there's an underground resistance force, something that has remained hidden from the censors since Justin's Bieber's time & possibly always will. We're talking about 4chan.

I know the story's not perfect, but it is just a rough concept. Any thoughts?
It really depends on the length of the work, It would probably sustain my interest for a short story but anything longer and it just wouldn't be funny anymore.

Lord British
Didn't Michael Jackson also write a song about peace?

Looks like he got upstaged by Bieber! :O
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