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1 JewelyJ31st Oct 2010 08:18:44 PM from A state in the USA
Okay so I'm working on an old idea ( I'm trying to build the character's backgrounds. They're all attending a'camp for troubled girls' (or they think they are. So I need reasons why they would be going to this place

Here's what I have so far:

Daniela "Dani" Martin- (main character)she's a tough girl with divorced parents who seems to get along well with boys but dislikes and distrusts otehr girls because of bullies in her past and misplaced anger at her stempothet and her mother forsplitting up with her Dad she goes to the camp after a horrible first year in highschool where she got in a bunch of fights and got suspended (or long term suspension possibly)

Tabitha "Tabby" West" - a girl with Egyptian and Hawaiian heritage . She's the Team Mom of the group. I'd really like to make her problem while avoiding being stereotypical as much as possible.

Spencer-a cynical sporty girl who wishes for boys to see her as something other than one of the boys.

Paige- a formerly popular girl with inattentive parents. She fell out of favor with her friends(who she sought to impress and hopefully gain the love and affection she didn't get from her parents)

Autumn- has somewhat eccentric parents. She herself has a hard time getting along with other kids . Possibly has Asperger's syndrome. Also is an albino and self conscious about it.

I'm considering either Spencer or Paige having some image problem leading to an eating disorder. Any help or ideas?

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Try posting the character outlines in the Character Advice thread, see what response you get.
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