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Go for it! Spread the Doo M love!
102 Straxus19th May 2010 07:43:23 PM from Darkmount, Polyhex
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As soon as I get a new mic I'll get right to it then. I'm surprised that no one has covered the numerous Doo M wads out there LP style. That would certainly give lots of material. Perhaps if I'm lucky I can find another and turn this into a co-op Lp.

Also did anyone ever see Total Chaos? The first TC that someone's working on that has "HDR" using the skulltag engine?

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It's like I'm playing Tropico with robots and lasers!

That's Skulltag?


Wow. That's beautiful. In a haunting sort of way.
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Unfortunately barring some miracle the days of the GL renderer for GZDoom and Skulltag are numbered; its primary coder stopped work on it in a huff and eventually some update or another to the main ZDoom code will break it.
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105 Straxus20th May 2010 03:50:21 PM from Darkmount, Polyhex
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Daymn, Really? That's a real shame. I wonder what's gonna happen to the GL renderer. I always play with it on.

Also I was playing some skullag online yesterday for the first time in weeks. The game I was in promptly pulled in my attention for the entire night and some of the mornin'. tongue It was Alien Vendetta with Real Guns Advanced 2. Which pretty much meant a MW 2 addon for Doom.

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It's like I'm playing Tropico with robots and lasers!
Is Freedoom back on track? I remember there was some sort of nerd rage conflict between the developers.
Well, sooooorry!

It was intended to be a pun(?) on Doo M, but I guess it doesn't come across clearly.
This thread has convinced me to buy Doom 2 on Steam.

Took a bit of fiddling to get it to work, but I'm really liking it now that it actually lets me play.
P.S.: Try playing Doo M and using the music the Doo M tunes were based on while playing. It's fun.

Nothing beats "Big Gun" while playing E 1 M 4.
Jonah Falcon
The Achievements for DOOM II are now listed.

Standard stuff, except for killing a Cyberdemon with your bare fists.
Jonah Falcon
113 Reflextion23rd May 2010 02:32:58 PM from (Just) Outside the Asylum , Relationship Status: What's love got to do with it?
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Looks like someone's been reading the wit and wisdom of the Doomguy.

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Does it still count if you weaken it with rockets first, or do you have to use the fists by themselves?
Jonah Falcon
I think you have to take it out completely with your fists. Good luck.
Jonah Falcon
116 Blackmoon23rd May 2010 03:01:59 PM from the Blind Eternities , Relationship Status: Halfway to Pon Farr
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Only one way to find out, I guess.
Jonah Falcon
No Xbox Live Arcade release date yet.
Jonah Falcon



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The Cyberdemon is huge. That means he has huge guts.

Rip and tear.

EDIT: Huh, quite a few Doom comic references among those achievements.

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^^ That sounds like it would be uncomfortable.
Jonah Falcon
DOOM II is on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday, May 26.
Jonah Falcon
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Original DOOM is fun. I just played it for the Nth time through a few weeks ago. Was in the mood for a round of DOOM for some reason so did a complete play through (Three episodes) on Ultra Violence, all secret levels, no cheats of course. Cannot beat Nightmare without editing though. First played it back when I was a teenager in the 90s.

I still have my original copy of it, version 1.2 for DOS. I copied it onto CD though as the floppies are unusable now. That old version only has three episodes and is missing a few map features present on later versions such as the secret switch right at the beginning of E 1 M 1: Hangar. On an interesting note E 1 M 4: Command Control still has the swastika shaped room, they bowdlerised it in version 1.4.

Unfortunately, on that early version very few mods work, most need version 1.666.
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123 Blackmoon28th May 2010 03:21:20 PM from the Blind Eternities , Relationship Status: Halfway to Pon Farr
Your Worth is 50 Yen!
124 DickRichardson28th May 2010 03:52:49 PM from Poseidon Oil Rig
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Can't remember. How much is Skulltag, and you can get it for Steam, right?
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Skulltag is a free multiplayer source port for Doom that requires an existing copy of a Doom iwad (DOOM.WAD or DOOM2.WAD) to run. You can't get it on Steam because it's not a proper game, but you can copy DOOM2.WAD from a Steam copy of Doom II and paste it into the same folder as Skulltag.

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Out of Context Theater: Mike K

"'Bloody Pussies' cracked me up"

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