Insecurity, Sadness, Anxiety, and such matters II:

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This is Troper Counseling Services and Support Group: round two because the old one broke.

In this thread, you can talk about any problems or stress you are experiencing without fear of judgement or condescension. No problem is too small for you to talk about. Do not worry that your problems are annoying or petty or what have you; we're here to help and we're here to listen.

Carry on.

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40451 DrunkGirlfriend6th Oct 2012 09:04:09 PM from Castle Geekhaven
[up] If that's what you feel comfortable with, go for it. smile

And as for your mom, ignore her. She isn't you, and it sounds like she doesn't know what you need. I remember when my mom got like that when I left the Church, and it's really tough, but it'll be for the best in the long run.
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40452 SpookyMask6th Oct 2012 09:50:46 PM from Corner in round room , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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You know that illusion of invulnerability thing where people usually assume that bad things happen only to other people? Well, I have almost opposite thing tongue I believe that everything that is bad can/could/might happen to me.

For example, I noticed something weird white thing on my closet and scraped it off with my nails and now I'm feeling paranoid about "What if it was something poisonous on touch? Or something that is poisonous once breathed and now that I broke that thing I breathed whatever was inside it and am gonna die soon?". Its especially annoying because of that thing where you imagine stuff and you start feeling random symptoms... Yeah, sounds silly. Each time I pass street with cars on it I get shivers and think "If I might have gotten run over by car if I had not payed attention". Heck, before I convinced myself that sexual diseases can only be gotten through sex or blood transfer, I was kind of afraid of getting something from public toilets.(not to serious extent, like none of other stuff I listed, but to overthinking way.) Now I'm kind of paranoid of somehow getting STD without knowing it, like being drugged or getting blood transfer or something =P It also applies to relationships and such so I'm slightly paranoid of people just being nice to me because they are polite and such.

This paranoia like thing is kind of annoying tongue I over think about stuff too much, its not really serious as it doesn't affect what I decide to do nor does anything to me, but its annoying.
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Some of that has happened with me a few times. I feel it's more common than we think.
40454 imojee7th Oct 2012 02:11:45 AM from The Desert , Relationship Status: In bed with a green-skinned space babe
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I get moments of massive paranoia like that all the time. I have gotten the slightest bit better about it over the years though. At the very least take comfort in the fact that you are not alone in your paranoia.
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I dreamed about running away last night. It was long, and realistic as dreams go. I woke up wanting to do it, thinking about all the plans I used to make, longing to escape even though things are fine now. Seriously, I haven't wanted to run away since I was 11, I thought I didn't have to deal with it anymore. Then again, I thought that about suicide ideation as well, and had my first horrible experience with a trigger for that two weeks ago. Why can't I get free of any of these feelings?

I thought I was over this.
40456 TrollPost7th Oct 2012 10:28:12 AM from troll post crusher
40457 Exelixi7th Oct 2012 06:56:41 PM from Alchemist's workshop , Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
I hate the country. Especially the conservative atmosphere. I hate conservatives. I hate the idea that it's okay to define what someone can or can't do by sex, or that it's okay to discriminate based on sexual orientation, and I hate that it's so prevalent. I hate that people seem to think living somewhere insignificant means they don't have to move with the world.
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40458 imojee7th Oct 2012 07:00:39 PM from The Desert , Relationship Status: In bed with a green-skinned space babe
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@Exelixi: One of the many reasons I vastly prefer living in big cities. I know that feeling.
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40460 X2X7th Oct 2012 10:07:02 PM from the Darkness Beyond Time , Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
You'll never see it coming.
Something on your mind, Sixth?
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40461 Grimview7th Oct 2012 10:24:18 PM from British Columbia
Exe: Trust me, there are some good parts of America.

But I get where you're coming from. I had that rage all summer this year.
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40462 SnowyFoxes7th Oct 2012 10:24:29 PM from Club Room , Relationship Status: I know
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Does a healthy level of self-esteem even exist?
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Hopefully I can get some sleep and go back to believing the lie that I'm a good person
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Recently, I've been believing that I am easily replaceable and that of you take me out of the equation of life, nothing changes.
40465 Tidal_Wave_177th Oct 2012 10:51:37 PM from Business, Nunya , Relationship Status: Singularity
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-Hugs Poppy- sad I'm sure that's not true.
Severely Confused
Minor venting.

I have an addiction. Well, probably more, but only one is relevant right now. It's something that I've had to cut down on due to circumstances. It's been slowly diminishing to the point where I thought it was gone. But it isn't. And now I just feel like indulging in it for several hours, even though I can't if I wanted to.

I just needed to get that off my chest.
40467 X2X8th Oct 2012 02:25:53 AM from the Darkness Beyond Time , Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
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@ Sixth: Have you ever considered that maybe it's not a lie?

@ Pocky: Tidal's right. You know it's not true. (hugs)

@ Ratzoup: Well, recognizing you have an addiction is the first step to beating it. And if you don't mind me asking, how severe an addiction are we talking?
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40468 imojee8th Oct 2012 03:21:31 AM from The Desert , Relationship Status: In bed with a green-skinned space babe
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A minor worry, I realized I have all but lost two of my closest friends. To what? Relationships. I helped them find someone and then they all but dropped off the face of the earth. I suppose I should be happy for them, and proud that I am apparently pretty good at matchmaking (however my powers are useless if I try to use them on myself), but I still can't shrug off the sense of loss from having two long time friends who I could confide in all but vanish. I lose even more by pairing off a close friend and a not-as-close friend.

Man I am never pairing up a friend unless I want to never see them again. And all of this does nothing but worsen the feeling that I am slowly but surely losing the many friends I had gained. Then again its not so much a feeling as it is a fact, and one I can't do a whole lot about. I suppose it won't matter a whole lot once I get that hard reset on my social life in two years, but until then I still regret losing friends...
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40469 betterthanstrawberry8th Oct 2012 03:50:13 AM from back in the atmosphere.
Dreaming out loud.
Worrying that I get less focused and/or motivated without frequent contact with more than a few people.
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40470 LibrisDedita8th Oct 2012 03:50:50 AM from A land of queues. Still. , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
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I know the feeling; I wouldn't worry.
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40471 MrAHR8th Oct 2012 07:43:08 AM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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So, I have a friend. We're good friends. I love the guy, and we can bond like no other sometimes. The problem is, I sometimes get the feeling he's a massive hypocritical douchebag.

I am, at times, rather elitist with my tastes. I make it a point to not judge people by their tastes. And he's an odd one. (for example, he likes Matrix 3 more than the original Matrix). Obviously there is nothing wrong with that, but for someone who studies the media and is very opinionated, I did have to focus on being very respectful. That being said, I have made the occasional jab at his tastes being stupid, but I've done that with everyone, as a joke.

Him on the other hand, has no such reservations. He constantly judges others by stuff they do (usually based in video games,he's a huge gamer, for instance, he automatically hates anyone who EV trains in Pokémon, even though his crush and I both do it just for fun) and then turns around and claims I'm the judgmental one, even though I've made it very clear that if I was judgmental about them, I wouldn't be hanging out with him.

Baaaah. Petty whines.

Completely alone now
40473 DiurnalBrocolli8th Oct 2012 10:21:56 AM from Somewhere... , Relationship Status: Seeking boyfriend-free girl
Pocky, you are NOT alone! Remember what your badge says?
Just floating around...
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It's not very severe, and will likely fade in a few weeks. I just don't want to have to deal with it on top of everything else.
Had a meltdown last night. I've been arguing with my mind for months now, and it keeps telling me toxic things and I try and convince it that they are all lies. But last night, it told me a particularly evil thought about some of my closest friends... I didn't want to say it, but I said it anyway. I then spent about 20 minutes just crying and shaking, wishing the thoughts would stop...

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