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 26 Spider 1, Sat, 25th Feb '12 7:20:50 PM from New Jersey
Theoretically, almost all super-powers can be rooted to telekinesis. Creating fire? You are speeding up the molecules in the object or the air, making heat, making fire. Creating ice? The same, but slowing down the molecules, making cold, making ice. Flying? You're propelling yourself, etc.
"I have to kill fast and bullets too slow!"-John Freeman
Shadowed Philosopher
Well, sure. Everything we ever interact with usually is in terms of baryons, electrons and photons, and just about every phenomenon is related to the physical movement thereof. The problem is that making an appreciable amount of heat requires you to individually boost the kinetic energy of every atom that makes up what you're trying to heat, which requires pretty much Godlike powers of focus and multitasking. It'd be much easier to, for instance, mimic a bow-drill trick using TK to move the drill faster than you'd otherwise be able to.
Shinigan (Naruto fanfic)
 28 Spider 1, Thu, 1st Mar '12 4:32:54 PM from New Jersey
[up] Brilliant!
"I have to kill fast and bullets too slow!"-John Freeman
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