How can I write like Stephenie Meyer?:

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1 PsychoFreaX20th Jul 2010 11:03:15 PM from Transcended Humanity
Okay, what you're gonna wanna do is take a large frying pan (preferably iron, but any kind will do) and repeatedly hit yourself in the head so that your motor skills are temporarily disabled. Now be careful! If you hit yourself too hard or too many times, your motor skills may not come back and you'll be stuck in a semi vegetable state. You'll also want to study the human brain a bit before hand so you'll know precisely where to hit so that you don't accidentally grant yourself psychic powers somehow. Sure it seems fun at first, but after the first couple of heads accidentally explode, completely ruining my tux and making Sally Winfield run away from me at prom it loses its appeal.

Either way, after you've achieved the desired level of mind numbing stupor, you can then proceed to randomly select the fictional creature that you wish to ruin completely. I would suggest Frankenstein's Monster or a Rhode Islander (c'mon, who here knows anyone who's ever been to or knows someone else who's been to Rhode Island? Exactly! It's a fictional place), neither of which are commonly depicted in horrible romance novels.

Once you have your monster selected, you'll need a Mary Sue. Now, you're gonna want to at least vaguely appear like you've attempted to make the character an actual character. To subtly hide the character's perfection, you should pretend there's some kind of flaw to the character which you should bring up frequently, but never show. Y'see, readers are like wild animals. If they see weakness, they'll attack and kill your avatar. Readers are the one thing capable of killing your character. How they do this can't be explained, know only that they do. To avoid this, you should only feign weakness lest your character fall to their might.

Y'see, the story is only half about ruining a mythical creature by making it a teenager. The other half is protecting your avatar. To do this, you should slip in some kind of hypnotic subliminal message on the cover that will target adolescent females making them into a formidable army. In this way, your army of zombie fangirls will rise up in your defense whenever your character is attacked, with deadly consequences. Your hypnosis will also allow you to have an increase in sells. But that's more of a side effect, really.

Now, with this knowledge go forth and conquer the world of literacy.

Is this something that's even appropriate to joke about?
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Well according to her Just have no idea what vampires are like in other fiction and then your set...sniffing paint is also and potion that last part is a joke don't sniff paint.
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Writing like Stephenie Meyer is actually much harder than it seems. You have to balance just the right amount of illogic, one-dimensionality, mediocrity and disturbing "romance", so that your work can be picked out of dozens of other bad writers' excretions, while also appealing to masses of teenagers with...less than optimal intellect.
First and foremost, your writing must appeal to that irrational squee instinct. Actual good writing is optional. Don't forget the sparkles too.
7 Tidal_Wave_1721st Jul 2010 09:52:48 AM from Business, Nunya , Relationship Status: Singularity
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Just have a teenage girl with the personality of a block of cheese-Scratch that, cheese has a better personality than this character-be surrounded by overbuff guys equally lacking personalities who spend chapters talking about how perfect and beautiful the girl is.

There, that's the Twilight series in a nutshell.

I actually do enjoy the books, even though I found out that Bella is a total Mary Sue.

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Hmmm...I've got a Twilight clone in the works that I should resurrect. It's about a time-traveling cyborg, but not a murderous one; more of a sexy, angsty teenaged one.
9 voiderofwarranties21st Jul 2010 11:52:16 AM from the cliffs of insanity
kind of stupid actually
Somebody should set up an RP of a writing club where a bunch of people who hate Twilight but are horrible writers decide to learn how to write like her first and then move up to actual decent writing.

By scientifically examining it.
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10 MajorTom21st Jul 2010 11:56:59 AM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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^ Get all the writers here to do that For Science!?
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so much butthurt in this thread, I'm assuming that's what the OP was aiming for though.

I haven't read twilight and I never will, but S. Meyer has a unique power over millions of girls, and a big pile of money to sleep on. Horrible writer or no, if I had those two things I'd be set for life.
12 Wheezy21st Jul 2010 12:19:26 PM from South Philly
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^ Both of those things may or may not last the next decade.
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The people in this thread need to note that the OP said write like Stephanie Meyer, not write a story like Twilight.
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14 Mapi22nd Jul 2010 01:42:01 AM from Sakurakou Keionbu
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Spam Purple Prose and attempt to shoujo-fy your work. Also, lack of relative real-world logic helps.
15 PsychoFreaX22nd Jul 2010 04:40:16 AM from Transcended Humanity
LOL Mammalsauce true that PSYCHO STYLE!!!

A stupid question like this was bound to get entertaining answers PSYCHO STYLE!!! ^-^

But then i guess it might still be fun to write some So Bad, It's Good work just for laughs though. I might think about something like that PSYCHO STYLE!!!
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It actually is a lot of fun. I mentioned my cyborg one; my sister wrote a zombie one (warning: the link is a PDF) that was pretty funny.
1/ Be a girl
2/ Write wish fulfilment fantasy (or just copy someone on
3/ Publish.
= Profit!

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"so much butthurt in this thread, I'm assuming that's what the OP was aiming for though.

I haven't read twilight and I never will, but S. Meyer has a unique power over millions of girls, and a big pile of money to sleep on. Horrible writer or no, if I had those two things I'd be set for life."

Argument ad populum at it's finest.
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"I don't care about the quality of my writing if it makes me rich" is a fallacious argument?
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22 JewelyJ21st Oct 2010 10:00:40 AM from A state in the USA
I dunno I tried writing a blatant Mary Sue and got Oscar Wilde. Huh maybe I should have had her whine about random stuff more. XD
23 deathjavu21st Oct 2010 02:55:33 PM from The internet, obviously
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Just cater to a demographic that's been underutilized by other writers thus far, slather your bland story together with tons of fanservice and one-dimensional characters, don't waste any time editing/making it good, and voila! Instant cash!
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24 LanceManley21st Oct 2010 11:41:17 PM from Ontario, Canada
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I suppose pound your head on a keyboard for a few hours and go from there.
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