The Legend of Korra:

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Hey guys, look! It's Doctor Doom! *Shot*

The bro on the right looks like Aang, but I highly doubt that its Tenzin. Highly. Edit: Yeah, nevermind what I said, looks like he's an Earthbender.

And the bro on the left is one sexay Fiah Bender....He's a fire bender, right?

Gyaaaa can't wait for more! 3-4 PM pacific is 7-8 eastern ;_;

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Hey guys, look! It's Doctor Doom! *Shot*

I was just about to make that joke!
[up]Made me think of a Grolim, myself. Excellent poster, though. grin
Does anyone know of anywhere that's going to be livestreaming the panel? I am antsy to watch!

1130 Ronka8723rd Jul 2011 03:16:01 PM from the mouth of madness.
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I wanna see it bigger; it looks awesome. The buildings are definitely larger than in A: TLA— the environment reminds me of turn-of-the-century New York. Maybe it really is Gotham and Korra really is Batman. tongue
Thanks for the all fish!
[up]That's *Wolfbatman*.
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Any update on the Comic-Con panel yet?
Didn't it just start? Not much info is going to be given in a couple of minutes, lol.

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It's *just* starting, isn't it?
1135 dmysta300023rd Jul 2011 04:04:34 PM from New York and New Jersey , Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
I thought it started at 4 p.m.
4: PM Pacific, which it is right now. =)
1137 Bryn23rd Jul 2011 04:15:12 PM from Cambridge
People on Twitter seem to be really liking the trailer (searching for 'korra'). Have not seen a video yet, although I guess it would be phone-quality anyway and we should wait for a nice official version.
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[up] I'm also looking it up on Twitter. Lots of interesting info coming up for those of us who can't made it to SDCC. Apparently Aang and Katara had three kids?

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According to Twitter, Meelo is Tenzin's son.

The images they were just showing of the character designs.

And the revolutionaries are called Equalists. Makes sense.

Oh and here's some more korra [1]

Upteenth edit: OH my gosh! Now the tiwtter folks are going on about Metal Bending cops?! Wtf!?!

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Well I just love how every link gives me a forbibben page. lol.
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Damn, I'm sorry :< Try refreshing?

And apparently the metal bending cop is Toph's Daughter
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And she's chief of police.

EDIT: Of the two guys in the poster, they're named Mako and Bolin (not sure, but it's almost definitely Mako=firebender, Bolin=earthbender), and yes they're a firebender and earthbender.

We know who Meelo is: he's Tenzin's son.

Also, Katara and Aang had two kids besides Tenzin.

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1143 Ronka8723rd Jul 2011 04:55:30 PM from the mouth of madness.
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Metal bending corps? That sounds awesome! And Toph's kid? Duuuude, they better be Omashu royalty! [/personal theories]
Thanks for the all fish!
And it ended. :( the trailer shown must be floating around soon.

And I already love Mako. Scarfs are awesome.

Edit: She HAS in fact mastered the other three elements and no release date known. Edit 2: On the metal bending thing, apparently Toph went around the world teaching guys, and the Equalists have a ty-lee chi-blocking thing going on. Tenzin has 3 kids, one of them is not an airbender though.

And.... apparently, Sky Bison were found after the war, lol. But a different breed.

And Bolin and Mako are brothers. Holy crap.

I also feel like I must add that Republic city is now "United Republic" and it was founded by Aang and Zuko.

Read about the tweets here: [1]

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1145 thatother1dude23rd Jul 2011 05:02:54 PM from Continuous State of Missouri , Relationship Status: Mu
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Also, a reminder: we were already told who would be voicing Mako and Bolin.

And Bolin and Mako are brothers. Holy crap.

Where did you hear that?

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It was some of the info released today. Read the tweets =)

Edit: Trailer QUICK QUICK

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[up]I didn't see that tweet the first time I checked.

Also, trailer's out! No fair ninja'ing me with an edit!

surprisedWow, I was expecting the animation to be good but that... uaahsd;ofias;dlfkajsd;flkajds

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1148 Bryn23rd Jul 2011 05:13:33 PM from Cambridge
@allaboutmanga has uploaded a small, phone-recorded version of the trailer! Not going to watch, will wait for nice official HD release, but if you want it, here!


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You guys be too slow =p

I cried watching it. I will not lie. About two or three tears just went down.

The animation shown was absolutely fantastic. I am completely stunned.
DAT TRAILER Edit: Different one with better quality

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