Is this Sexist ?:

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...I think it is.

So I'm working on my novel and I realize that none of my female main character's a strong. I have two main males, and two main females but the females are more of a gender flipped Those Two Guys. I've already had one female character be Driven to Suicide as a Heel Realization for my main character. I have another female character in the future who acts as The Dark Chick for the Big Bad but she dies in the third act, So Yeah.

Is this sexist or is it alright.

If it is sexist should I make one of the girls like a Action Girl / Badass Normal, or something?

Also the characters are [[currently]].

((They have names I'm just not posting them}}

Any help would be great, also this is a NaNoWriMo project.

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Depending on other details in your setting, I'd respond with a qualified "no, it isn't". However, some people will likely think so.

As I've said to many others who've asked "Is this _______?", that question really cannot be answered without reading the work you're talking about.

I will say this though; the touchier/squickier you get, the more careful you have to be with the details. People who don't like the unpleasant truth you're presenting will seize on one little misplaced word or scene and spin a whole justification for why you are a terrible person, or why your piece of writing is "just racist/sexist/trashy" or whatever.

To sum up: the closer a writer wants to get to the Moral Event Horizon precipice, the more cautious and reasoned their steps have to be.
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If you have to ask, it probably is.

To be honest, when you mentioned the female characters being Those Two Guys, I was a little intrigued. You don't often see women filling that character role, and so I'd say that's a point in your favor. Killing off your female characters doesn't make you look that great, however - especially if you're killing them off to motivate your males.

If you want to come off as less sexist, empower them in your narrative. Let their actions have major influence on the plot. Don't have them serve only as supports for the men. Heck, if you like, turn your protagonist into a girl. It shouldn't affect the way you write the character at all; if it does, I'd say that's a greater indicator of sexism than the situation you've currently spelled out for us.
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I just noticed that of five characters that die-or-are-permanently-disfigured in the story I'm writing, three of them are female. I am worried this is sexist.
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[up]It could be seen as such but I'd say that all things being equal most people with a sane yardstick would probably not think so.
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I'm afraid my entire concept of Galaday may be sexist. And sexism isn't even a major issue in this story. The fuck is wrong with me! ):<

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Sexism is more a matter of overall trends than individual cases. Having one girl in a story being helpless and crying isn't sexist so long as there are other female characters that aren't; having every girl be weepy and helpless is a problem.

How well they compare the male characters is also an issue. Really flawed female characters are fine if the male characters are also quite flawed, it's when the female characters are far more flawed - or when their flaws are a big deal but the men only get an Informed Flaw - it becomes a problem.
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I don't think it is. You don't have to make 50% of your main characters female to not be sexist. Even if there is only one important female character, and she's a damsel in distress, it still doesn't make your story sexist. It's how you present it that matters.
The important thing to not being sexist is to remember that you're not writing 'female characters' or 'male characters' - you're writing characters, and their gender should be only one piece of who they are.
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This is often a tricky one. People tend to think that if you represent a character in a certain way, you are making statement about EVERYONE who shares the same qualities as them, which isn't necessarily true.
After a certain point, there is no way to be sure you'll please everyone in regards to sexism.

I used to complain a lot about a certain shonen series not having women as powerful as the men, until someone finally put it to me, do female series always have men as powerful as the women? Them not doing it doesn't neccesarily mean that they hate men.

Also, remember, there are extremists everywhere. No matter WHAT you do, be assured that if you become successful, SOME radical is going to write some blog dissertation about how you're subconsciously keeping women or minorities down and that you must be such a monster for your unconscious mistakes, real or imagined.
On balance, I'd say no, but I would say that if you have to ask, you're probably straddling or crossing a line for someone.
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Not inherently. As long as they're solid characters and contribute something to the plot, and as long as there aren't consistent flaws or negative traits (or, for that matter, positive traits) that you apply to all your female characters, you can play with any tropes you like.
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