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The Great Nitpicky Live Blog of El Goonish Shive:

 276 Gilphon, Sun, 21st Nov '10 11:51:41 AM from The Third Sound Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Um. I didn't realize Nanase and Ellen were being shipped together until a little while from now, the first time round…
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 277 Mr AHR, Sun, 21st Nov '10 11:57:48 AM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
@e X: Thank you, e X, I was trying to think of a logical reason Nanase would not be a good idea, but for the life of me could not think of it.

@Gilphon: Well, I assumed it would be obvious judging by Justin's teasing, Nanase being a lesbian, and Ellen being the one available girl. But I went into the comic knowing full well, so I might be biased. What do you think? Do you think your judgement was the norm, perceptive, or ignorant in this case?
 278 Gilphon, Sun, 21st Nov '10 12:16:23 PM from The Third Sound Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Well, I certainly wouldn't say my view on it is particularly perceptive. Enough signs are there, in retrospect, that I can say Shive probably did have the ship planned at this point. But I honestly can't whether most people would've gotten it. Just… from my point of view, it hadn't yet become clear whether Nanase really was gay, or if Justin /Shive was just making jokes to that effect at her expense, and I really wasn't thinking about possible Nanase ships at all.

Certainly, if I'd gone into it with the knowledge that there was a Lesbian ship in the works, I'd have figured it out by now. So… I don't know what I'm getting at here. Just airing my thoughts, I guess.

edited 21st Nov '10 1:52:08 PM by Gilphon

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 279 Mr AHR, Sun, 21st Nov '10 12:17:35 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
And I appreciate your thoughts. I don't want to make claims that are BS.
94. Grandmaster of Shark
Yes, when I first read the comic, I just thought that Elliot's reasoning why Nanase, of all people, should comfort Ellen was really blund, badly writing exposition. It felt incredible unrealistic.

The real problem here isn't the scene between Nanase and Ellen, it's Elliot's monologue! If you would cut it without substitution, it would greatly improve the scene.

Just have Nanase, searching for a bathroom, or another excuse, stumble upon a crying Grace, and just like that, the scene is a lot less narmy and a lot more subtle, shipping wise. That would have made this situation much more natural and even better in establishing and characterization, and even shipping, because she would have comforted Ellen out of her own free will instead of being ordered to do it.

edited 21st Nov '10 12:34:16 PM by eX

On the topic of crying guys, I am pretty sure that Tedd cries at the end of Painted Black.

 282 Mr AHR, Sun, 21st Nov '10 1:28:28 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
 283 Cakman, Sun, 21st Nov '10 2:18:04 PM from whence he came.
  • X-Files reference. Sort of pointless. I mean... It's not even a clever reference or anything. Just Tedd's father saying "Mulder". Because there was a guy named Mulder on X-files. That's not so much a joke as much as it is a fact.
  • Oh. And look. Grace is sexually clueless again.
  • Is this the first time we've heard Tedd's last name? Or anyone's last name, for that matter? Not a critisicm. Just a question.
  • What are the benefits to being large? What was Tedd's dad going to do? Exterminate him to ensure no witnesses were present?
  • I like the third panel though. The art reminds me of Daymare Town.
  • More to the point though, what the hell is Elliot talking about?! HE'S supposed to be the real one! Otherwise this ENTIRE plot makes no sense! That means he's a toe stub and a traffic jam away from snapping and going insane! MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

  • I think I would have liked this strip more if Shive replaced all the character dialogue with "ELLIOT IS AWESOME. ELLIOT IS AWESOME." At least the point would have been more clear.
  • And there is no reason for Grace to be nude here other than Shive wanting to show off his pet character's tits.
  • Yeah, why does anyone think that he wants to lock her up? After all, she hasn't done anything illegal. She disrespected her teacher. That's about it.

  • Once again, there is no reason for Grace to not have her shirt zippered here. And the final panel doesn't even make sense, because if it were real, Tedd's father would clearly see the zipper.
  • I kinda like the Jeremy drawing. Not gonna lie. But I sorta just like Jeremy.
  • First panel annoys me once again, because there is still zero chemistry between Grace and Tedd. There is nothing. Tedd barely even shows affection for Grace.

  • First panel Nanase looks like she's making the "dat ass" face.
  • And in the second panel, either Tedd's father's head is far too small, or Sarah's head is far too big.
  • Also, AHR, considering that I posted a picture of a pregnant Fem Tedd having anal sex with a male Grace, I don't think the idea of them groping will be too shocking here.

  • Justin seems to have taken the same steroids that the goo did in the last panel.
  • And elves are commonly associated with homosexuality in jokes. You know what this means? Justin is GAAAAAY!
  • Also! I call plot hole! Why is Nanase's outfit not covered in muck in the last panel? She doesn't have multiple sets of it- we know in one of the future strips that she has to wear something else.
  • Elliot wasn't too nervous of being seen when he was hitchhiking. What's the big deal now? And if anything, even if people saw it, they would just think it was a guy with a costume on.
  • And I don't want to make it NSFW or anything, but I think from now on, I'll just post my favorite pictures of horses whenever Justin reminds us that he's gay. If he tells us that he finds Elliot attractive, I'll post pictures of men kissing. And if he suggests that Nanase go out with Ellen, women kissing it is.

  • ಠ_ಠ
  • ಠ_ಠ
  • ಠ_ಠ
  • ಠ_ಠ
  • ಠ_ಠ
  • ಠ_ಠ
  • ಠ_ಠ

  • ಠ_ಠ
  • ಠ_ಠ
  • ಠ_ಠ
  • ಠ_ಠ

  • Eh. I guess I could understand, taking the idea of making it realistic into consideration, that someone might get scared by that picture. As is, it's not scary, but it could be if it were an actual picture.
  • Then again, if Elliot were an actual person, he'd be looking really scary right now.
  • Also note that if Tedd were an actual person, he would be Edmania.
  • ...Is the joke implying that Tedd's father is going to walk in on Ellen? What the fuck?

  • Eh. I am a fan of animal humor, however cheap it may be, so I give this strip a thumbs up. Whoo-hoo.
  • Though I think Shive could have taken the extra three minutes to draw another Jeremy face in the fourth panel rather than using the one from the third.

  • Yeah! Because girls without gigantic tits and wide hips lead completely unhappy lives!
  • And yes. Now that Elliot has transformed into a girl, he now takes a really long time when he's in the bathroom. BECAUSE YA'LL KNOW HOW THEM GIRLS DO THAT! THANK YOU FOLKS I'M HERE ALL WEEK!
  • And why does the beam make her hair grow longer? Doesn't all human hair grow like that, and it's only because women don't cut it that it looks like that? Why would the beam have anything to do with it?
  • And speaking of which, I still don't fucking get why Ellen turns into a whore when she shoots herself with the beam. What's the message? All girls are like that deep down?

  • So why were those clothes over at Justin's house.

Meh. I'll do the other ten tomorrow.
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 284 Mr AHR, Sun, 21st Nov '10 2:22:03 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
@Cakman: I wasn't trying to shock them entirely. It was more of me just kinda...I dunno. Making a non joke.

And I don't approve of making fun of tropers that do not read this blog. Much.
 285 Goggle Fox, Sun, 21st Nov '10 4:17:33 PM from Acadia, yo.
I'd forgotten about that machine. There is no reason for this machine to exist except to make everything that much more idiotic.
Sakamoto demands an explanation for this shit.
 286 Cakman, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 12:17:43 PM from whence he came.
  • Why would Nanase laugh at Ellen? I get why Ellen would laugh, but Nanase would just see Ellen as looking like... Ellen.
  • And is it really a big deal that she's wearing TEDD'S clothes? I'm sure a lot of people have the same shirts that Tedd does.

  • Okay, so naturally, this should cause a major identity crisis and confusion regarding Ellen's self esteem, sexual identity, and life outlook, right? RIGHT?!
  • The punchline isn't too bad here. But the chiller font. It's just my pet peeve, like comic sans is for some other people.

  • Hey Ellen. You know how I broke up with you because I said we weren't right for each other? Well, you see, now that you've grown a vagina, I have decided differently. WE CAN MASH THEM TOGETHER NOW~!
  • "And being attracted to guys is probably still weird for her." What the fuck? Sexuality doesn't work like that! YOU SAY IN THE SAME BREATH THAT SHE'S STILL ATTRACTED TO SARAH.

  • I see no difference, AHR.
  • And now that I think about it, why can't Nanase dress like this all the time? It would make it much more bearable.

  • Your own work should never make you cry, Dan. That means that reality is beginning to blur for you.
  • I can kinda see a bit of inking here, but not much. I'm not even sure what inking is, though. Whatever about this comic that is different.
  • And pardon my asking, but did you say "catgirl"? He... He doesn't do that, does he?

  • And hair color, I suppose. NOT THAT WE WOULD KNOW THAT.
  • Whatever happened to being under the table? Just blank, empty, whiteness surrounds them now.

  • Ugg. These strips say so much about what Dan Shive thinks about women.
  • Also, screaming "Anyone who laughs is in for a beating" makes it sound even more humiliating, because it implies that the people need to be prevented from laughing.
  • The third panel just looks like Nanase has Tedd's father's moustache.

  • Who the fuck wanted to laugh? What heartless dick in the group thinks the situation is funny?
  • Why's Grace still wearing glasses?
  • Also note the plothole being covered up by a "joke" bandage.

  • He does? Then what was the point of the whole strip tease thing?! He was acting as though it were his first time ever seeing himself as a girl.

  • OH MY GOD!!!! SHE LOOKS...
  • Exactly like Grace, with different skin and hair. How terrifying.
  • Good appearance, Justin. You added something. It had nothing remotely to do with the plot, but you added something.
My only goal in life is to ensure that Mousa dies of a stress-induced heart attack by the age of 23. READ THIS
 287 Mr AHR, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 12:34:38 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
Strip 271

  • Tedd's position in the first panel is...weird. I get he's taking his glasses off, but one hand seems to be up, holding something? Maybe?
  • The second panel has Ellen making...a face whose emotion I am not sure of. I think it's supposed to be an evilish grin, but it just seems like it's at an awkward moment.
  • WARNING: Being gushed about by Grace is a very dangerous act, and can lead to side effects such as sudden applied eyeliner, and Tastes Like Diabetes!

  • Shive. All it would have taken was a little —smooch— sound effect. No pointer bubble needed. If worried about mouth to mouth misinterpretation, change the friggin angle of the panel.
  • This would be a lot less surprising if stuff like this had not already shown up in the sketchbook as far back as July 2002.
  • Or, or OR! Maybe she's expressing a view based not on sexual attraction?
  • Now, it's moments like these where I find basis in the Tedd X Grace pairing. Tedd is kinky, and Grace gleefully goes along with it. Unfortunately, as previously evidenced, Shive is never consistent with this characterization. He can't seem to decide if Grace is TOO innocent to understand what Tedd is talking about, understands and does not mind in the slightest, or does understand, and does mind to a degree. This harms their relationship a lot. Also, it's a bit unfortunately implicated.
  • Obviously Tedd is SUPPOSED to be the "perverted guy" but at the same time, it would be nice to see an equal opportunity sense of perviness. Yeah, Ellen becomes this later, but she still seems to do it so it would benefit the male viewership. Obviously it's because Shive happens to be attracted to girls, but I refuse to let that slide as justification, especially since he seems to try so hard to hide any sense of pervertedness in the first place, with some messed up hypocritical honor code that does not make any sense at all. As we go through the sketchbook, you'll see a lot of fanservice lampshaded, or played for comedy, or just informedly comedic, but it never turns into Fetish Retardent. It's situational comedy, maybe, but it's still drawn with the intent to arouse.
  • But, I'm getting off topic.

Strip 272 I have to do these strips? I really really REALLY hate this part. Mostly because we see how mood whiplashy things are gonna be, and how much Shive fails at achieving it. SURE, we already had that with Susan, but at least that was an isolated incident not related to the main tragedy.

Strip 273

But here, we don't get that anymore. We get someone who was previously CRYING to the point she refused to let go of Nanase, engaged in sitcom antics. Sure, she gets mad here, but lets be honest. Even if one compares it with this reaction, there is a slight difference. Even more so if you go farther back.

Strip 274

Why was this necessary?

Why was it necessary to turn the entire thing into some distorted shaggy dog story? OK, the reader mo-bob that was used in the previous strips could MAYBE be justified. This? Hell naw. This is just cruel.

And what's worse is how it's resolved. The same girl who snapped at the blink of an eye, is quelled because a letter was hard to read.

And this won't be the last time Shive does this. He has this inexplicable need to make punchlines and avert Cerebus Syndrome at all costs, even when he's merrily traumatizing his characters and playing it completely straight. This isn't bad writing, this is a PROBLEM. A problem he seems to have and can't get out of it.

Of course, when he DOES decide to tackle angst, he goes for the most basic most petty teenager wangstdom imaginable. Mainly, wangsting about romance. Sure, progress is made, but even now, in 2010, some romance plots are still pathetically stagnant, to the point I suspect Shive is purposely trying to slow the process in order to fulfill a plot point that requires the unfulfilled love in 2015 or something.

There is a way to make with the funny in the darkest of situations. I believe Cakman practically worships anyone who can pull it off. Shive, you are not one of those people. That isn't to say you shouldn't try to be funny (although you would give me many less headaches), but you should have a sense of timing, at the least.


Strip 275

  • Why Moperville South? Because. Now shut up.
    • In all seriousness, this could be justified, but it's backwards justification, the same way Nanase was handled during the goo and the comforting. Shive knew he wanted X to happen, so he made it logical for that to be the only way possible. The problem with this is that the logic is usually questionable, leapy, and very...analytical for a character that supposedly only had a few moments to think it over.
  • Once again, why was Susan brought here? She is being quite the rude cunt here, if you don't mind me saying.
  • And so Tedd and Grace have not sex. Because hey, it's OK! Grace is totally willing! Even if she has no idea of the sexual gratification that Tedd is getting from it, and can be easily manipulated. Totally innocent.

Strip 276

  • And Elliot's parents are back. God I love them. Even now, I can't bring myself to say anything nitpicky about this strip. :)

Strip 277

  • So, I have two reactions.
  • One is your normal "Best. Characters. Ever." reaction I tend to get.
  • The other was annoyance at Shive.
  • Best of both worlds, ain't it lovely?
  • Now, as Mr. Verres informed us, Ellen did not exist until Elliot touched the diamond. OK.
  • That does not excuse both of the Dunkels to be of the exact same mindset.
  • For those who read the series, remember Fox? Remember how Nanase wasn't comfortable with the idea, so she pretended Fox was a real person?
  • That shows a difference in reaction. It makes Nanase a bit more, well, developed. It makes it so that characters are aware of the rules, understand the rules, and then reinterpret the rules to what suits their mind set.
  • But here, we don't get that.
  • Everyone is in complete understanding and acceptance of what happened to Ellen. No one thinks differently, no one interprets the evidence differently, no one has a different opinion.
  • And that's something else about EGS that really gets to me. Many times, characters don't SOUND like separate characters. They don't sound like an author's mouth piece exactly, but they all sound the same. They all take information in the same (or at least, similarly) unless one character specifically needs to react a certain way.
  • This shows up many many many times. And it bugs me every single time. Yep.

Strip 278

  • Cause it's FILLER!
  • ...
  • I'd...I'd type more, but I know nothing about that song.

Strip 279

  • This just occurred to me. Mrs. Dunkel always wears that exact same outfit. I ALMOST want to get offended by it, but I know I shouldn't. But I want to. But I won't. But I want to. But I can't.
  • Gah, being a straw feminist makes life so hard sometimes T.T

  • Drop out of WHAT? You seem like the stereotypical mom that does nothing but stay home and make pancakes and orange juice all day.

Strip 280


To be fair to Shive, this IS pretty expansive. He obviously spent a bit of time thinking this through. And the joke ain't half bad either.

I'd stop here, but I REALLY want to finish this arc, so...

Strip 281

  • Am I allowed to call chivalry? Please? Just this once? It's one of my pet peeves pleaaaassseeeeee?
  • What's wrong with sleeping with a sibling? Never slept with one in a hotel? I've had to.
  • Then again, my brother DOES sleep by himself normally...
  • But that's cause he's a wiggle worm and wakes us up.
  • Hm...
  • Now, while we see a little bit of different interpretation here, they're still pretty similar, for the most part. For instance, I never really saw Elliot as a father in the first place. That's just me. Of course, everyone else might see the relationship differently. But, here in EGS land, everyone is more or less streamlined to think similarly.

Sketchbook Strip 021803

Why must Shive put in an alcohol/drug joke almost whenever he puts himself in a party? We get it Shive. We get it. I don't plan on drinking, you don't see me—

Well, OK, you do, but that's because I have an inexplicable need to state my opinions at all times.

Totally different.

Totally. Different.

Strip 282

  • Don'tcha love how Elliot's identical outfit seems to suddenly turn into a female form fitting version once Ellen wears it? And don't bring up the whole buying female clothes thing. Do you REALLY think he would buy female underclothes when he wasn't planning on letting anyone see him?
  • Come to think of it, anyone here read Misfile?
  • It has a lot of author appeal (only in this case, it's car racing instead of transformation) and a gender bender as the main plot. It details the life as a guy is transformed (by a filing error. In heaven.) into a girl and only HE remembers being a girl. I bring this up because I had suddenly remembered the time Elliot was posing in front of the mirror with a bra. In Misfile, I don't remember the specifics, but for the most part, up until a certain point, Ash point blank REFUSED to wear one, until it became a matter of social politeness. And then he messed it up by wearing a black bra under a white shirt.
  • So, if you want to see a much better done Ellen, look it up.

  • Ellen. Perfectly happy and well adjusted. She will never be sad again.
    • Well, OK, she'll wangst like, TWICE more, over the course of the series. MY BAD.

Strip 283

  • Very classy font. I'm sure you would have used the exact same font if this was a male duplicate that was being tucked in.

  • And we are OVER with the Sister arc.
  • Don't worry, Ellen will show up a lot more. And she'll be full of spunk and raunchiness. Why? Because she's bilawl.

Next time, we get to deal with character development for Nanase and Justin.

It basically comes down to this:

  • Nanase is a whore.
  • Justin is gay. And likes Yu-gi-oh.
 288 Goggle Fox, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 12:35:14 PM from Acadia, yo.
On the form-fitting issue, not to detract from it being a bad thing, but he's not the only one that does it. Have you folks used XBox avatars recently? They altered the models and created a male and a female model type, now. The female models have different clothing choices from the males, you can't swap between them, and all of the female model tops are very form-fitting, even when it makes no sense for them to be.
Sakamoto demands an explanation for this shit.
 289 Mr AHR, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 12:39:17 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
@Goggle: Yeah, you're right. He isn't the only one. It doesn't make me any less annoyed by it though. The way I see it, if I could, I would rant about the x-box thing as well.

edited 22nd Nov '10 12:39:48 PM by MrAHR

 290 Goggle Fox, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 12:40:27 PM from Acadia, yo.
Oh trust me, I'm not happy with it at all. My avatar is stuck in one gender mode now. Think about that.

Edit: Finally read through your massive ninja-post. I hadn't read Misfile, but it now sounds like it might be worth a look.

edited 22nd Nov '10 12:47:03 PM by GoggleFox

Sakamoto demands an explanation for this shit.
 291 Gilphon, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 1:04:02 PM from The Third Sound Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Let's see here…

  • New zap gun parts do serve a purpose; the gun needed to back into use. Yeah, that's a pretty lame purpose and it was handled poorly, but it's there.
    • Also Justin's pose in terrible in the first panel there.
  • On family trips, when in a hotel room with two beds, my dad and I would get one, and my mom and sister would get the other one. So I don't quite think you can call chivalry there.
  • I want to include a comment about Misfile, but I can't think of anything to say
  • You managed to have good number of non-nitpicky, valid criticisms here. Good work.
Welp, sig's different now.
 292 Mr AHR, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 1:06:30 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
Well, the chivalry thing was about how Elliot was sleeping on the floor. The hotel thing was a comment on what the dad was saying.

As for Misfile, it has its own problems that I could spend a good rant and a half complaining about, but the psychology behind the characters is not one of them.

edited 22nd Nov '10 1:09:46 PM by MrAHR

 293 Cakman, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 1:21:01 PM from whence he came.
  • Fix your shirt, Tedd. You look like a silly goose.

  • I'm not exactly sure how you could get that many interpretations of the same handwriting. I hate to use such language, but what for the love of Eden is Shive thinking?
  • And Justin is right.
  • Justin is right.


  • Ugg. There is just nothing happenning right now. There isn't even anything to comment on. Just boringness. When does it get better?

  • First of all, AHR, I really don't appreciate you turning this blog into an oppertunity for you to just sling vulgarity and profanity whenever you want. Tone down the language please.

  • I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't fucking get it. Why is he able to do this? This strip pisses me off more than any other strip, because it shows that Dan Shive CAN make jokes that don't suck. He just doesn't put forth the effort to do it.
  • Also, what's going on with that newspaper?

  • There's nothing really wrong with this strip as I see iDID SHIVE JUST INFORM US OF ELLIOT'S LAST NAME THROUGH THE FUCKING TITLE CARD?!

  • Ohhhhhhh. So THIS is where that anal sex cartoon of EGS would take place. Did I use that one yet? I don't think I did.
  • Otherwise, meh. Even for animal humor, this isn't even that good. Boring.


  • Homosapien joke is meh. I dislike that Shive tries to act black.
  • Do I have to do three more of these?

  • AHR used the term "wiggleworm". She's adorable.
  • I still like them. Not much ese worth noting here.

  • Finally, some things to get annoyed at!
  • First of all: Sideboob. Why is it needed?
  • Second of all: Why is Ellen suddenly bubbly and a-okay with her situation? Did shego from "introducing herself in tears" to "I'M A GIRL NOW SO SOMEBODY FUCK ME!"
  • And is she homosexual or heterosexual? I thought that she's going to get with Nanase.
  • Also, dat hand.

  • Why is it that the sister is now the weak one? UGH THIS COMIC KEEPS PISSING ME OFF.
  • And there is no need for the askew shirt strap. Seriously.

Well, this has been rather uneventful. Maybe this means Dan Shive is getting better, and we'll have to quit making this liveblog...

Holy shit. We've reviewed a lot of El Goonish Shive Strips.

edited 22nd Nov '10 1:21:17 PM by Cakman

My only goal in life is to ensure that Mousa dies of a stress-induced heart attack by the age of 23. READ THIS
 294 Mr AHR, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 1:26:25 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
We've been over this, Cakman.

I just said she was bisexual.

edited 22nd Nov '10 1:26:49 PM by MrAHR

 295 AC Drawings, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 1:51:45 PM from MY PERSONAL REALITY
Perhaps the bed is too small for two.

I don't know about you AHR, but despite how contrived and forced they were in terms of the plot, on their own the "Poorly written letter" antics were hilarious.

I think Susan is there sort of like part witness part friend to people involved i.e. Sarah, and to a far far less extent Nanase. I mean it's probably why Justin is there too.

While Nanase wasn't the best choice to be the one to send in to comfort Ellen, she wasn't the Worst choice. I understand Elliot's reasoning about being the one with the life she wants but he should know himself better than anyone and be in there. As far as detachment goes Justin wouldn't have been a and candidate and as someone who broke things off in good terms, Nanse wouldn't have been bad either. And if you want pure positivity Grace wouldn't have been bad either. It's Sarah, Susan(duh), and Tedd who would've been on the "bad idea to send in there" list.

Elliot's parents rule in a strange apathetically caring sort of way I can't describe (the word I'm probably liking for is "accepting".). They seem more comfortable with these antics than say Mr. Verres is. In fact, they should be the agenst.

Now I must ask, we are about to experience what basically amounts to filler arcs with bits of useful information in there. Will you oblige or skip? I was hoping you owuld read them but that's your call.

I did Notice That Ellen's anger seemed to decrease over the course of this. I blame it on either she let a lot out of it over time and the last homicidal rage towards Elliot was a final burst quelled by fact. Or She's just tired, I mean they just went through hell.

Now that I think about it, I thought Elliot turned into a cat to enhance his strength and make the trip whilst carrying Tedd easier.

Tedd is a strange one and while i find him funny and interesting there's still quite a bit wrong with him and now I'm curious to know if all he is is just a voyeur (with standards). I mean he's fine watching Grace run around half naked and innocent/okay with it/doesn't care Grace obliges, but he doesn't try anything? He has x-ray glasses but he removes the feature? And of course the whole looking a himself in the mirror thing (He's probably just a narcissist.). I think Tedd is just in this strange realm of look but don't touch.

But I could just be overhtinking things and Shive is just a pervy prude.
When All Else Fails, you have fun and flirt wit da ladies, dats da Drawings way!
 296 Mr AHR, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 2:03:20 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
AC: The two points were separate. Chivalry was about Elliot SPECIFICALLY giving up his bed. It's the logic behind that that bothers me. Why would Elliot give up the bed? I'm not saying Ellen should have slept on the floor, but I am questioning WHY it turned out the way it did. Because it seemed like it was just done because that's the way things are done, and that bothered me.

The main problem with Susan is that she's been nothing but rude to the characters up till this point. However, Justin should not really be there either. Sarah has the benefit of actually being attacked by the goo, but not really needed either, but can be seen as there for Elliot's emotional support. Nanase is there because...well, because she needs to be shipped with Ellen.

As for comforting, like I said, I would be more comfortable with it if it wasn't a blatant attempt at shipping. It makes the logic behind it questionable, on the basis that I feel that it was manufactured solely for that reason.

I would love having the Dunkel's as the agents. Although, I kind of am glad they are not. It would hit a BIT too close to creativity-home if it was.

I will only not be doing NP. And even then, might skip over to read the canonical bits that are mentioned in story.

Yeah, that's why Elliot turned into a cat. But then they end up hitchhiking because Tedd is too heavy. Yeah.

Looking is really not much different than touching, I'd venture to say. Because I'd bet you that he's certainly touching something regardless, at the end of the day.

In regards to Ellen's sexuality, as I think I mentioned in an earlier post, she eventually goes on record as saying that her attraction to men feels artificial and tacked on and etc etc (despite the Diamond supposedly adjusting you to your new form). This might make sense considering the circumstances surrounding Ellen at the time, but when you look at Dan's track record it feels like he just decided the comic needs more pure-bred lesbians so the attraction to men's gotta go. It didn't help that in the arc after Ellen said that he introduced another character that only seemed to exist to be gay for Susan. Luckily at least that character had the decency to disappear without a notice for now.

Oh, and as for Misfile, I used to read it, but eventually it felt like it was just going nowhere and I was losing interest. Then it seems like the author decided it was cool to cram in as many panty-shots as he possibly could and I said, nope, screw this, I'm outta here.

 298 AC Drawings, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 2:43:38 PM from MY PERSONAL REALITY
While you raise an excellent point I meant the the difference between admiring from afar and actual intimacy with another human being. Who knows maybe that's Teddy boy's problem, he feels inadequate and that's why nothing happens. I mean the poor boy's psyche is wrought in insecurities. Or I'm over thinking again...

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot a small segment of the newspaper was canon.

What's it doing in the newspaper?

Also, the shipping thing, blatant is most certainly true, especially from people who have already read through the comic more than twice. But if one were reading it for the first time, and weren't as obsessively analytical as you, it might go over their heads or at most see hints.

edited 22nd Nov '10 2:43:55 PM by ACDrawings

When All Else Fails, you have fun and flirt wit da ladies, dats da Drawings way!
 299 Mr AHR, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 2:49:56 PM from ಠ_ಠ Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
I felt that Ellen's feelings towards her attraction to males was Dan's attempt to introduce some sort of psychology into the characters, with a not so successful result due to how the character was handled in the past.

The idea he wanted to do solely lesbians is an angle I had not considered before. It worries me, because that almost seems to go further than I am willing to accept Shive being. As in, I assume that he's more intelligent than that.

And yes, Misfile has some issues with filler. The panty shots is mostly only for one character though. But yeesh, that filler. It's like reading shojo.

@AC: I think Tedd is normal sexually, if kinky, but stunted socially. Probably due to lack of friends and parental figures. Then again, he tends to pretty unclear as a character, so I never really know how they are supposed to be acting.

As for the first time read, I would put forth the notion that it does not make it any better. You have two types of read throughs where you pick up on the hints you missed.

You have the "hoshit, foreshadowing!" for instance, Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone, where Hagrid mentions borrowing the motorcycle from Sirius Black.

Then you have this. Which is kind of like rereading Chronicles of Narnia for the first time since you were a kid, and suddenly realizing you're reading a christian allegory. Which can be creepy or interesting, depending on your tastes. For me, it was kind of creepy.
 300 Goggle Fox, Mon, 22nd Nov '10 2:51:38 PM from Acadia, yo.
Panty shots? Ugh. Is there a window of worthwhile reading in Misfile?
Sakamoto demands an explanation for this shit.
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