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Just for fun, pitch your idea for a groundbreaking new series and see how your fellow Tropers respond to it.

Just a basic overview will do. Basic plot, possible story-arcs, characters and possible actors. Any genre will do.

Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
Raven Wilder
Title: Barely Legal


A legal dramady focusing on two lawyers: Jim Barley and Susan Le Gaul (hence the title). They went to law school together and dated for a while, but now Jim's a DA and Sue's an up-and-coming defense lawyer. Naturally, Rule of Drama demands they will, several times a season, be arguing cases against each other. They still remain friends, however, and get together each Thursday night to enjoy their shared hobby: watching B-movies and doing their own MST3K commentary. And, as per Rule of Drama, Unresolved Sexual Tension and Belligerent Sexual Tension abound.


  • Jim Barley - Came from a rich family. Got a strong sense of justice going, hence the law degree. Despite this, is perfectly willing to bend or outright break the law to win a case.
  • Susan Legaul - Very energetic. Very competitive. Loves cases that are highly challenging or unusual in some way. Also has few scruples about breaking the law in order to win. Both she and Jim hold to the "It's only illegal if you get caught" rule.
  • Don Vinciatti - A lawyer who works with Susan. In court, he always wears a pure white suit and talks with a Southern U.S. accent, to invoke the Simple Country Lawyer trope in juries.
  • Chief John Gorman - Chief of Police. Works with Jim on a number of occasions. Has a big beef against local crime syndicate.
  • Janice Tate - Another friend of Susan's from law school. Was top of the class before she burned out big time right before the bar exam. So she became a stripper instead. Susan still goes to her for advice a lot.


One thing I would absolutely want to avoid is becoming a procedural, where every episode follows a strict formula and there's always, always a big trial scene. There's gonna be some of those, sure, but there should be plenty of more off-beat ones. Some examples:

  • Jim is trying to get a confession out of a low-level crook. Crook asks for his lawyer; said lawyer is Susan Le Gaul. Jim enlists the aid of the police force in making sure it takes Susan a long time to reach the police station (they rig traffic lights, cause minor traffic jams, have a SWAT sniper shoot holes in her tires, etc.). Jim uses this time to wage psychological warfare on the crook to make him confess.

  • Susan is losing a case badly, but discovers the judge (who's really doing a number on her) is one of Janice's regular patrons at the strip club. So Susan hatches a plan to get Janice to finally take the bar exam, become a lawyer, then take over the case, forcing the judge to pass the trial on to a different judge, since he can't be objective towards an attorney who gives him a lapdance every week.

  • There's a city wide blackout, and Jim, Susan, and the lawyers that work with them (deprived of online legal databases) all converge on the law library to get the law books they need. Whole episode is like something out of Seinfeld, with little actual work being done, and instead a lot of goofing around and conversations about nothing take place.

Random Plot Bunnies:

  • At one point, have a case where conjoined twins are accused of rape, and they each insist it was the other one who actually did the raping.

  • There'd be a Story Arc with Jim trying to build a case against a mafia family, but getting implicated as being their accomplice instead.

  • Don is arguing against another lawyer who also uses the fake southern accent strategy. As the trial goes on, they end up (almost unconsciously) competing with their accents, until, near the end, they're acting like the most over-the-top redneck stereotypes ever.


You know how I mentioned Jim and Susan like B-Movies? Well, every episode would share a title with a B-movie that has some sort of relationship to the plot (a case involving assisted suicide would be titled "The Brain That Wouldn't Die," for example).
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I need a drink
^That actually sounds like a great show! I'd watch it for sure. 5/5 for me. Would've liked to see your acting choices though, oh and nice formatting. If everybody could actually format their ideas like this that would be greatly appreciated.
Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
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Title: Already Been Chewed News


A character-driven comedy with the layout of a live news program. Things go awry due to any number of factors—budget cuts, incompetence on the part of the crew, and more often than not everyone's inability to keep their personal lives to themselves while on live television. Focuses more on News Tropes than actual current events, purely on the basis that it doesn't mention current events.

  • Seth Aaron: Cloud Cuckoolander trying desperately to pass as Only Sane Employee. Obviously cares about the program, as opposed to almost everyone else who merely see it as a source of income. Quickly exasperated.
  • Jinkins: Ever timid, eager-to-please and battling stage fright. Will risk life and limb to complete a story if it means keeping his job. Tends to be seen as extendable. Harbors a crush on...
  • Danae Patelington: the unfocused, bitchy, World News reporter; who is a horribly abusive girlfriend to her unseen boyfriend and hooked on coffee. Used to be a pop-star, harbors ambitions of fame and delusions of grandeur but doesn't care enough to attempt living up to either.
  • Sunny Daze: Pure, distilled Cloud Cuckoolander and the weather reporter. Tries to hide his lack of preparation and knowledge and fails horribly. Tends to try the hard way first and only actually looks stuff up as a last resort.
  • Ted Pickel: a reporter; an overconfident Large Ham and former Shakespearean actor whose stories are often insignificant. Can make a drop in hot dog sales sound like the apocalypse. Feels stuck in a rut.
  • Jon Lye: the show's executive producer, ever trying to pull in ratings and improve the show his asshole grandfather left him. A bit excitable, but otherwise the true Only Sane Employee. Shame he's only a recurrer.

  • The crew is shipped abroad to report on an Olympics expy—all except for Seth, who is left trying to entertain himself as his correspondents interview famous athletes and whatnot. Danae flirts with one of them, prompting a flurry of angry phone calls from her ex; Sunny finds himself useless and decides to just hang out on a beach.
    • Odds and ends: Seth has an It's a Wonderful Life-esque dream sequence and finds out what life would be like if everyone was normal. Of course, it's a live broadcast, so we don't see it.
    • Ted and Sunny engage in some sports commentary, which quickly deteriorates into a debate: boxers or briefs?
  • It's Halloween, and the traffic reporter—who was unceremoniously killed off off-screen in the pilot, comes back to haunt the show.
    • The program opens with Seth introducing the program, but something's off. What is it? Seth's got a fucking spear through his heart, which he pulls out with no ill effects. He doesn't even notice until it's pointed out to him.
  • Christmastime is here and the crew tries to take the PC-route and just ignore the holiday season entirely. This becomes difficult when a mob of religious folk start protesting outside and Jon books Santa as a guest.

Random Plot Bunnies:
  • Sunny spends an entire episode trying to invoke Finagle's law when he has to do a massive storm report later that night. It doesn't work.

  • For the first episode, at least, segments conclude with the crew member getting up and leaving and whoever is on next walking in. They only have one set.
  • Originally, the cast was Seth, a camerawoman, and one man who played various interviewees. There would be ventriloquism. And it was repetitive as hell, as one joke was restructured into oblivion. That one guy is still there playing all the bit parts, but obviously we've come a long way. And dropped the ventriloquism.
  • The show has as little basing in reality as possible. A man murders people with snow, for Christ's sake.

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Oh, and I'd also watch Barely Legal. Seriously, man, pitch that to a network.

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Raven Wilder
Thanks, Wackd. Already Been Chewed News sounds like something I'd really want to get a look at, too!
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Thanks! Episode one is already in production. (It's easy to make a show about a show with a low budget when you yourself have a lower one.)
NCC - 1701
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NCC - 1701
As a fan of Stargate SG-1, here's how my Gate series would've gone.

Stargate: Odyssey Pilot Episode - Under the Fourth Moon

Professor Charles Basildon is a renowned British theortical mathmetician working at the Royal Leeds Institute of Aerospace Sciences. He's selected 10 students to help him work on "Project Gateway", a secret research effort into building 'portals' that will allow instantaneous travel across the world. The top student of the group, 19-year-old Nigel Archer.

One day Nigel and another classmate, Ibrahim Nabul, complete their prototype "portal". They are completely unaware that they've accomplished a historic feat, the first Man-made Stargate, and only the second one in the galaxy not built by the Ancients. They send a camcorder through, but instead of it ending up in Creydon, the camcorder sends back an image of a green alien sky with four moons. Before the boys can recover from their shock, an alien spaceship (unknown to them to be a Ha'tak) blasts the camcorder to pieces.

Nigel demands answers from Professor Basildon, but Basildon tells him nothing. When Nigel tries to alert the authorities, both he and Ibrahim are arrested as terrorists. In jail, Nigel is informed that "certain parties" want very much for Project Gateway to succeed and that they can make life unpleasant for all involved if he doesn't cooperate.

The two boys rejoin their classmates as Professor Basildon reveals that they have built their very own key to "unlocking the Universe". Another student, Philippa Howell, asks if they've discovered a way into space. Basildon doesn't answer.

It is at that moment that MI-5 agents, SAS operatives, and US Marines storm the school's lab where they are working. Over the loudspeaker, the government agents accuse them all of terrorist activities and order them to surrender. Professor Basildon realizes that the secret is out. While Nigel wants to turn themselves in, Professor Basildon tells him that doing so will only result in him going to jail, and his family suffering. Their only hope is to journey through their homemade Stargate. The matter becomes moot, when a Ha'tak attacks the school (it's an attack from the Lucian Alliance, who want the homemade Stargate for themselves). Just as the entire school is destroyed, the surviving members of Project Gateway journey through to the planet found on the camcorder.

And so their odyssey begins. Without the equipment, training, or tools of a standard Stargate team, this Ragtag Bunch of Misfits; will journey through the universe, trying to survive on alien worlds, taking on hostile enemies, and battling distrust and dissent among themselves, even as they are wanted criminals back home.


Professor Charles Basildon: With a mind as brilliant as Colonel Samantha Carter's and a Machiavellian streak that would put Nicholas Rush to shame. A renowned mind in Britain, he caught wind of a top-secret American program using a round portal to generate wormholes through space. He, and his shadow group, select 10 brilliant student at his university to actually build their very own Stargate. While charismatic and charming, he frequently resorts to bullying and outright abuse to cow the students into carrying out his bidding.

Nigel Archer: Think of him as a young Rodney Mc Kay, or Eli Wallace but smarter. Nigel comes from a long line of Royal Army officers, including his father Colonel Harry Archer. Due to difficult relationship with his abusive father, Nigel refuses to join the military and instead dedicates his life to science. It is his ultimate dream to one day be as brilliant a scientist as Professor Basildon, but the professor's frequent bouts of abuse remind him of his father and strain their father-son-like relationship.

Phillipa Howell: Considered the weak link of the group, it is an uncomfortably known fact that she had an affair with the married Professor Basildon. While many think she slept her way onto the project the truth is she has a knack for picking up things the others might miss. She forms an attraction to Nigel Archer, which sets up a really tense love triangle and power struggle.

Ibrahim Nabul: The son of a Syrian businessman and an English actress; Ibrahim is a somewhat standoffish young man. Just as brilliant as Nigel, but undone by his constant need to prove himself. The prevailing public opinion about Arabic people don't help. Unlike Nigel, he absolutely despises Basildon and deeply resents him for their predicament.

Other classmates:
  • Tom Squires, the obligatory geek who always wanted to travel through space and is actually enjoying their situation.
  • Gerard Wiltshire: aristocratic snob who nevertheless imparts semi-helpful archaelogical info. He's The Kirk of this bunch, always trying to get with the alien women they meet.
  • Sylvia St. John, a brilliant mathmetician who will do anything, including selling out the group, to get home.

SG-13 - A Stargate Marine team assigned the task of tracking down the "Project Gateway" fugitives and bringing them to Earth
  • Major Diane Van Der Brook: 30-year-old SG-team leader. A remarkably compassionate woman, she has doubts about whether or not the group they're chasing are criminals.
  • Staff Sergeant Michael Burke: 33 year old Marine. Tough as nails and ruthless but loyal in a Saul Tigh kind of way. Team's tough guy.
  • Warrant Officer Dr. Benton Fisk: The smart guy, but he's all business, very professional, and an occasional snarker. Think Rodney Mc Kay without the Jerk Ass.
  • Agent Walter Hemdall, MI-5: British agent that joins the team in it's effort to recover the fugitives. Is generally distrusted by the Marines, who feel he knows more than he's letting on. Has an unrequited crush on Major Van Der Brook.

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It was an honor
The Cosmic Dickwad
I'd watch Already Been Chewed News. Not so sure about Barely Legal though (nice title though). I'm not a fan of legal shows.
The Web Wanderer
^^ That was one of mine.... *sigh*

Title: The Incidentals

Synopsis: After a virus outbreak at the Metro Detroit Airport blacks out 40% of the lobby dwellers within a ten minute span at it's peak, the State of Michigan starts a mass quarantine of the state attempt to keep the virus from spreading. After coming to, the "incidental victims" find themselves with power over physics, people, and reality itself that seems to defy all conventional science in explanation. Both good and bad people are spurned from this event, and the world has but one question for these Heroes and Villains, "Now what?"


  • Jason Noble: The de-facto leader of the "Incidentals" after his rescue of a panicked, fire wielding six year old on Youtube went viral. He has the heroic spark to want to use these powers to change the world, but since everyone seems pretty content to live their lives like they normally would, and this pisses him off to no end. Has the power to enforce or wipe out people's memories of him. He also has untreated bipolar disorder and this manifests in his powers more often then he would like.
  • Sarah Starling: Blind from near-birth, she has lived having had the world catered to her, but she is consistently breaking bad whenever she has the chance, living a princess by day, thrill junkie by night sort of lifestyle. Gaining the power of telekinesis initially threw her into a headspin, with literally everything trying to kill her right off the bat. But after she gained control over it, she becomes extremely competent with positioning and moving objects with her mind, and doesn't let anyone forget it.
  • Tim Bishop: A pawn shop owner who gains the ability to store physical items outside of local spacetime, Tim is used to the discrimination of being an "Incidental" as he was outed in the Army and discharged. Wants nothing more then then for Jason to get out of his hair, but always ends up working with him for one reason or another.
  • Riley Bishop: The one reason or another. Tim's baby sister, Riley gained the power of incorporating the memories of an object into her own. She has a bit of a crush on Jason, and would totally run away with him if he ever gave her the chance. Despite being immature she can take up the mantle of Team Mom by nature, but don't let her close to the military wing of the pawn shop unless you want a bloodbath.
  • Alea Maro: Since she was a little girl, Alea had a strong sense of justice, and knew what was right for everyone in her life and the world. This has not served her well, and has gotten her into constant trouble growing up. But with the power to convince mass amounts of people, things are about to change for her, and she can go about remaking the world in her image through her position as spokesperson (and roundabout leader) of her "Changed People" support group.

  • I: Incidental Circumstances
    • After the initial breakout, people are losing control of their powers left and right and even after Jason saves a panicked, fire wielding toddler, there are still a lot of people who need help with their powers, the first being Sarah.
    • Off of that, Jason decides to start "the Incidentals," a group of people who virally become the face of the effected culture.
    • However, a much more official group pops up and robs the Incidentals of their spotlight, so naturally Jason suspects somethings up.
    • After following the rabbit hole, it comes down to a big battle between the Incidentals and Alea at her pep rally in Ann Arbor, and dominoes are set up for next season.

After this wrapup, the next arc would be Incidental Damages where the powers are revealed to be parts of a deconstructed cosmic entity, and our hero is the key to putting them back together. He also has to deal with his depression, being a spokesperson for Global Mutant Affairs, a Relationship Upgrade with Sarah and her root blindness being caused by retinal cancer, and remission isn't working out so well for her.

After that, there's Incidental Acts of God, in which the world goes plooey thanks to the mentioned cosmic entity, and the Incidentals are Unstuck in Time, poking around in their own timelines and exploring themselves, and what made them them. They also cause a bunch of the events that made their lives the way they are, including the initial outbreak. Eventually, Sarah dies and Jason realizes that in edition to being the key to reconstructing the entity, his guilt is one of the reasons he creates/becomes it, so he literally has to face down his demons in order to save the world.

Mind you, the last two aren't set in stone. Heck, nothing is at this point, which is why it is a pitch.

Random Plot Bunnies:
  • Tension between Police and the Incidentals gets to a boiling point, and superhumans are banned from fighting crime due to liability.
  • The Incidentals go through a Broke Episode, considering sponsorship, superpowered odd jobs, and doing birthday parties for money.
  • Effected Culture is explored, and how this new superminority is going to effect the social hierarchy.
  • A reverse engineer / cure of the virus is explored, and it gets political. Of course.
  • After a particularly nasty day, Jason decides under Alea's advice, that what he needs to do to keep the Incidentals and effected from falling apart is to martyr himself off.
  • A effected who has the power to make people express their innermost thoughts in song is discovered.
  • Incidentals vs Zombies. Nuff said.

  • This show would try to be Heroes with the numbers filed off and none of the trappings and backtracking of the original, so any similarities are to be regarded as homages. Even the ones I didn't intend to put in.

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You Don't Know Me A show similar to "Who Wants to be a Millionaire", except that all the questions are about the life and work of a famous person, a different one every episode. And that famous person is asking the questions. For example, the Anthony Bourdain episode would have these questions: I wrote a biography of which person? A John Gotti B Joey Ramone C Auguste Escoffier D Typhoid Mary

I am jealous that I am _not_ which ethnicity? A French B Italian C Mexican D Vietnamese

While working as a caterer, I swore to do what if a seafood pie broke and scalded a customer? A Quit cooking forever B Join the army C Become a monk D Commit suicide
The Cosmic Dickwad
This is an idea I've been toying with (Copyright Scott Varnham 2010): Hitler lures a time traveller to his time, steals the time machine and goes around the timeline exploring and stuff. Develops a reputation as the Wandering Jew along the way due to a misconception made by a native at the earliest point he visits.
haha that's an amazing idea
The mayo-lution will not be televised.
16 Dragiiin1238th Sep 2010 02:34:59 PM from Wit' mah auntie and unca
Title: Welcome To Hoboken Plot: This takes place in Hoboken, a very small town in New Jersey, along with the fact it's only known for that shitty cake boss show. The 2 main characters, Brendon Cassius and Erin Antoineo try to pursue there dreams in Hoboken. Cassius is an aspiring writer and is also very poor, and addicted to cough medicine, while Antoneo is an actor, rich, and is the friend of Cassius. Pretty basic, if I say so myself. ~~~~~~~ Some Plots of some episodes. Hoboken's Patrick's Day: Brendon and Erin go as volunteers to "stop" if you will, the people who are drunk. Hilarity Ensues.

Brendon Gets Raped: Brendon gets approached by Cheryl Onomoro, who used to torment him in highschool. To get back at her, he claims that she raped him in highschool. Hilarity Ensues.

Erin gets Fucked by the Gangstas: Erin finds weed next to a trash can, decides to be a good person, and get it to the authority. Unfortunatley, the leader of the Crips sees him and demands more, or he'll kill 'em. Meanwhile, it being Gang Initiation night, Brendon decides to make his own gang, the cripples. Hilarity Ensues. ~~~~~~~

Miscellaneous: This program is not for kids.

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Raven Wilder
I'm confused ... is Erin a guy or a girl?
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Mann's World: Isabella Mann is a newly promoted detective in the New York of 2040. It's 25 years after all the men died from a mysterious plague, and no male children have even been produced. Mann's own father was hauled off to quarantine by hastily drafted teenage girls, and she never saw him again. Emily Kelly is a veteran NYPD detective, a devout Catholic, and one of the girls who took Mann's father. Together, they fight crime. Including the Communists, the Omega Omega Omega sorority, the Nigerian gangs, and the League of Widows.

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20 LizardBite11th Oct 2010 07:00:27 PM from Two Galaxies Over
Wackd's news program up there sound hilarious!

Now, for my pitch...

Title: Masks

Synopsis: One year ago, on Halloween night, at exactly 8:23 pm EST, a spell crept across the world, transforming everyone into whatever costume they wore for Halloween. Some eventually gained the ability to switch between their costumed persona (Their "Mask", which also has its own distinct characteristics) and their original persona. An international team is formed to figure out what caused this to happen... but enough about them. This is about a small group of former friends affected by the curse, as they struggle to make sense of this crazy world and contain their Masks' personalities.

Characters:  *

Jim: A 23-year old man who was originally a huge horror movie geek college drop-out trying to make it in the business world. His Mask is a serial killer who wears a black mask and wields a machete, who is unable to speak and possesses violent tendencies.

Martha: A bespectacled, slobby, gamer girl who lost a bet with her friend and had to wear a sexy witch costume at Halloween. Whereas she's somewhat shy, her Mask is very, um, "outgoing". Martha, however, has a remarkable degree of self-control over her Mask, able to switch to witch mode while retaining most of her original personality.

Bruce: A man who was trying to start a photography business before the world went to hell. He has a deep respect for nature and beauty, and views himself as quite the artist (the general consensus is that his photos are "OK"). His mask is an adventurer decked out in safari gear and an extremely high tech camera, which he makes use of with his remarkable photography talents. While he does like making use of his Mask's talents, however, Bruce fears his other personality's tendency to Suicidal Overconfidence.

Sally: Martha's friend / college roommate and Jim's ex-girlfriend from high school. Of the cast, she is by far the most athetically inclined, being a huge field-hockey player and an avid runner. She often serves to balance her roommate's tomboyish nature. Her Mask is a Ghost, capable of levitation, invisibility, and walking through walls, and absolutely full of despair and depression.


  • The beginning, when Martha encounters Jim, completely overtaken by his Mask. She catches him and brings him to Bruce's place, while she tries to figure out how to restore his original personality.

  • Sally meeting a group of catgirls who are interested in Hunting the Most Dangerous Game.

  • Bruce's Mask accidentally photographing the mayor having an affair.

  • A season long arc with Jim dealing with nightmares of what he did when he was a serial killer, eventually leading to cast to meet one of the people responsible for the Halloween curse.

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21 ACDrawings18th Oct 2010 05:26:23 PM from MY PERSONAL REALITY
I like the sound of barely legal, though the pun in the main characters' names are driving me mind.

Oh, and Already Chewed News sounds awesome too. I would love to see both.

Nornology: Going Sane in a Crazy World.

An eccentric and utterly strange sitcom starring Nornagest, a straight-laced deadpan intellectual who has to deal with his perpetually maddening roommate, Sand Josieph and his eternal rival Tomu who is that candle, with his heart as the flame. In the eternal battle between Norn and Tomu, they fight for mutual destruction (As proclaimed by Tomu. Nornagest does not take this seriously in the slightest.) Norn has to go through everyday life as a computer programmer amidst every whacko, nutjob, ex-law enforcer, deviant, and English major that graced his presence at Trope Tower.

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Raven Wilder
^^ That's an awesome idea, Lizard Bite. Very weird, and probably something it would be difficult to get network execs to approve, but full of great potential nonetheless!
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23 Pinata2nd Nov 2010 11:50:08 PM from on your ceiling
Wow. All of those concepts are at least pretty good, if not downright awesome... if any of them hit the airwaves, I'll give the first episode or two a chance without exception, and some of them sound like shows I'll be hooked on immediately after the first episode. I'm almost ashamed to post my own. But I'm an Attention Whore so I'll do it anyway.

Title: The Women In Black

Genre: Action with slight touches of Horror on occasion, with Fetish Fuel bordering on Exploitation

Synopsis: In an as-yet undetermined (possibly fictional) US city, preferably with a warm climate for reasons that will become readily apparent later, a group of women have formed an all-female vigilante team. They do regular jobs by day, and They Fight Crime! at night. They only restrict themselves to one rule... Leave no survivors.

Note: I haven't worked out the characters' real names yet. The title characters all use codenames in the field, and I only have first names for the supporting cast.

Characters (preferred actors in parentheses):

  • Hammer (Candice Bergen): The only remaining founding member of the WIB (the others are all dead or retired and too decrepit to come out of retirement... the character of Hammer is canonically a very healthy 70). Her codename references her day job as a judge, where she wields a gavel. Due to her advanced age, her role is primarily administrative and she rarely accompanies the others into the field. She also dresses rather conservatively by comparison to the other characters. Still, basically the Team Mom (literally to one character).
  • Princess (Carla Gugino): Hammer's daughter. Her codename references her hereditary right to leadership of the WIB when her mother steps down. She works as an assistant district attorney by day. She really likes guns, but isn't as good in a martial arts battle as some of the other characters.
  • Preacher (Robin Givens): Badass Long Robe. She's an ordained minister for real, and therefore does less Fanservice than the other characters whose outfits accentuate their assets. Still, she does Show Some Leg on occasion because of the throwing knives strapped to her thighs.
  • Bonesaw (Debra Mayer): City medical examiner by day, Torture Technician by night. There's something off about her. She's also arguably a female Expy of Dexter.
  • Pandora (Rosaleen Young): The only member of the team to use her real first name (after all, who the fuck names their kid Pandora?), and also the only Brit. Openly bisexual, in an open marriage, and apparently likes being spanked (which is actually a Shout-Out to her actress... fair warning, any Google search for her will be highly NSFW; I'd like, if I start working in visual media, to give porn stars their fair shot at the mainstream whenever possible). Also an expert fencer and master of parkour.
  • Polio (Rose McGowan): The team's resident loose cannon, so named because everyone she comes into contact with winds up either crippled or dead. Very good at improvisation, but prefers a shotgun if she can get one. If all else fails, she'll just break your neck. Her being Hell-Bent for Leather increases her Ensemble Darkhorse potential further.
  • Sparky (Felicia Day): Token redhead. Works the WIB motor pool most of the time, and is a hardcore Wrench Wench. During an attack on the team's headquarters in a later episode, she uses said wrench to inflict multiple skull fractures on an unfortunate Mook, so she does have some combat skills despite not going out into the field very often. She's also a Deadpan Snarker, who along with Bonesaw gets most of the show's best lines. She and Bonesaw are also working some serious Les Yay.
  • Blondie (Alona Tal): Cop who is recruited into the WIB in the second episode, after they help her with an investigation in the pilot. Boasts martial arts skills way beyond anything that cops in Real Life are normally taught. Also a bit of a Determinator. As the name suggests, she's the only blond on the team.
  • Lolita (Lucy Kate Hale): Teen Genius who is recruited onto the team in the Pilot Episode after the Villain of the Week offs her parents and sends a hit man after her to keep her from testifying against him. Her arc in the first season will mostly focus on her training... she'll be much more hardcore in subsequent seasons, though her usefulness as a Voice with an Internet Connection will serve to limit her field work somewhat. Of the Women in Black, she and Bonesaw are the only ones with splashes of color in their outfits (Bonesaw's white labcoat, and Lolita's short plaid skirt).

Future WIB members:

  • Shooter (Angie Everhart): Investigative reporter who gets to close to uncovering the identities of our heroines, then winds up owing her life to them and joins them. A Punny Name, as it refers to her shooting with a camera rather than a gun (she's actually a horrible shot with a gun).
  • Control (Leah Remini): Short for Mission Control... she replaces Lolita as the Voice with an Internet Connection, allowing for Lolita to do more field work. Initially starts out as a conservative radio commentator extolling the virtues of the Women in Black and making disparaging remarks about the incompetence of the city's regular police. Once she joins the team, she counts as an Ascended Fangirl.

Other recurring characters:

  • Colin (James Murray): Pandora's husband. Taught her everything she knows about fencing, and is so useful in combat situations in general that he has been let in on Pandora's secret and accompanies the team on missions.
  • James (Wil Wheaton): Princess' love interest. They're serious in the first season, and engaged in the second.
  • Nick (Cress Williams): Internal Affairs officer who is investigating Blondie for suspected ties to the Women in Black, and dating Preacher. This is obviously a complication.
  • The Hulk (Steve Austin): Seemingly indestructible hit man who is run through with a sword by Pandora in the pilot episode, only to subsequently kill an entire ambulance crew with his bare hands and jump out of the back of said ambulance while it is still moving. Pops up repeatedly throughout the series' run, usually seeking vengeance against the team in general or Pandora in particular. Multiple gunshot wounds, possible drowning and even being Impaled with Extreme Prejudice on multiple occasions don't seem to be enough to kill him. His resemblance to a certain MacGyver villain is lampshaded when Sparky calls him "Murdoc" instead of his usually assigned nickname. He doesn't have a speaking part until the first-season finale.

Random Plot Bunnies:

  • A hostage situation in a courtroom forces Princess and Hammer to do battle without their crimefighting outfits in an early first-season episode. It Gets Worse when it turns out an army of Mooks are descending on the courthouse to kill the hostage-taker.
  • A serial rapist targeting joggers at the city park is the perfect opportunity for Pandora to model some Sensual Spandex running gear. And for a creator cameo, since I plan to cast myself as the Villain of the Week.
  • On another occasion, Lolita is inserted into a high school on an undercover op to sniff out a date rapist before he can drug and pass on VD to another girl.
  • In a multi-episode mini-arc, Preacher's church is targeted for vandalism — and, eventually, worse — by a street gang she humiliated in the pilot episode, leading to an epic battle inside the church in the first season's Christmas Episode, "Merry Cripmas".
  • In the second season, it'll be revealed that one of the team's former members turned evil. Through Arc Welding, she will eventually become the show's Big Bad.
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Pinata, your idea sounds interesting, but it seems like there's kind of a disconnect between your character ideas and your plot bunnies. The character descriptions make this sound like a larger-than-life, over-the-top affair, but the plot ideas you posted seem to focus on mostly small scale, fairly realistic threats. Not quite sure how they'd mesh together.
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