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Okay, in the course of writing my various WI Ps I often find myself tempted to add things for the specific purpose of teasing the future readers. I generally resist the urge in question, but I can't help but wonder just how much effort I should put into doing so. So, basically, what is the general opinion of a writer messing with their readers for giggles and to encourage WM Gs and fanfiction (I see it as free advertising)?
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There will be plenty of Antonincest ship tease, trust me. Simply because it amuses me. [lol]

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In one of my stories that will probably never be written, I purposefully made the relationship between my male and female heroes void of UST, knowing some people would ship them anyway and they'd freak out when the characters didn't end up together. I also planned the end of the story to have him (he's a king) ask her to be one of his councilors, staging the whole thing to play out like a marriage proposal. This was done entirely to tease the hypothetical shippers in the hypothetical fanbase of my unwritten story.
Thanks for the all fish!
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Try having two guys with more of a deep kindred spirit kind of bond. Then see if any fans who don't know any better, take it as some sexual attraction. Seems to work well for Kishimoto [lol].

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Well, one of my characters is essentially a Epileptic Tree generator, so I'm expecting a huge WMG page if I ever actually publish this. (To give you an idea, he's the alien in Beethoven Was an Alien Spy, and there are quite a few spies.)

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