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So, inquiring minds want to know- what happens if you throw Namatame in the TV? Or fail to identify Adachi? I admit I may not have picked him out, but that's largely because too much anime has made me regard Johnny Yong Bosch as a hero far more than a villain.

And was the game trying to make us sympathize with Namatame? Sure, he was manipulated and everything, but still, what a fucking idiot. He just throws people into the TV without having done a single bit of research to find out if it's actually safe, and never bothers actually explaining stuff to people once he's kidnapped them. I mean, if you think this person is going to be murdered, lock 'em in a room with one door, and sit there with them with a gun pointed at it. Then explain the situation, for starters.
I'm not sure about the first one, 'cause I never did it, but if you don't realize it's Adachi, or you don't catch him before you run out of time, you get a call from Naoto saying the Shadows are appearing in the real world, with the implication that she's the last one of the group left. And then she gets whacked, too. It's been a while, so that might be a little off, but it's at least roughly accurate.

And yeah, I always thought that was a little weird, too. It does make a certain sort of sense, though, 'cause everyone that Namatame threw into the TV world came back just fine. He didn't know it was because a bunch of kids were going in and bringing them back out again. Plus, he was desperate and not altogether rational, so yeah.

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And so my postapocalyptic zombie Shadow survivor story begins to take form...seriously, I think that'd be a cool idea. It's just a shame I got past it and am way too anal to leave Adachi that late so I can see the scene myself, but I'll just look it up on Youtube.
I take back my initial impression of Margaret as a humourless hypercompetent secretary type. Apparently her sense of humour is as wacky as Elizabeth's.

Except that Elizabeth very seldom actually says "Just kidding", which makes Margaret seem like she's trying to emulate Elizabeth.

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I waste enough time in the velvet room trying to get the exact skills I need that I could never be assed to try and figure out how to make that Ippon-Datara with Sukukaja, and thus Empress has languished at 1 the entire game.
There's a few nice pages over at that help with fusing.

EDIT: Specifically, this one.

And the nice thing about Empress is that you can do it literally whenever you want, as long as it's done before the very final day.

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You guys don't know the worst ending? Well the gist of it is Nanako dies.
  • shrug* I guess it didn't register to me. Although, that's really the worst ending? Unless the whole shadow-thing goes through anyway, it doesn't seem quite as bad to me. I mean, yeah, total downer, but still.

EDIT: In retrospect, though, it's not really a true blue "ending". It does the whole *flash* "you feel dizzy" thing, after all. So yeah, I guess that would qualify as the worst one.

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Thanks for posting the Margaret guide. The second request was driving me nuts. (and to think; I'm just getting started on this one!)
I'll find something relevant to put here someday.
Is there a way to raise social stats during the day if none of my social links are available? I don't really want to go to the TV World, since it leaves me "too tired" to do anything at night (like part-time work or reading).

I've noticed that I've never actually sat at the study desk and studied after the first few weeks. All my Knowledge is from reading or answering questions.

Strangely, although it's not something I should be worrying about now, I find myself less enthralled by a New Game+ than I was in P3. It's the thought of losing all my equipment and levels (and with it my HP and SP), and then having to deal with Yukiko's Shadow all over again.
But you keep your money and Compendium, and Compendium summons aren't limited by level. Even a mid-range Persona ought to spank Yukiko's Shadow nicely.
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It's partly the inability to cast the high-level spells, since they probably cost more SP than I possess at low levels. I'd have to rely on the physical stats.

What I did for New Game+ grindy-time in P3 was take the group for a few rounds in Monad, abusing Armageddon/Victory Cry until everyone hit level 99.

But Yukiko's Shadow is a very unfriendly introduction to the game. Kanji's Shadow isn't much better.

Incidentally, the latest storyline boss I fought (Mitsuo's Shadow) wasn't very difficult, thanks to one of Margaret's requests, which ensured that I had a Black Frost in my persona list. Spamming Agidyne is expensive but effective.

EDIT: Now that I'm max social link with the SP Fountain Fox, should I bother getting a Kaiwan with Victory Cry, or should I wait until the next go-round? I get the feeling I'll be resetting a lot due to randomness if I try.

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Well, there is one way to raise your stats during the daytime (particularly on rainy days). You can always hit the Aiya Chinese diner and feast on ramen which I think raises knowledge or somesuch (or the awesome meat bowl challenge on rainy days, which raises three random stats).

Additionally, on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays, you can work at the day care to raise the Temperance link (and get 4000 yen for each tick too). It also raises understanding.

You're farther than I am, though. I just unlocked the Lovers arcana myself, and my MC is sitting around level 37 (I'd play more often, but even in vacation time I'm a little busy).

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I'll find something relevant to put here someday.
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There are a few other ways to raise stats - I think Aiya will raise some other stat if it's not raining, and there's a cat by your house you can pet to raise either Expression or Understanding (I forget which).

Though you may want to do what you can for the Hermit link, so you can have that in reserve when your other links aren't available. You can always advance the Hermit link once you've finished the quest, even if it's raining.

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Torment liveblog is still hiatusing. You can vandalize my contributor page if you want something to do.
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For the new game plus- just get yourself a persona that's immune to fire and physical, and you're golden. It's not hard to do at higher levels. I've got one persona right now that nulls Physical, Ice, Lightning, and Darkness (it was originally weak to dark, but has Null Dark from fusion), plus Maziodyne and Elec Amp, and a crapton of buffs. Friggin' awesome. I still died twice last night, the second one killing my evening. The first enemy I ran into I had Thor on (weak to wind) and one enemy spammed Magarudyne before I had a chance to go. No sweat, restarted, found an awesome ring in a chest for Chie- halved HP cost for physical moves- God's Hand for only 54 HP? Yes, please. And then an enemy got the drop on me, one of 'em mind charged, another enraged me and two other members of the party (I think Yukiko was the only one who wasn't), and then I got Bufudyne'd do oblivion. One shot, seven hundred-some odd damage. I don't even think it was a mabufudyne, which raises the question of why my teammates didn't take the hit. Y'know, seeing as how I've maxed every single one of their S-links besides Naoto (and the game really does make it easy for you to raise hers- she wants to hang out like every single day, which is good because I've got absolutely no other S-links I'm working on. Not sure what I'm going to do with my time once I max Fortune. Maybe go back to Temperance, which has been at level 2 since...May? I need to improve on the number of S-links I get next time around.) So a good two or so hours of progress, 1 rank in Fortune, and that friggin' awesome ring for Chie was lost.

And Yosuke really needed a few more physical moves prior to getting Brave Blade. My primary problem with him was that I burned through his SP, and Brave Blade really helps with that.
Is there a point to the "deals light physical damage to 1 foe" stuff, assuming it doesn't have any other status effect? I keep figuring that I may as well use my regular attack.

I mean, the hit-all types I understand, and the "medium physical damage" as well. But otherwise...
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Might do slightly more damage, I dunno. Depends on attack, strength, blah blah blah. And come to think of it, what's the difference between all the various "light", "medium", and "heavy" physical skills? They have different HP costs, so I assume they do relatively different amounts of damage and the game just doesn't want to tell you?

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When I tried in P3, there's an obvious difference between "light" and "heavy", but other than that I take it on faith that "medium" is better than "light". I mean, it works for spells.
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For me, I try to only use the physical skills that will ensure some good returns for the hit points I sacrifice to use it, like the attacks that can hit from one to three times. Attacks like Brain Shake (or whatever it's called) does that and has a small chance to inflict confusion; when I fused Rakshasa, I used it a lot, as it was pretty useful.
I'll find something relevant to put here someday.
Physical attacks are most useful at the beginning of the game, where it costs less SP to use a couple physicals and then cast a Dia than it does to use elemental magic. Once you reach the point where SP isn't much of an issue, you can make do with simple weapon attacks for all your physical power needs.

Until you get God Hand. Then physical attacks loop right back around to super-powerful.
I'm playing through the school trip right now.

I rushed back to the computer just to tell you guys that. Also, it makes me want to play P3 again.

Especially since the music in the club is from the FES opening.

This is so cool.
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King's Game!

And I've actually found physical skills to be really useful throughout because of the way SP's distributed on my team. The MC and Yukiko are the healers. Yukiko's got a massive SP pool and the MC has access to SP-recovering skills (got a Jinn with Invigorate 2 and Cool Breeze that helps quite a bit), so they can afford to sling around the healing spells even when it's less efficient than elemental spells. That lets 'em keep going longer. Plus, some of the physical personas I fused were super-powerful, even without God's Hand.

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I keep meaning to ask this but keep forgetting.

Chie's Persona learns several Counter moves.

Do they stack?
Nope, only the highest takes effect.

Invigorate and regenerate are pretty much the only things that stack.

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Bah, so I wasted several ability slots keeping both Counter and Counterstrike. At least High Counter hasn't been learned yet.

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