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How would you adapt your story into a 90-180 minute film?

Who would you cast for the characters?

How would you want the soundtrack to be scored?

What would you change from your original story for the sake of the medium?

Think of a director. Now imagine he was directing the film of your story. What would it turn out to be like?

What would the trailer for the film look like?
2 pvtnum1113th Oct 2010 01:13:24 PM from Kerbin low orbit , Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
I'd give the whole thing to Joss Whedon and let him run with it - it is an OC fic set in the Firefly verse, after all.

I would ask that there would have more of a cyberpunk feel to it, though, and less reliance on the established western theme. I would cast the Cool Old Guy with Clint Eastwood, if he would agree to act again.

I'd like it to run over two hours (less than three), to give the director time to develop the story, grow the characters and stuff like that. Quiet character-building moments interspersed with plot stuff. May start slow, building up to a climax near the final half hour or something.
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3 FurikoMaru13th Oct 2010 01:14:13 PM from The Arrogant Wasteland , Relationship Status: He makes me feel like I have a heart
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It's interesting you should bring this up; my main resource on story-structure while planning my mahou shoujo novel is Lew Hunter's Screenwriting 434, specifically because I want the book to feel like a film.

Lucy would probably be too hot. She's not supposed to be pretty - she isn't an ugly girl, but she's got a big nose and a sort of manly chin and cute squinty-eyes that all combined mean she can only be called 'handsome'. If they make her a sexy Fiery Redhead I'll be cracking skulls. -_-

They'd cast all American actors, too, no doubt, or else just hire a Russian to play Dr. Petrov ('cause Bulgaria is totally the same place as Russia, amirite?). Erela'd most likely end up with a Gentile actress portraying her - I know it isn't as big a deal with my story as with others, seeing as the setting's another universe where this world's major religions don't exist and the ethnic groups are all funky, but... c'mon. I didn't name the lady Erela Richler just to have her played by a WASP. Her namesake'd rise from the grave to kick my ass if I let that happen.

Llew not being trans in the film version is something that I could look at either way. On the one hand, way to be grown ups about sexual identity, studio. On the other, I seriously doubt an action movie script and director could handle a transman character tastefully.

Ugh. That's the bad stuff. Now I'll come to the good stuff.

Big explosions and choreography and visual aids for the strategies employed and professional costuming and a big screen kiss between Llew and Kiril and maybe they could get Kanno Yoko or Hirasawa Susumu to do the music! grin

Mmmmmm I really wish I could get Tarantino interested; it wouldn't be my story anymore if he got his mitts on it, but at least it would be a good story - I don't think that guy's ever made a bad movie in his life. But I suspect it's too much like what he's done before for him to really wanna do it.

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4 MajorTom13th Oct 2010 01:20:54 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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I would have to pull a Peter Jackson's take on Lord of the Rings for Endless Conflict. Each individual film could potentially represent each book in my trilogy (though potentially condensed.).

On the flipside however they each could potentially rival Das Boot (possibly over 4 hours) in terms of runtime.

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5 Tre13th Oct 2010 08:15:02 PM from Starlight Plaza , Relationship Status: Singularity
Well, Stuck is sort of weird, as it's probably a pretty good idea for a film series and everything (starts with a guy getting stuck in a mall, continues through his crazy school life and eventually becoming a Stern Chase), but I never really thought of who'd direct them. The first one seems really suited to Thor Freudenthal (the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie), but the second and third ones, with it going Darker and Edgier throughout, would probably end up being best in the hands of Spike Jonze for the 2nd one and either Edgar Wright or Brett Ratner for the third.

As for casting, Tre would probably have to be a guy who is sort of like Tyler James Williams during the earlier seasons, but with a bit more of a quotient for action. Nora would probably be best if she were Saoirse Ronan, or someone similar to her. The rest, I really do not know, except Grassy, who looks a lot like Matt Timmons.

Oh, and one of the other threads has a pair of trailers for the third episode's movie.

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6 MrMallard13th Oct 2010 08:58:49 PM from Australia, mate
Hmm... Jak and Daxter on drugs... In a movie? Man, who'd produce THAT?!?

Well, Jak'd be played by Mark Hamill or something, Daxter would be animatronic, a puppet and CGI and voiced by Max Casella like in the games, Samos would be Rip Torn, Keira would be Tara Strong just like in the games, Torn would be played by the singer in The Mighty Bosstones (gotta love that gravelly voice) and... Well, you make the rest of the characters.

I'd totally get the director of Harold and Kumar onboard.

It'd be roughly 110 minutes, give or take, and would start from Torn's suicide.

UPDATE: The spoiler is a fanfic spoiler, btw. Real continuity be damned!

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7 DrFurball13th Oct 2010 10:59:00 PM from The House of the Rising Sun , Relationship Status: Tongue-tied
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I'd prefer it to be a TV Show, but I guess it could work as a movie, although it'd have an disjointed feel to it.

But I'd want it animated (in an art style similar to mine, of course). To preserve the comic-like feel to it, I'd have Sound Effects and word balloons come up onscreen every now and then (think something like the Scott Pilgrim movie).

As for soundtrack, I'm gonna go with a mostly jazz score, a la Sam & Max. Each of the major characters would have a Leitmotif in a different genre, though: George's would be swing, Phil'd have classic rock, Liz would get hip hop, the Catgirl would be accompanied by a Sexophone, ect.

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My current project would be fun as hell as a movie. I'm thinking of J. J. Abrams or Peter Jackson directing. The soundtrack would be a general mash-up of styles, from classical to rock- perfect for Nobuo Uematsu to score.

My cast: Raphael- James Marsters (in his best Fake Brit mode)

Alice- Ellen Page

Steve- Joshua Gomez (Morgan from Chuck)

Janine- whoever it was that played Latika in Slumdog Millionaire

Jenny Everywhere- Summer Glau

Lilith- Morena Baccarin

The Big Bad- Patrick Stewart

I may need to write a mock-trailer now.
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Hmm. Actually, I know exactly who should be cast for two roles.

No idea about director, though. Maybe David Lynch? tongue
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10 Wheezy24th Oct 2010 07:31:45 PM from South Philly
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I'm getting back to work on Ami, so why not...

I don't like to fantasize about a project that's been through so many delays and troubles getting past the stage of "idea," but here goes:

The movie would be entirely animated - even the "Real Life" sections, and it would be made by either Madhouse or Studio 4�C. Ideally, I'd direct it, if I had the skills.

I have no earthly idea who'd do the voice acting yet.

It's possible I wouldn't have to alter the story at all for the medium - I'm planning on making the webcomic short enough to fit into a 2-hour window if it were in motion.

As for the soundtrack: That's probably the only thing I have planned out.

It was hard finding fitting music without resorting to generic J-pop, trance, and the like, even though that might be expected out of a project like this.

Here's some stuff I'd like to use:

The movie would open with a bizarre montage of various dreams and fantasies, which would be Mickey Moused to this song. Epic, but ominous-sounding and a bit surreal, this song is a perfect fit for the mood of the movie as I'm imagining it.

Too bad this one's already taken.

Locked in her room on a rainy day, our protagonist stares off and contemplates how her life went wrong.

This could go in pretty much any Indulgent Fantasy Segue throughout the movie.

Ironically enough, I had a dream about this song, which is what inspired me to use it here.

She loses.

I'm planning to go with an Earn Your Happy Ending approach, so this would only kind of be Soundtrack Dissonance.

Other songs I'd like to use, but have no imaginable place for:

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Um, as long as I get payed, THEY CAN BUTCHER IT FOR ALL IT'S WORTH!

XD Kidding.

But I'd want an original score for it, and the other stuff would depend.
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12 Pinata29th Oct 2010 11:24:21 PM from on your ceiling
Hmm. Interesting question. Of course, any faithful film adaptation of my work would be lucky to get assigned an NC-17 rating rather than an outright X, so nobody would ever get to see it, but I suppose a little fantasizing won't hurt. So, here goes...

Director: Zack Snyder. There are very few directors left that I trust to film an action sequence without confusing the fucking hell out of me. The guy who successfully turned Watchmen into a great movie is at the top of my short list. Robert Rodriguez is a close enough second to basically be tied, though.

Main character cast: I'd likely recruit unknowns for the mythology students, since I can't think of actors in the appropriate age range right now anyway and it never hurts to get newbies discovered. For the Elves I'd go Kiera Knightley, Kate Winslet (those two get to make out with each other), Rose Byrne and Poppy Montgomery. Julian Sands is a must for Lord Morbaruk. Monica Bellucci as Carina, since we need someone really sexy to pull off that character's Creepy Sexy in this particular case. Hugh Grant (but with glasses) and George Clooney (but with a fedora) as the two mythology teachers. Vin Diesel as the voice of Grayscale the dragon, and Bruce Campbell as the other Deadpan Snarker, Detective Jim Barnes. Andy Richter would make a great Detective Andy Forehand, as long as he's not adverse to being The Danza that is. Later on in the series, two roles would go to Andy Serkis: Carnos the Devourer of Flesh in the fifth film, and Nightbreath the dragon in the eighth.

Soundtrack: Typical epic fantasy music (LOTR-style) for the score, hard rock and techno over the end credits of each film. Possible artists include Evanescence, Balligomingo, Portishead, Garbage and Veruca Salt... I'd want the gender of the singers to evoke the gender of the most powerful characters, and there are at least four girls here who could kick the ass of any male character in the story including dragons.

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