Shows you like, but wish you didn't(or, Guilty Pleasures: The Thread!):

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An inversion of this thread. We all have that show: You know it's bad, but you just. Can't. Stop. Watching. A guilty pleasure. Now, thanks to the magic of the Internet, you can safely and anonymously announce your love for that trashy soap or that show that has long since jumped the shark without fear of persecution. Come, my children. This is a safe place.

I'll start this off: Hello, my name is Saturn City, and my drug of choice is Heroes. Unlike most people, I did not stop watching this show after the amazing first season. Nor after the mediocre second season. Nor after the cringeworthy third season. Nay, not even the deceptive "Oh, look at our interesting, mysterious new villain who we try to convince you has a grand plan, but it turns out that all he wants to do is cause an earthquake in Central Park" fourth season could drive me away. No matter how many Scrappies were introduced, no matter how stupid the characters got, no matter how absolutely dumb the show became, I still continued to tune in every Monday. I even own all of the seasons on DVD. Finally, mercifully, NBC cancelled this show that had a grip on me. I am quickly on my way to recovery, and have vowed not to purchase the 4th season DVD collection.

So, what about you? What's the show or shows that you like, but wish you didn't?

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2 Jumpingzombie15th Jun 2010 08:00:25 PM from a hill in Washington
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Pretty Little Liars. I saw the pilot was available on Hulu, now I'm all pumped to see what's gonna go down. I find this pretty strange since I don't even really like series like Gossip Girl. Maybe because it's supposed to have a ton of murdering in it.
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Top Chef. As much I loathe reality and competition shows, I just can't get enough of this one. Granted, when you have Testosterone Brigade Bait like Padma Lakshmi, it's easy to get involved.

But damn, the cooking contests, while exceedingly as dumb and as Wallbangerific as a lesser episode of 24 is just plain...interesting.

And as many folks can't stand Toby Young, I find him absolutely hysterical, "I have found the weapons of mass destruction and they're on this plate." GOLD!
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4 SchwarzeWitwe16th Jun 2010 03:54:24 AM from American down under
Hell's Kitchen.

Contrived? Absolutely. Partially-scripted? Painfully obvious. Profane? Duh. Overinflated egos? Got it. Over-the-top? Jawohl.

Fun to watch? Oh hell yes. Food porn? Yes please.
5 Exaggeration17A17th Jun 2010 04:54:41 PM from the castle in the swamp
Deadliest Warrior for me. I know the entire concept of the show is flawed... their basic theory is that the warrior with the best weapons is the one who will win. This is obviously not true, and even the method they choose to compare weapons is flawed. To a certain extent, this makes the whole thing entirely pointless.

At the same time, I'm a sucker for ancient weaponry in particular. I've got at least a dozen swords in my little collection with a few other pieces thrown in for good measure. That's not counting my fencing rapiers, or the latex foam weapons I use for LARP. A show devoted to showing just how much damage they can do is a simple pleasure for me.
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Food Party. It's so stupid and reminiscent of Tim & Eric, and I can't look away.
I quite liking watching repeats of After You've Gone. For those who don't know, this is possibly the worst sitcom ever written, and the lowpoint of Nicholas Lyndhurst's career. It's not funny, it's predictable, it's terrible. I don't even know why I watch it, I just do.
8 Tidal_Wave_1722nd Jun 2010 01:23:35 PM from Business, Nunya , Relationship Status: Singularity
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Golden Girls.

I know its from the 80's, and I know its about old women, but still I can't help myself. Rose is just too cute!
9 Jumpingzombie22nd Jun 2010 02:14:47 PM from a hill in Washington
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^Ain't no shame in liking the Golden Girls, it has some pretty good writing.
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10 Voltech445th Aug 2010 09:06:20 AM from Alongside a Virtual Weasel , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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I'm with Schwarze Witwe on this one - there's something positively magical about Hell's Kitchen. It's painful to watch at times thanks to the weird edits and the bombastic music slapped on top, but you look me straight in the eye and tell me you don't laugh when Ramsay shouts "YOU DONKEY!" Or better yet, when a little girl at the restaurant drew Ramsay shouting that famous line.

Plus it seems like Ramsay's a legitimately nice fellow as long as you don't piss him off. What's not to like?
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I don't know if it was necessarily bad, but it was a bit embarrassing for a guy to be watching this one: Care Bears. Pretty compelling plots, but man ... same is true I guess for Muppet Babies. Not a bad show by any means, but if you weren't familiar with it, it would obviously seem a bit ridiculous.

Speaking of which ... time to check youtube for Muppet Babies episodes...
12 Dinsdale8th Aug 2010 04:36:39 PM from inside a giant hedgehog
@Arla Grey I enjoy After You've Gone, too. Totally rubbish by any measure, of course, but it's light-hearted fun.

On a total tangent: it is not the worst sitcom ever written, that's an award reserved for Coming Of Age - watch if you dare! (Definitely NOT a guilty pleasure.)
13 Cider14th Aug 2010 06:44:45 PM from Not New York , Relationship Status: They can't hide forever. We've got satellites.
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ECW and WWECW. I didn't like Paul Heyman on Smackdown and Joey Styles was a poor man's JR in my eyes. I had only watched ECW back in 2000, so to me the show had always sucked and reviving it for any longer than a One Night Stand Pay Per View was stupid. Then I watched some 1996 videos of ECW and realized it really wasn't that bad.

Then Tommy Dreamer was the WWECW champion and I was hooked. Then Michael Cole took over Raw and I realized just how good a commentator Joey Styles really was.

Also Angel. One, I wasn't really into Buffy the 5 foot 2 tooth pick. And two, It was LA, but the People didn't look like the people I saw in LA. Yet for some reason I fell in love with the show. Then people of color started showing up, not many but I guess some's better than none.
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Family Guy. It was great in it's first 4 seasons, but now I honestly don't know why I stick with it. It's rarely ever funny these days and I'm constantly wanting to throttle the writers, but I just can't stop watching.

Also, Children's Hospital. I know it's stupid, but it's the stupidity and general rediculousness that makes it funny. Plus, there's the subtle, but neat casting gag of Barry Kripkey as a medical doctor.
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15 Esteban00916th Aug 2010 05:42:14 AM from Practically Atlantis
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I loved the 4400

My Life on the D-list... it's just not funny, and it's predictable, and the real stars of the show are the assistents... but damnit, I keep watching it each and every time it's on.
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Brothersand Sisters. What's wrong with me?

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It's super effective.
What was actually BAD about The 4400?

Anyway, judging by the fact I watched a stream of various episodes for six hours, I can pretty safely say Digimon Tamers. If anything, it's got better with age, and once you consider it's a kids show that got SO much crap past the radar makes it even better. Still, it's fucking Digimon, hardly something I can say I like in public.
I watched all three seasons of Beastmaster. I blame on the fact that I was coming down off a Xena jones and too young to know better.
The 4400 was screwed over by all the hype surrounding Heroes. I guess it was a deliberate choice—USA is owned by NBC and they decided to only promote one ordinary people discover they have extraordinary powers show at a time.

Dancing with the Stars has been a guilty pleasure for me for a long time (I love watching NFL players learn to dance and Anna & Evan this past season= love). However, the constant pimping of Derek Hough (turning him into The Wesley as far as I'm concerned) is seriously lessening my enjoyment of the show.

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Ooops...sorry about the double post.

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It's super effective.
What? I don't follow. From what I understand the 4400 was screwed because of the events of the writers strike. Its third season had finished by the time Heroes began.

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I guess hero shows are apt to be screwed over by the writer's strikes. It must be their form of... [/glasses] Kryptonite.
It's super effective.
Or, you know, EVERY OTHER SHOW that was in production and preproduction.
I was thinking in terms promotion. Once Heroes was set to debut, The 4400 became an afterthought in promotion.

Perhaps there was another behind the scenes reason (besides the writers strike) that i didn't know about. But that's my conspiracy and I'm sticking with it. tongue
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The writers strike happened in Heroes' second season. Any drop in quality or viewers of the 4400 during Heroes' first season could not be blamed on the writers strike.

As for the topic, right now, I'd have to say Pretty Little Liars. I enjoy the show... but I'm not going to ever admit in public that i enjoy the show.

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