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Let Us Cling Together
I just realized, none of the heroines is a robot...that we know of.

I'm calling it right now: Aoi is the robot-girl, her fainting spells are actually lack of whatever the heck are these new-gen robots source of power.

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This is one of those things that started as a porn game and was adapted into a non-age-specific anime and I don't get that.
Teens dress as Batman to catch pedophiles; cops not impressed
Once again I find myself irritated by the translators not writing out the voiced only lines that instead appear as an ellipsis. Though I guess I can understand what they're saying at least, but that's still really lazy.
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Nice bump. You reading this again?
I decided to reread Yume and Otome's routes. And they both have a lot of lines where they're muttering too quietly for Yoshiyuki to hear.

And man I kind of hate Yoshiyuki this reading. So oblivious.
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I had already seen the anime so there was nothing really new in the Otome route. Yume route was basically them sleeping together the whole time.
I haven't seen any of the Da Capo anime stuff. And honestly I can't remember what really happened in Yume's route except some bitterness about how she can dream of the future but not do anything about it. I still remember it as being one of the better routes though.

Then again, Koko's route was terrible, Nanaka's was mediocre at best and Minatsu seemed rather out of character in hers so maybe that isn't saying much?

Meh. I'm not even in the mood for DCII I guess. I'll just go reread something awesome like Sharin no Kuni.

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Go reread Refrain. I did that a few times. Or Umineko.
I already reread Refrain once. I think if I did so again I'd just be disappointed that none of the girls are in it.
About Da Capo III, I heard some other interesting things that point to it being a prequel, mostly involving Aisia. Namely, the fact that Charles and Aisia look alike, and that Charles was the name of Aisia's grandmother. The fact that Aisia's route is apparently canon in D.C. II P.C. strikes me as interesting as well.

I loved Aisia, so this intrigues me greatly.

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Rereading the DCIF story. The handling of the dramatic stuff with Junichi's emotional baggage at the end was poorly handled. If the story is part of a Kotori fandisc, Kotori should have been the one to step up and help him out. Also, Suginami's methods rub me the wrong way. He sounds really callous.
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Well, I just started the first game. A game focusing on a cast of middle schoolers wasn't that appealing to me, and the average score on the VNDB isn't that impressive, but the random quote selections from the game kept catching my attention, so I finally decided to check it out. Wherever the plot ends up going, I think I'll probably end up giving it an above-average rating, on the strength of it having made me laugh unironically multiple times within the first few minutes of the game.
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Da Capo is okay. If you end up liking the first one you really ought to check out DCII. Or if you just think it was okay since DCII was a lot better.
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Okay, I've been working through the game slowly, and it's not as strong so far as I had hopes it would be at the beginning, but not weak enough to make me want to drop it like Hoshizora.

I seriously have to call bullshit though, on Sakura popping up at the beginning of the next year as a teacher.

Even if I suspend disbelief on her being as smart as they say she is, rather than as smart as she acts, and suppose that Japan would actually let child prodigies hold positions of authority despite their inherent difficulties in inspiring respect...

There is absolutely no way that a school would let someone attend as a student as a trial for becoming a teacher there. It's completely counter to the goal of acquainting them with their responsibilities and encouraging the students to treat them with respect and obedience. Students and teachers are so status-stratified, they're not even allowed to use the same bathrooms.
...eventually, we will reach a maximum entropy state where nobody has their own socks or underwear, or knows who to ask to get them back.
I honestly don't even remember what you're talking about. I read Sakura's route once and I hated it, so all I remember is that she has magic powers and some bad things happening.

I think I consider the two primary heroines the worst part of Da Capo. Oh, but on the bright side, Sakura is way better in DCII, which is way better than Da Capo.
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My fundamental disappointment with this game is that Junichi is just not as interesting or engaging a protagonist as he seemed in the first couple minutes of the game. I mean, he mentions at the start that he sees other people's dreams, and complains that it sounds cool but it actually sucks, and then gives compelling, novel reasons why it sucks, instead of some sort of lame appeal to normality. It suggests more interesting and original commentary will be forthcoming on the rest of the game than has actually been the case so far.
...eventually, we will reach a maximum entropy state where nobody has their own socks or underwear, or knows who to ask to get them back.
This is not the most introspective work ever. Hate to break it to you.
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So anyone know when the DC III VN is going to be translated? Or if there are any plans to translate it?
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The translation project was ordered for Cease and Desist by Mangagamer. Read more here.
and now Mangagamer announced DC III(apparently they will bring both the All Ages and the 18+ version)
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<didn't read any previous posts to avoid potential spoilers> Unlike Kira-Kira, MG is going to release DC III all-ages and 18+ at the same time. It's going to be interesting to see sales figures if provided.

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Let Us Cling Together
So Da Capo 3 R was just released on Steam.

It's been so long I'd forgotten about this game.
Let Us Cling Together
So I started playing DC 3 (after like, half a decade or whatever).

Pretty enjoyable so far, but I haven't gotten into any of the girls' routes, so far.

I wonder if there's even anyone that still cares about this franchise around here.
DCIII was okay. I skipped all the golf in Sara's route though. I also went and read Shiki's fandisc route. Tried to read Mikoto's route and failed for some reason. I honestly don't remember much of anything from it.

Done with DCIII unless they release a fandisk with Elizabeth or Tomoe routes. They teased both but I doubt I'll get to see the more interesting of the two since she's *gasp* over fifteen and DC is allergic to that.

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