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1 Mapi13th Sep 2010 06:44:20 AM from Sakurakou Keionbu
"keionbu ni yokusou, nyan?"
Discuss anything and everything about the Da Capo franchise.

As usual, please observe spoilers.

Any word on a translation project for Da Capo II? I've scoured the internet but sadly got nothing...
I, the only other person on the tvtropes forums familiar with Da Capo, do not know. All I found was a schedule of when stuff was supposed to be released, and I know that at least some of the other things (like Soul Link) have been released.
3 Mapi13th Sep 2010 09:03:00 AM from Sakurakou Keionbu
"keionbu ni yokusou, nyan?"
Actually Arha, it's you, me, neobowman, zeroplusalpha, and Arilou. We're a pretty small band, yes.

And come to think of it, there are basically a LOT of DC games (Plus Communication and Plus Situation for each, as well as the female protagonist one).

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Plus Communication isn't in english, right?
5 Mapi13th Sep 2010 09:13:51 AM from Sakurakou Keionbu
"keionbu ni yokusou, nyan?"
Only the original VN has been translated, so we don't get anything from Tamaki, Nanako, Alice and Aisia as heroines. I was completely baffled by their appearance in DC SS, but I just thought "probably a sequel VN" since there's a one year Time Skip wherein Nemu's route was followed.

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Cure Candy
What is in english and where can I get them surprised the recomendation thread said I should start playing some might as well start here wink.

Reason for this one first is I like the art >< well from what I have seen of the anime (haven't watched any of it yet have downloaded it though).

Heading to the general thread... ignore this.

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It's called Da Capo in english. You can obtain it through completely legal methods. I think Mangagamer translated it, so you can probably get it legitimately if you want.
8 neobowman14th Sep 2010 05:06:37 PM from Unidentified Proxy , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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I never managed to get through the tediousness of the VN sadly enough. I gave up on it. Also, THE SUGINAMI VOICE!
Ha, I was replaying Da Capo and I saw Sayaka from Suika. That's kind of awesome. She was the best heroine in that game.
10 zeroplusalpha8th Oct 2010 11:28:43 AM from behind the 7th Door
The World Is Mine
Plus Communication isn't in english, right?

Only the original game has been translated. There's a partially complete DCPC patch, but it stalled shortly after DC was announced by Mangagamer.

Plus Situation will never see an English version, as it's a console exclusive.
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Pretty sure there was a PC version of it as well. Still won't be getting a release, though.
12 zeroplusalpha8th Oct 2010 11:35:19 AM from behind the 7th Door
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Plus Communication was the Plus Situation PC release, just with, um, you know, additional content.

It hardly seems worth it anyway, as it's basically Da Capo, except with more characters.
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Don't they get their own routes though? I'd be interested in seeing them, sort of like how I'd like to see a Kareha or Mayumi route in Shuffle or another route in FSN.
14 zeroplusalpha8th Oct 2010 11:40:37 AM from behind the 7th Door
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Yes, I think they do get their own routes. But I'm not sure if I'm really after a Da Capo "plus" experience. I'm more interested in DCII, to be honest.

(Also it has that really sappy song that I shamelessly like.)
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15 Mapi8th Oct 2010 11:41:14 AM from Sakurakou Keionbu
"keionbu ni yokusou, nyan?"
The characters I mentioned above are probably heroines in the game. Except Aisia; she was anime only (and became a Canon Immigrant in DC II).

DC II will make you feel sorry for Sakura, even if you hate her. Really.

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DCII was picked up with Soul Link and... Edelweiss? I think? I'm not sure why it hasn't been released yet, those other two have. Even Edelweiss' fandisc is out.

Oh, Edelweiss actually has a page stub now. Aaaaand it seems to have been translated earlier than I thought.

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17 zeroplusalpha8th Oct 2010 11:44:02 AM from behind the 7th Door
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Is there a playable Sakura route in DCII?

I didn't know that...
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No. Life just sucks for Sakura apparently. I'm not aware of the details since I don't want to be spoiled about it.
19 Mapi8th Oct 2010 11:46:07 AM from Sakurakou Keionbu
"keionbu ni yokusou, nyan?"
No, Sakura is Yoshiyuki's guardian in DC II. The sisters are Yume and Otome, who're Nemu and Junichi's grandchildren. Junichi is still around.

The anime changed Sakura's fate but it's no less depressing (although Sakura's fate in the VN is so horrible it's comparable to Archer's).
So, according to Arha, translations of DC II will be out by December-ish and DC IF by sometime next year. Yay!
21 neobowman20th Oct 2010 11:40:02 PM from Unidentified Proxy , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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Strange bit I noticed: In TP Sakura, Sakura, Kotori, and Junichi have been aged down to what appears to be primary school, while Miharu and Nemu remain the same. Incidentally, the latter two appear to be allied with the villain of the OV As.
Sakura aged down? How could you tell?
DC IF was released at the November 30th, apparently.


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