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Post your random thoughts.:

 146076 Geth Knight, Fri, 28th Dec '12 9:22:55 PM from St.Charles, Missouri
I am 40 lbs too heavy to zip line. Damn you Universe for giving me something fun I want to try!

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You can't trust the manga.
 146077 Keybreak, Sat, 29th Dec '12 1:04:38 AM from amid it all Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
What do you think it's like to be a video game're big, there are few other creatures like you, and all of your underlings are probably too afraid of you to have you out for lunch.
I would rather fail in my own way than succeed by someone else's.
Definitely not a weirdo
The strange side of the world mostly keeps to itself. It's hard to walk there for long unless you fit in.
 146079 Magic Laser, Sat, 29th Dec '12 4:16:13 AM from higher than this
missing since 1998
It is quite unfortunate that perhaps as close as we'll ever get to the eCults of fiction like the so-called Knights is assorted grey-hat hacker groups like Anonymous.

It's quite a downgrade from a Church to a collection of children in Guy Fawkes masks. Don't you think?
sometimes I feel like I know you from somewhere

any information please call 555....
 146080 Magic Laser, Sat, 29th Dec '12 4:21:31 AM from higher than this
missing since 1998
The strange side of the world mostly keeps to itself. It's hard to walk there for long unless you fit in.



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sometimes I feel like I know you from somewhere

any information please call 555....
 146081 Zersk, Sat, 29th Dec '12 4:29:10 AM from Columbia District, BNA
Magic: In the far future, perhaps they will be construed in legends to become some sort of thing like that. :3
ᐅᖃᐅᓯᖅ ᐊᑕᐅᓯᖅ ᓈᒻᒪᔪᐃᑦᑐᖅ
 146082 Geth Knight, Sat, 29th Dec '12 7:43:21 AM from St.Charles, Missouri
Once Anonymous acutes to the point that they aren't meme-spewing morons when they aren't doing something legitimately Good, then they might achieve religious status.

edited 29th Dec '12 7:43:49 AM by GethKnight

You can't trust the manga.
 146083 Kerrah, Sat, 29th Dec '12 9:43:28 AM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
Knowing is growing.
  • shakes head* this is way I ship her with Bat Man

 146085 Kerrah, Sat, 29th Dec '12 10:51:22 AM from Helsinki, Finland
Pure cuteness
She did kiss him full on the lips in "Harley's Holiday".
Knowing is growing.
 146086 El Rigo, Sat, 29th Dec '12 2:47:24 PM from The Mexican Desert. Relationship Status: The Skitty to my Wailord
WARNING: Contains a lot of awesome.
And the Fandom Rejoiced
Yeah, but can't you get high here? If I get high in Amsterdam its a cultural experience, but if I do it here I am a common pothead.
I think I found the Marvel counterpart for my favorite Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain

  • totally lame
  • Wonderland themed
  • very little actual skills of villainy

Check her out White Rabbit

edited 29th Dec '12 6:20:53 PM by HeroShepherd

Poison is a transgender ok fine with me, but how do they not tell in those pants?

 146089 Zersk, Sat, 29th Dec '12 9:00:53 PM from Columbia District, BNA
Huh? :/
ᐅᖃᐅᓯᖅ ᐊᑕᐅᓯᖅ ᓈᒻᒪᔪᐃᑦᑐᖅ
So I downloaded a character mix from someone on tumblr. One of the songs was Bennie and the Jetts.

Not the version by Elton John. By TV Girl. Which isn't a cover? It's a song about a girl who's listening to the version of Bennie and the Jetts by Elton John.


 146091 Pyrite, Sun, 30th Dec '12 12:38:59 AM from Right. Behind. You. Relationship Status: Hiding
[up][up]Wild guess: Poison from the Final Fight series. Also, that statement (and the whole situation, to be honest) is rife with Unfortunate Implications, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone took offence.

edited 30th Dec '12 12:46:31 AM by Pyrite

Not a substitute for a formal medical consultation.
 146092 Morwen Edhelwen, Sun, 30th Dec '12 1:05:04 AM from Sydney, Australia
Tolkien freak
I recently remembered an old story idea: Think I might work on it next.
The road goes ever on. -Tolkien
poison is a male to female transgendered character appearing in Final Fight and Street Fighter X Tekken official sources list her as pre opp I was just wondering how she keeps people from noticing especially considering these are fighting games a lot of attacks go to that general area.

edited 30th Dec '12 7:38:25 AM by HeroShepherd

 146094 Lostiesgirl, Sun, 30th Dec '12 8:32:39 AM from An Island Relationship Status: Dating the Doctor
My hair style
Im thinking about dying my hair. Maybe blondieish.
Lostie's girl, do,do, da na,na Where can i find a woman like that?
No blonds are over rated.

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 146096 Peaceful Apocalypse, Sun, 30th Dec '12 8:54:29 AM from Planet Fastoon
What shade of blonde? White blonde? Gold blonde? Strawberry blonde?
 146097 S Bane N, Sun, 30th Dec '12 12:50:36 PM from Somewhere calm
The True Shane
I hate power outages. :/

That's why I was missing for so long. sad
 146098 Geth Knight, Sun, 30th Dec '12 2:38:38 PM from St.Charles, Missouri
What were the two opposing ideologies in each Bioshock game? I'm talking with a friend on Facebook and he's saying "Cept it's going the route of Dm C and rebooting, also the character has a voice, a face, and is an identifiable character; usually a great choice, here they're breaking away from what Bioshock is. It's got the same series issue, all of it could be solved with a change of the name". I'm trying to tell him that the game still fits because "What Bioshock is" is a conflict between two opposing ideologies and not Rapture itself.
You can't trust the manga.
 146099 Oh no a Bear, Sun, 30th Dec '12 3:03:21 PM from Exiting, pursued by a...
I'm back, baby.
It was actually pretty much three, one had objectivism, two had collectivism, and both had a strong thread of centrism as the ideal.
 146100 Geth Knight, Sun, 30th Dec '12 3:11:17 PM from St.Charles, Missouri
Ah, ok. So, the second one is still Objectivism vs Collectivism as well? I thought that was a separate ideology duel.
You can't trust the manga.
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