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Writing Nightmare Fuel Powers:

 1 Sand Josieph, Mon, 1st Nov '10 1:40:01 AM from Grand Galloping Galaday
Bigonkers! is Magic
So my heroine has powers that are pretty much this, to the point where they even scare her. They cause things to rot and decay around her and if she doesn't use that power, it will start to eat away at her own body and mind. What's worse, she barely has any control over this power. I actually have one scene where she wakes to find herself basically destroying her room. When her roommates try to help her, they are forced to stay back lest they start to rot themselves. She eventually gets her powers under control but not before destroying a lot of stuff and suffering from minor abandonment issues since many of her long time friend are avoiding contact with her (they still don't mind being in the same room as her, though).
 2 KSPAM, Mon, 1st Nov '10 4:38:51 AM from The Slaine Pain Train Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
My advice: show the effects of having such a power. In detail.
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It really sounds like you've got it about covered. Just keep showing how much it sucks and you're good.
have here accidentally kill (or almost kill) someone close to her

also, how does she get these powers? just curious!
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 5 MCE, Fri, 4th Feb '11 1:41:37 PM from Elsewhere
Grin and tonic
Might be worth looking into Lovecraftian Superpower and

Also her power, does it corrupt her while she uses it? Does it affect her mentally ?

You could have her start to look horrific when using it, for example.

"Black lines appeared across her face, like oily worms below the skin. Darkness bleed from here eyes and her face filled with a mix of terror and perverse pleasure. Around here everyone died, some liquefying, their skin and organs melting off their bones, other dried and cracked collapsing into ash and powdered bone. "

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 6 moocow 1452, Fri, 4th Feb '11 2:33:25 PM from The Internet
The Web Wanderer
So if she has entropy based powers, and she's the heroine, how does she use her powers for good, short of straight up repression?
 7 Sand Josieph, Fri, 4th Feb '11 3:37:29 PM from Grand Galloping Galaday
Bigonkers! is Magic
Wow, old thread. Well, Kat's powers have changed since then, even if by a bit. She not got her powers by witnessing a failed exorcism which in this world involves someone who is possessed dieing. In this case, the person didn't die and the demon was able to escape and she trapped it in her soul before it could escape. The thing was that she was watching from a hidden spot along with a friend and Kat's possession knocks her out and so her friend has to hide her from the cult conducting the "exorcisms".

And yes, the powers are effecting her physically as she has to allow the demon to be in control in order for her to use the powers. The only reason the demon hasn't been able to fully take over Kat's body is because she's got Heroic Will Power. It's a constant battle for control and with every demon Kat absorbs her inner demon grows in strength. The most horrific changes she experiences are eyes appearing on things all around her and nasty lizard like claws where her hand and foot used to be. Oh, and see my drawing of The Wiki Witch of the Web to see what happens to Kat's eyes.
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