What happened to the PC98 Characters?:

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Some of my personal beliefs:

  • Most bosses from HRTP and MS are still in Makai and Hell.
  • Most LLS bosses are assisting Yuka.
  • Shingyoku is just guarding the Hakurei shrine. This is mostly effective against low-level youkai.
  • Thanks to the characters page for Touhou, Sariel has been weakened into a fairy-like state. She spent a lot of her power on granting afew of Reimu's less insane wishes. She is now Cirno.
  • Mima is just being a lazy-ass goddess, slacking in the Hakurei Shrine.
  • Rika and Rikako are most likely working with kappa engineers.
  • Meira is off training somewhere.
  • Ellen is off in her own manga.
  • Kotohime is upholding justice and buying weird stuf in the human village.
  • Kana is haunting some poor, easily firghtened, person's home. She may or may not hang out with Nue and Kogasa.
  • Chiyuri and Yumemi are back in thier home dimension, making a Magitek society.
  • Ruukoto most likely still assisting Reimu in her housecleaning. Whether or not she does a decent job is another matter.

What about you? What do you guys think?
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