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76 Yuanchosaan2nd Aug 2012 06:25:01 PM from Australia , Relationship Status:
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Does that happen often? I've only had charcoal break on me while sharpening pencils.
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77 Fancolors2nd Aug 2012 10:54:12 PM from Land of the Mamelucos
I draw stuff.
I dropped my box full of fragile charcoal (and another containing dry pastel) on the floor. There's dust everywhere and they all broke into very tiny pieces. The sight of wasted supplies hurt.
78 Yuanchosaan2nd Aug 2012 11:08:12 PM from Australia , Relationship Status:
antic disposition
Ouch! That really sucks.
"Doctor Who means never having to say you're kidding." - Bocaj
79 MrAHR3rd Aug 2012 10:03:58 AM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
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I don't even use charcoal and that hurts.
80 LoniJay3rd Aug 2012 04:41:43 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Aw man. That would suck sad

I hate it when I drop a bag or a case of pencils, and just look at it knowing that all of the pencil leads are going to be broken up into little bits so you have to sharpen them down into teeny stubs.
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81 JHM4th Oct 2012 11:19:54 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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That's horrifying. I'd think that it's about on par with breaking several watercolour pencil, which is, in my experience, akin to having your soul briefly ripped out of your body.

So. Perspective. Damn it all.
Backgrounds. Ew. No. Why?

I'm semi okay with them if it's something interesting like perspective but most of the time it's like "there is a wall there and a ... poster on the wall? Yeah."
83 LoniJay21st Dec 2012 04:44:25 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
Oh nooooo. sadI finish the lineart and start colouring...

... and my brother looks at it and points out that I've drawn his hands the wrong way (i.e. his left hand is palm-down, but the thumb is on the outside).
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How the hell am I supposed to show my extended family any of my artwork?

I have to select pieces that: 1. Are appropriate for my younger cousins. So no cursing or references to sex

2. Wouldn't offend any of them. So nothing irreverent, and possibly nothing involving references to homosexuality

3. Actually features my characters as opposed to fanart I've drawn or gift art involving other people's characters.

Taking those and applying them to my deviantart accounts leaves me with ... character designs. People standing around doing nothing. BORING.
[up] AMG I feel you.I realised all of my art is gothic/emo shiz which I cant show to my family.

...I can't draw clouds worth shit and it ruins the wholl picture.Idk it looks so easy,why is it so hard? T_T
86 ohsointocats27th Feb 2013 02:21:00 PM from The Sand Wastes , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Why is it that whenever I try to draw clean lineart it looks so lifeless?
I can't tell what anything on this picture is. What lines are what. WHAT IS THIS.

This always happens when I do still lifes and real stuff for too long.
88 LoniJay22nd Mar 2013 12:32:07 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
I'm trying to draw a guy wearing a helmet with a skull on it. It's supposed to be scary, but no matter what I do it just looks like a happy jolly skull. sad
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89 Twentington24th Mar 2013 11:32:37 AM from Somewhere , Relationship Status: Desperate
Number one, I have no idea how to draw animal faces and can never find a good reference for the species I want. None of the otters I find ever look otter-y, nor the jackalopes jackalope-y.

Also, I either make my pencil marks so light that they instantly turn into smudges when my hand drags over them (I'm left handed), or so heavy that they completely refuse to be erased.
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Past self: And for this panel it's going to be two people sitting on a couch. Except the couch will be in two-point perspective to make it look more interesting!

Why did I think that was a good idea.
91 Jabrosky27th Mar 2013 07:57:06 PM from San Diego, CA
[up] I hate drawing furniture. Also architecture. For some reason the irregularity of natural backgrounds makes them slightly easier for me.
[up] I'm the opposite. I can do architectural things because of the irregularity (the more lines I can get down with the ruler, the better), but nature confounds me.

Edit: Oh and I just realized. The two point perspective I was trying to do? I got it. That looks nice.

I just. Did not put the people in perspective. So they're at the same height and size even though one of them should be smaller b/c vanishing point.


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93 ohsointocats7th Apr 2013 04:48:38 PM from The Sand Wastes , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Weeping because I just learned where all the tools in photoshop are.
I totally ruined this page.

I tried going at the page again.

I tried fixing the lines that I'd erased with white out. It chipped. I went over it more. It kept chipping. Finally I gave up and peeled off everything with an exacto knife.

The page is a blobby gray mess, I keep accidentally spilling ink from my brush which means I'm going to have to white it out AGAIN. It looks horrible and I don't think cleaning it up in photoshop or shrinking it down would help.

"Try inking it in a way you're not comfortable with" said the teacher. Yeah that's not happening I fail I suck.
96 BlackCoyote5th Jun 2013 12:23:44 PM from Everywhere and Nowhere , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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TO EVERYONE HAVING ISSUES WITH COLORED PENCIL LEADS BREAKING IN THE BARRELS: Leave them in the sun for a bit! I don't know about Crayolas or other brands, but when Prismacolor leads break down inside the barrels, a short stint in the sun (5-10 minutes) will soften the lead ends so that they'll harden back together.

Personally? I hate drawing weapons, armor, vehicles, etc... So many of my favorite subjects involve those things, and I can't draw them for shit even with references, and no amount of practicing has produced much in the way of visible improvement.

Quite frankly, it frustrates the hell out of me.
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97 Jabrosky5th Jun 2013 12:25:09 PM from San Diego, CA
I don't like drawing clothing myself. So many wrinkles and folds!
98 WendytheCreeper12th Jul 2013 02:42:05 PM from Pennsylvania , Relationship Status: Robosexual
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When you're using a custom GIMP brush that is high resolution(basically, the default size is huge), and you forget to make the brush size smaller to compensate ;_;
Such an issue has made GIMP crash multiple times because of how large the brush was...
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99 LoniJay15th Jul 2013 08:03:35 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Pining for the fjords
That's it, never attempting perspective on a human body again. -_-
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100 MrAHR19th Mar 2014 08:01:20 AM from ಠ_ಠ , Relationship Status: A cockroach, nothing can kill it.
Ahr river
I use a mouse to color. My mouse has a tendency to randomly jump randomly, to the point that one of the reasons I keep Cookie Clicker up is that if I exit out of the window, it pops up a warning (my mouse has jumped to the exit button multiple times).

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