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 1 Tuefel Hunden IV, Fri, 23rd Apr '10 6:18:34 PM from Wandering. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchmen of the Apocalypse
This is for tropers who have xbox live and are of course looking for other tropers to game with.

Posters who want to add other tropers should add their xboxlive names and games they play online.

Example: Tuefel Hunden IV Castle Crashers Zombie Apocalypse Saints Row 2 etc etc etc.

(My Xbox Live is Currently Expired I am renewing next month)

Don't Forget to add others who add you. Have Fun.

edited 23rd Apr '10 6:19:04 PM by TuefelHundenIV

"Who watches the watchmen?"
 2 Iverum, Fri, 23rd Apr '10 9:12:52 PM from outside the key
Iverum: Splinter Cell: Conviction, Halo 3, Modern Warfare 2.
 3 Zyxzy, Fri, 23rd Apr '10 9:17:36 PM from Salem, OR
Embrace the mindscrew
Zatgin. Borderlands, others when I remember them.
Gamertag: Razmachinchilla

Currently playing: Nothing

Online games: Borderlands, Castle Crashers, Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto IV, Left For Dead 2, Phantasy Star Universe (AOTI), Gears of War 1 and 2, but I have no intention of putting those two back in the Xbox360 any time soon.

edited 24th Apr '10 8:31:47 PM by Miijhal

 5 Stalk This, Wed, 28th Apr '10 9:54:50 PM from Left of something cool
Christhestalker .

Borderlands, Left 4 Dead 2, Left 4 Dead, RE 5.


Crackdown, Gears of War 1
 7 Axel XIII, Wed, 23rd Jun '10 4:02:20 PM from 123 Main Street, Narnia
What's a title?
Revolvin Ocelot. One favor though, if you request me, just say you're a troper, gracias.

for online: Bad Company 2, Red Dead Redemption, Modern Warfare 2, Mercenaries 2, others...
TV Tropes has ruined my life. Yay!
 8 Tuefel Hunden IV, Thu, 1st Jul '10 6:59:50 PM from Wandering. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchmen of the Apocalypse
Ok I am now officially back on Xboxlive Add away tropers.

Xobox Live name is same as my forum one.

My games currently are Crack down, Soon to be Crack Down 2, Castle Crashers, Assault Heroes 2, Zombie Apocalypse, Toy Soldiers, Carcasonne.

edited 1st Jul '10 7:00:14 PM by TuefelHundenIV

"Who watches the watchmen?"
 9 jseblan, Thu, 1st Jul '10 8:56:56 PM from that one place
My account is Jsebl (OH THE ORIGINALITY).

My account is not currently Gold, though, So Yeah, can't do multiplayer. I might upgrade it soon.
You can find me by the same handle as my username here, Sean Murray I.

I usually prefer playing Modern Warfare 2, Team Fortress 2 (Orange Box), and with Crackdown 2 coming out tomorrow, I'll probably be playing that a lot, too.
 11 Tuefel Hunden IV, Thu, 8th Jul '10 4:50:38 PM from Wandering. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchmen of the Apocalypse
Modern Warfare 2 is next on my list of games to get. I am cruising around crackdown 2 though. If anyone feels like trashing the city with me I am usually on very late sometime around 1230-0100 -6gmt or central time if your in the U.S. I pop on during the day. jseblan get LIVE AND JOIN US!
"Who watches the watchmen?"
 12 Spa´n Sun, Thu, 8th Jul '10 5:02:28 PM from Somewhere Beyond Here
Laugh it off, everybody
Hm, I wish I hadn't canceled my subscription.

Well, if I ever get it back, my screen name Siberwulfe, I usually play....Halo. And that's about it.
I spread my wings and I learn how to fly....
 13 jseblan, Sun, 11th Jul '10 11:18:26 AM from that one place
Alright, so I have a 3 months subscription (which will evolve to a year long subscription in september, I hope), and the Orange Box! So I can play TF 2.

My gamertag is still jsebl.
 14 Tuefel Hunden IV, Fri, 16th Jul '10 7:41:01 PM from Wandering. Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
Watchmen of the Apocalypse
ill try and add some folks tonight if I remember after getting home.
"Who watches the watchmen?"
 15 jseblan, Sat, 17th Jul '10 2:17:03 PM from that one place
I should show what I play (the multiplayer ones, at least:

  • Burnout Paradise
  • Borderlands
  • Crackdown 1
  • Saints Row 2
  • Battlefield: Bad Company (the first one only)
  • Project Gotham Racing 3 (Not often)
  • Fable 2
  • Team Fortress 2. Won't be often either, I kinda hate it's community for the moment.
  • I also have Soul Calibur 4 and Tekken 6. I don't play them very often.

edited 17th Jul '10 2:17:20 PM by jseblan

The Normal
Bored Malek


Halo 3 Forza Motorsport 3 (rarely play.) TF 2 Splinter Cell: Conviction Borderlands
"Is shooting bullets just not cool enough for you? Buy a Maliwan and light some people on fire!" — Marcus Kincaid
Just super.
Pablobot, surprisingly. Play a lot of SSFIV, wouldn't mind slapping a few tropers around on that. Fear my fists. Been play Mass Effect 2 lately. A lot. Looking for some multiplayer to get involved with, haven't had much time for that unfortunately. As long as it isn't Modern Warfare 2, it's cool.

factorem monstrum
Name: flyingdingo0827

Games: Left 4 Dead, the orange box (Team fortress 2), Castle Crashers, and more.
 19 Jinxed Blackcat, Thu, 30th Sep '10 1:17:23 PM from Blurry Edges of Doom
The Ultimate Bifauxnen
Gamertag: ColdJamChorus

Games: Halo (Reach) for the most part. I think I've got TF 2 somewhere.

edited 30th Sep '10 1:21:53 PM by JinxedBlackcat

Caution! This Troper contains high levels of Moe. Please consult your doctor before hugging.
 20 Plumbum, Wed, 13th Oct '10 8:22:39 AM from Chichester, England Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
Charming Smile. Less Charming V.
Plumbum 09

I play:

Everyone's Favourite Brony Plover (by default) Skype: plumbumtheepic / Xbox LIVE: Plumbum 09 / Steam URL: ThePlum
Mr. Mohawk
Name: SocialistOyster

Games: Left 4 Dead 2
Halo Reach

edited 24th Oct '10 2:37:48 AM by NotAlwaysTheHero

[Placeholder for something snarky]
 22 Jinxed Blackcat, Sun, 24th Oct '10 3:00:41 PM from Blurry Edges of Doom
The Ultimate Bifauxnen
TAMAKI! :D I am so friending you when I get online again!
Caution! This Troper contains high levels of Moe. Please consult your doctor before hugging.
 23 The First After, Fri, 28th Jan '11 7:08:27 AM from another place in time...
The mischievous paragon
Gamertag: The First After

Multiplayer games i own: Borderlands, Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Call of Duty: Black Ops (Trust me, i know...), Lost Planet 2 and.... thats it. I think.
No matter how good we are, were always dancing with our demons.
 24 balrog 1911, Fri, 28th Jan '11 7:55:50 AM from Far beneath the mountain
Gamertag: passacaglia1911

  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Halo 3
  • Forza 3
  • Blur
  • Modern Warfare (1)

edited 28th Jan '11 7:56:08 AM by balrog1911

 25 Spirit, Fri, 28th Jan '11 6:22:27 PM from America Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling

No real specific game I play.
There are none so blind as those who will not see.
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