Nintendo's saving Majora for a terrifying, terrifying rainy day:

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1 FireYoshi7th Nov 2010 07:28:38 PM from Miskatonic University
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Let's face it, Nintendo's got some scary things in their collective head, particularly in the N64 Zelda department. Majora's Mask ranks pretty high just for the moon and the Happy Mask Salesman alone. So what if they decided to take the Nightmare Fuel-per-minute of gaming records they set in their other games and top it?

Well, let's see... What could they do to traumatize us? A) Totally, completely deconstruct the Pokemon series, particularly the Pokedex entries. Some of this was addressed in Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky and Orre, but so long as children can sleep at night, it's not terrifying enough.

B) A look at the Sheikah during the Oo T/MM period. Maybe it's just me, but there's something off about how the traditionally Sheikah Kakariko Village seems to lack ANY Sheikah whatsoever, when it was opened to the public rather recently, with a well to Hell itself and that marker in their honor in the cemetery...

C) More Pikmin. Am I the only one who can't play this game because they're scared of BULBORBS? *Shudder*

D) Majora and the Happy Mask Salesman return.

And then, no one ever sleeps again.
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2 MadassAlex8th Nov 2010 01:40:44 AM from the Middle Ages.
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I fear that you might be on to something.

It's high time for some more Lo Z nightmare fuel in any case.
3 SimilarToAG68th Nov 2010 04:11:56 PM from i'm in ____, trick.
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But Skyward Sword seems so "fluffy" :c.

Though I wouldn't be surprised if they added a Mind Rape sequence when we least expect it.
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4 DarkKaizer9th Nov 2010 02:16:24 PM from A world of escapism...
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My fellow Tropers, we have fallen into a reality which had to of been touched upon sooner or later. What is this reality?

Nintendo feeds on fear.

It all started with the Lavender Town tune, then it moved on to the Unown Radio signal, both examples being from Pokemon games. If these songs didn't automatically chill your very soul and make you realize "Hey, these places are scary," then you need to replay them. I still get scared whenever I turn on my Game Boy Color with Pokemon Red inserted and head into Lavender Town.

It's all gotten even creepier from there. I say that we need an entire trope page for Nintendo's fear tactics.

Nintendo Hates Us All? Nintendo Feeds On Fear?
5 MadassAlex9th Nov 2010 10:04:56 PM from the Middle Ages.
I am vexed!
Nintendo Hate Your Soul?

Don't forget the child-rapist Re Dead.
I remember playing pokemon as a kid and thinking that Lavender Town seemed totally out of place in the game, and the Re deads in OOT scared me away from video games for a good couple of weeks. Also, I have a theory/suggestion; a Zelda game starring the Happy Mask Salesman. I mean, hey, they gave freaking Tingle a game in Japan, so why not?
7 Pentigan10th Nov 2010 03:10:29 PM from The Underverse
HMS and the quest for the Mask of the Fates?
It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
And in the end, he has to choose to restore the Mask of Fates to it's rightful place, or to put it on himself and have his face be come the grrreatest in Korridai. If he chooses the latter option, the moon from Majora's Mask gets replaced with his head doing a coolface impression.
9 Pentigan17th Nov 2010 04:38:46 PM from The Underverse
I hear they're remaking OOT for the 3DS, who's hoping for Majora?
It's clearly a case of backroom political albumizing.
10 ProfessorMetallica22nd Nov 2010 09:41:04 AM from Texas , Relationship Status: Robosexual
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11 FireYoshi26th Nov 2010 12:15:47 PM from Miskatonic University
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@ Pentigan and tropeloser: It's the HMS we're talking about, of course he'd put it on.

My first Pokemon game was Crystal, so sadly I missed the old Lavendar Town music. Did they change it for Yellow? 'Cause I have that.

But yeah, Nintendo needs its own High Octane Nightmare Fuel section or something. I nominate the N64 Redead for page image.
... Which is when I was banned from Arkham Asylum. Any questions?
12 GameSpazzer8th Dec 2010 10:15:13 AM from Against! The! Wall!
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I remember the first time going through the marketplace, before I figured out the safe path through the Re-Dead, I bumped into one and watched it hump my back. I turned off the game immediately without saving, and I think I made it worse by watching Aliens before playing that game.

Although Dead Hand was equally traumatizing.

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I just hope that they don't add anything similar to the Ben Drowned story...... god, that gave me nightmares.
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i'll admit i'm only buying Oo T 3 D because it means there might be a Majora's mask 3D. ya know, i love nightmare fuel for some reason, but i will admit that after lavender town ghost traumatized me, i kind of caught on soon after that that nintendo is out for blood. agreed though, from the bloody final bosses in kirby to the FREAKING REDEADS in zelda, Nintendo has enough nightmare fuel to make it deserve its own page.
Ooooh boy. Nightmare fuel for Lo Z, oy? Yah, as a seven, maybe ten tops, kid, Re Deads were... Oh gosh, I don't even know. I was dead terrified of them. I'm actually a bit upset with how light and fluffy Skyward Sword looks, after Twillight Princess, with, you know, all the darker and edgier moments. Of course, sometimes moodwhiplash is appreciated. Man, How has no one mentioned the Shadow Temple!? I was... ugh. When my sister and I played Oo T, I was more the brawn in the early sections, my sister figured stuff out. I'd go through Dadongo's Cavern, for example, and I'd be the one to clear it out. But when the Shadow Temple and the Re Deads came about? I'm done!!! Thank God they looked different in the later games.
16 KachinoOkimane5th Jul 2011 01:10:03 PM from Tebis Apartments
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Wait, Lavender Town's music was Nightmare Fuel? As in, really creepy...? Because I thought that was a fantastic and beautiful tune. It was my favorite song from that game...

and Majora's Mask was creepy...I hate that moon...

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So Nintendo is the new Paranormal Activity of video games?
18 GameSpazzer6th Feb 2012 02:25:53 PM from Against! The! Wall!
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Well, of course.

If they do a home console remake of MM, I will never sleep again. Imagine that moon in glorious HD, staring into your soul... judging you... almost as though it can see you....

But that would be ridiculous.

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