Sonic the Hedgehog 4:

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Heading for tomorrow
I'm still hoping the locked bit under characters is a Retro!Sonic.

I'd much rather have Tails.

I hope that this new game might possibly be successful enough to attract enough new fans to overwhelm all the morons and restore some sanity to the fanbase, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

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And it looks like some information was leaked.

The fourth platform is the iPhone, and the game is coming out in July.

The plot of the first three games, summarized.

Sonic's running in the trailer is a Flash animation. This, combined with the release date being six months in the future, makes me think that the images are definitely not final and that complaints about them are premature.
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78 Cronosonic5th Feb 2010 03:08:45 AM from Sydney, Australia , Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
I see your point, then...but I'm not quite certain how you're so sure they're pre-rendered when the level (that, again, we've only seen five seconds of) is flying by so fast, and there are no screenshots that I can find that aren't poor screencaps of the trailer.
There are screenshots if you know where to look.

Like this image.

The only thing that isn't a flat, static image is Sonic himself. The background plants are especially obvious. They don't look good with parallax scrolling either, IMO - the layers are paper-thin and it just doesn't work. It barely looks any better than Donkey Kong Country. Actually, on second thoughts, DKC actually had charm to it and wasn't nearly as glossy. Yeah, I think the main problem is that the visuals are so glossy and tacky, that it looks unnatural. The world looks... Dead. Not vibrant or colorful at all.
Really? The official site says Rating Pending, and searching for "Sonic the Hedgehog 4" with and without "Episode 1" on the ESRB site doesn't turn up anything.
The Gamespot trailer has the E rating, with "Comic Mischief" as the only descriptor.

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So it looks like this is going to be a direct sequel to Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Does this mean it's going to be an interquel, preceding Sonic Adventure, or is Sega splitting off a new continuity branch?
80 SapphireFlame5th Feb 2010 07:05:50 AM from Land of Gijinka and RP
wild mass guess Mr. Needlemouse is the other playable character

Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed that they're including the homing attack, and I think that the graphics are pretty bad, but I hardly think that it's grounds to cry Ruined Forever. After all, we really have no idea how they're going to implement it, and if it really does break the game then I'll just not use it unless it's necessary. As for my other complaint, the graphics may not be final, and anyway, I tend not to notice the graphics as much when I'm actually playing a game.

So it really comes down to how it plays, and we really have next to nothing to go on. I personally enjoyed both Rush and the Advance games, so even if they don't nail it perfectly I'll probably still buy it.

Quite frankly, I'm pretty baffled by all the complaints that Sonic has his new design. Has it it occurred to them that Sega would want the newer Sonic fans to buy this game? If they went back to his old design, it would probably just confuse all the newer sonic fans, especially younger ones.

So I guess my ultimate opinion on this game is that it's too soon to have an opinion.
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81 AceOfScarabs5th Feb 2010 07:52:45 AM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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I wouldn't mind the Homing attack if they dn't make it a cheap way to build momentum.
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^^ wild mass guess Mr. Needlemouse IS Retro!Sonic. tongue And frankly, I think they never should have left the old design, but that's a pet peeve of mine- My "definitive" designs were imprinted as the Genesis ones, and failing that, the Sat AM ones, which IMHO had a better Robotnik/Eggman design than any of the games.

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I personally want to hear some of the music.

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It would be a lot easier for me if you imagine there's something funny or interesting here.
It's a Sonic game. Can the music be anything but good?

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85 jtmmachine5th Feb 2010 10:08:37 AM from The Other Side
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Sonic 4 said: But this humiliating defeat only serves to further Eggman's rage, and he has determined once and for all to rid himself of Sonic. Eggman revisits - and improves - the very best of his creations to defeat our spiked hero.

Confirmation of Metal Sonic? Or will they go even further down the retro lane and bring back Silver Sonic?

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Actually, I'm pretty sure Sonic CD came out before Sonic 2.
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Sonic CD came out in 1993; Sonic 2 came out a few months earlier.

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Huh. Could've sworn it was before then.
Sonic 2 came out in 1992.
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90 SapphireFlame5th Feb 2010 11:30:37 AM from Land of Gijinka and RP
wild mass guess: Metal Sonic is the other playable character, and the game will follow a formula similar to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
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91 Demovere5th Feb 2010 01:23:28 PM from West Coast, USA , Relationship Status: Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free
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I'm gonna miss the 3D games. In spite of their flaws, I enjoyed most of the previous entries... except for Sonic 2006, which was one of the few games I've ever played that made me want to chuck my controller at the screen. just bugs me

I'm wondering now... would Sega be interested in adding 2-player (or more, if they're feeling adventurous grin) online versus to this? I always understood that it was harder to do so in the 3D Sonic games, and a return to side-scrolling gameplay could make adding such a feature easier (see Sonic 2 and 3, Sonic Rivals 1 and 2).
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It's not like they're gonna stop making 3D games. :(
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Well, I suppose... I guess I'm worried that if this becomes the hit Sega needs (yeah, I'm aware of the situation with my... fellow Sonic fans, but who knows?), Sega'll decide to make all of them in that style from now on just so that they don't alienate said fans anymore.
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94 Pykrete5th Feb 2010 01:54:55 PM from Viridian Forest
I love how people are pissing and moaning about the graphics of a downloadable Retraux game. I also enjoy how people are preemptively calling it crap based on said graphics, which have relatively little impact on how fun the game is.

Might be great, might be crap. Screenshots mean nil. Premade video means almost nil unless it reveals a glaring Game-Breaker of a mechanic.
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I've just noticed something in the trailer a couple minutes ago. Right before Sonic went through the corkscrew path in the Sonic 4 gameplay (at around the :22-:23 mark), I've noticed that he was dashing in from a lower area. Would it be crazy and a tad early to assume that this game will feature multiple routes through the levels, not unlike the Genesis games?
I'd be shocked if it didn't.
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Sonic CD was in development before Sonic 2; it was only released after S2 because it was delayed. Hence why the spin dash was implemented differently than it was in S2, and why there was an Easter Egg picture of Tails saying "See you next game!" And considering how Sonic 3 followed directly from Sonic 2, I think the chronology makes the most sense if you put Sonic CD between Sonic 1 and Sonic 2.

Though Sega seems to be ignoring Sonic CD at the moment, seeing as the events of that game weren't mentioned in the backstory that WWW linked to.
RE: Homing attack, I'd rather see element shield jumps again. The homing attack was good for 3D, but wasn't necessary in the old games.

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99 TsundeRay5th Feb 2010 05:24:42 PM from Santa Clara, California
I wanna see the flash shield from Sonic 3 & Knuckles make a comeback.
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