Sonic the Hedgehog 4:

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As long as they do not fuck with the classic formula. I can understand the homing attack needed if there is no ground in some areas and only enemies you need to jump on to cross.
27 Cronosonic4th Feb 2010 06:06:31 AM from Sydney, Australia , Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Ah, now I realise why the visuals are so iffy - it's because it's all pre-rendered. It just doesn't look good. It would actually have charm if it were hand-drawn or looked like high-quality sprites. I'm sorry, the stage just lacks the charm of the originals. If they were trying to capture the spirit of the Retro Sonic games, then they failed in one department.

Sega, I am disappoint.
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I thoroughly enjoyed both Sonic Rush games, and if this is anything like them, even if slowed down a bit, I'm buying.

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For once, I agree with you.
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So, will they be referencing the Lock-On system any? (If so, then it would be amazing if they could tie in to the Virtual Console Sonic 1-3)
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31 WildKnight4th Feb 2010 09:26:54 AM from the wasteland.
Cronosonic, it is five seconds of probably not-even-final gameplay footage. It's foolish to judge what the entire game will be like from five measly seconds, even if it is a downloadable game. Lighten up a bit.
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Hmm took a look at this. After looking at it, I was wondering if a certain Deviant ART user would be a bit pissed.

And I was right.

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I don't know what to think anymore.
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Alright, show of hands; who wasn't surprised by the reaction of the Fan Dumb?
I think trying to look at Sonic fandom for any type of sanity is a fool's effort.
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35 SapphireFlame4th Feb 2010 10:02:28 AM from Land of Gijinka and RP
Are you kidding? That was downright civil. I find it rather amusing that Sonic Team can't change a single thing without the fanbase screaming for their blood. I mean, imagine if the Mario fanbase was that bad.

"WTF, Yoshi? More like Yo-suck for putting in a stupid dinosaur!"

"Ground pound? Wall jump? GRRRR YOU'VE RUINED MARIO BROS"


"WTF He's in space now!?! FAIL"

"Mario should be fighting Donkey Kong, not this Bowser freak!"

"Mario and Bowser? Go-karting? Nintendo, I am never buying a Mario game again!"

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Actually, the article itself wasn't bad, but the comments were...actually, the comments were standard Internet comment fare, i.e. stupider than a Sarah Palin press conference.
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37 GameGuruGG4th Feb 2010 10:15:18 AM from Castlevania , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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I'm very much amused by what I saw.

One question: Are my fellow Sonic fans whining about it already?

Well, Neo GAF sure is. Of course, when the biggest problem with this game so far (The artwork) is one basically shared with New Super Mario Bros. Wii, you are doing something right. Sure, there might be the whole Sonic Cycle thing, but Sonic Team never had bad 2D gameplay.
38 WildKnight4th Feb 2010 10:16:39 AM from the wasteland.
I'm still kind of in awe that people are tearing to pieces five lousy seconds of iffy gameplay footage.

I mean, sure, it's all we have to go on, but all these sweeping judgments are a little extreme, aren't they?
The blind man walking off the cliff is not making a leap of faith.
Though I do have to note that the article complained about a lack of realism in the physics of a game series whose main character runs straight up walls.
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Well, to be fair, Sega already proved with Unleashed that they can at least get a game half right.

As long as they stick to the classic formula, it can't be too bad.

EDIT: It seems they're comparing the planned DLC sequel to the lock-on technology of Sonic & Knuckles, hence the "episode 1" in the title.

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I will note one complaint the post had, though. Apparently there's going to be a Homing Attack. Somehow I doubt it will take the form it does in the 3D Sonic games, though. The Homing Attack is necessary in 3D because it's significantly harder to aim in 3D.
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The Advance and Rush games had a homing attack, though there was no need to actually use it in the game.
It would be a lot easier for me if you imagine there's something funny or interesting here.
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Didn't Brawl also give him the homing attack in 2D? Well, 2D gameplay, anyway. I rarely play as Sonic, so I don't remember. It's become part of his repertoire at this point, anyway.

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44 WillyFourEyes4th Feb 2010 11:03:49 AM from wherever you're not
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He does have the homing attack in Brawl. Sonic's kinda slippery to play with in that game, so I don't use him as much.
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I'll retreat to GameFAQs' board soon for the lulz that will inevitably ensue.

Anyway, I guess I'm looking forward to the game. Hopefully they get it right.

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Sure thing. I haven't spoken to Tuz in a while, so I'll go say hi.
Is there any way we can fuse the two threads together?
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If the homing attack were akin to the midair dash that Sonic did with the fire shield in S3&K, I would be happy with it.
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My god, I'm no sonic fan, but that looked absolutely gorgeous.

Stupid fan dumb.

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