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Team Fortress 2:

I have the other version of the Flare Gun, dont remember the name thought
 30877 Marioguy 128, Wed, 13th Feb '13 7:46:15 PM from various galaxies
Detonator? Scorch Shot?
You got some dirt on you. Here's some more!
 30878 Anomalocaris 20, Wed, 13th Feb '13 8:02:11 PM from Mr. Bones' Wild Ride Relationship Status: In another castle
Ridley's had enough of this.
The EYE is protecting Exor!!

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 30879 Funden, Wed, 13th Feb '13 8:14:22 PM from Norn's Annex, New Phyrexia Relationship Status: RelationshipOutOfBoundsException: 1
Shadow Dimention: That's exactly what you do with the flare gun.

Watch STAR_ play some pyro here, note how he uses the flaregun

Modern: Urza Tron, Ad Nauseam, Delver

Hearthstone: RIP LEEROY JENKINS, Murlocs
 30881 Loose Cannon, Wed, 13th Feb '13 8:28:40 PM from Everywhere and Nowhere
The Groose Is Loose
The Loose Cannon sure is fun, but it's a bit hard to get the timing right.

Still, I must master the weapon named after me.
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 30882 Xion Ga Taosenai, Wed, 13th Feb '13 9:01:04 PM Relationship Status: Faithful to 2D
Some kind of a New Leaf
So, remember when I mentioned I was anticipating an exiting event that would be happening on my Tumblr Blog? Well, here it is: the start of what I hope will be an ongoing conversation with Trotim, one of the minds behind the TF2 Tightrope Mod. There's not much from his end right now, but this will hopefully evolve into a really interesting dialogue over the next few weeks.

edited 13th Feb '13 9:01:18 PM by XionGaTaosenai

 30883 absolclaw, Wed, 13th Feb '13 10:20:53 PM from Castelia City
Playing Dustbowl on a server with strict no spawn camping rules. Fine.

Apparently the whole map section containing the first point is their spawn once its capped. What the fuck? I was threatened to be kicked or punished if I did it again, but .. what? Especially since I was just trying to get behind them into that tunnel on the side, but seriously?


Also, my Pyro is beautiful. (why can we do this. why)

edited 13th Feb '13 10:24:48 PM by absolclaw

My movie made $28 billion. Where's my share.
Someone at my local servers decided to create a 2fort without invisible wall/brushes

 30885 Great T, Thu, 14th Feb '13 2:14:18 AM from an unnamed fictional continent Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Hah. Managed to set up a mini sentry in the water in Well, on the enemy's side. Took them so long to figure out. I even had the time to set up a teleporter exit before they sussed me out.
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 30886 Sabbo, Thu, 14th Feb '13 3:33:14 AM from Australia Relationship Status: Baby don't hurt me!
 30887 I Love Dogs, Thu, 14th Feb '13 3:52:49 AM from Lunn Guyland Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
Alright, if I download Steam again, how do I get on my account?
I'm telling you me...
 30888 onyhow, Thu, 14th Feb '13 4:02:00 AM from Thaddis Sabbah, still fighting Vaygrs Relationship Status: Singularity
Mothership online...also adorable
Just log in? If you're playing F 2 P (so that it won't show up on your library) then find the game page and click install...
 30889 Vorpy, Thu, 14th Feb '13 5:32:26 AM from from from from from from
Unstoppable Sex Goddess
1otherdude, what is your favorite map?
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 30890 Yinyang 107, Thu, 14th Feb '13 9:28:23 AM from the True North Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Oh man it's Vorpy

I thought you quit TV Tropes

R.I.P. "Grammie" Ruth Watson, 1927-2014
 30891 thatother1dude, Thu, 14th Feb '13 9:36:52 AM from Continuous State of Missouri Relationship Status: Mu
Of no signigifacne
I Love Dogs: You can, if you want, transfer your game files from one computer to a new one.

Steam will take the time to validate them, but it won't download them again, which for huge games of several gigabytes each, will be much faster.

However, watch for save files. Some games save to the Steam cloud, some save to your local game folder (Recettear does this), and some save to some other external folder (usually your user profile folder) (Terraria does this, I think).
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 30893 Lanceleoghauni, Thu, 14th Feb '13 11:22:44 AM from Z or R Twice Relationship Status: In my bunk
I really really fucking hate soldiers.
"Coffee! Coffeecoffeecoffee! Coffee! Not as strong as Meth-amphetamine, but it lets you keep your teeth!"
 30894 Fergard Stratoavis, Thu, 14th Feb '13 11:33:06 AM from Honnouji Academy Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
There's Nani to be Sore
Those moments when you go Gunslinger Engie, receive a briefcase and make your way through all damn of 2Fort after being forced to back down because of Heavy+Medic combo and having earlier destroyed enemy's Sentry Gun with your shotty. Damn, aren't they awesome.

Especially if the Medic who was healing you on the way for intelligence was going under nickname of Rick Astley.
Tch, as if you could appreciate the quality of classical music.
 30895 Demon Shark Kisame, Thu, 14th Feb '13 11:57:47 AM from some ghetto in North Carolina
I so want that Tux! waii
Ink! Ink everywhere!
 30896 Fergard Stratoavis, Thu, 14th Feb '13 12:34:08 PM from Honnouji Academy Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
There's Nani to be Sore
Buds Plus.

Calling it now.
Tch, as if you could appreciate the quality of classical music.
 30897 Balmung, Thu, 14th Feb '13 12:57:57 PM from Omaha, Nebraska Relationship Status: Robosexual
[up][up]Then make a Linux Live USB and get it. Or something. Hell, use the thing from Ubuntu that lets you run Ubuntu in Windows and use that.

Where'd you find the link to that anyway? I can't seem to find it on the TF2 site.

EDIT: Oh, it's on the Steam site, not the TF2 site, where I thought it would be.

Welp, gonna expand my Linux game library tonight.

edited 14th Feb '13 1:10:30 PM by Balmung

 30898 Super Gex, Thu, 14th Feb '13 1:10:32 PM from Not Salmon
Stoat-Dolphin Hybrid
Does anyone know what the Brutal Legend items are?
"i'm like the pimpmaster hustledaddy of all snippy bookshrews"

-Dave Strider
 30899 Demon Shark Kisame, Thu, 14th Feb '13 1:41:42 PM from some ghetto in North Carolina
[up][up]Make a USB? But I'm already using Linux Mint. tongue Seriously though, I cannot wait for Tux to pop up in my items! Also, I crafted a Hustler's Hallmark today... makes the first hat I've gotten in a while, actually.
Ink! Ink everywhere!
 30900 Balmung, Thu, 14th Feb '13 1:58:44 PM from Omaha, Nebraska Relationship Status: Robosexual
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