Neon Genesis Evangelion:

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[up][up]Especially that its believed to be caused by experiencing the death of an immediate family member which creates a state of constant anxiety.
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And detractors keep saying "Evangelion has no story!" Yeah right. And Citizen Kane is about a sled...

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4928 MrMallard14th Oct 2012 02:11:41 AM from Australia, mate
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[up][up] I'd like to see those people try an actually confusing anime.
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I didn't find Utena that bad, actually. Most of the people who have issues with seem to be the ones that try to find concrete explanations for the weird symbolic stuff, instead of accepting that it's weird symbolic stuff, it's there for the aesthetic (and occasionally for symbolic meaning) rather than any rational Watsonian reason.

But then I like Magical Realism; I deal well with Weird Shit Happens Just Because.
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[up] It's still stranger than Eva, because all of its weird shit happens in dreamlike states whereas Utena's surrealism happens in the 'real world'.
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Evangelion rewards fans and those who stick it out. People expecting their hands to be held and the plot explained (or be bog simple like The Avengers) will be disappointed. I disagreed with JesuOtaku's review. I understand that, given her background, existensionalism might not agree with her. Others might object to all the Christian imagery. I like it because of that. End Of Evangelion is a bit disappointing, but still kept in line with the mythology of the show. I liked the end speech and the "Congratulations!". And I like Rebuild.

I'm a fan of the nostalgia critic. Given the crapola Doug Walker reviewed, it's refreshing that Neon Genesis Evangelion that wasn't afraid to make you think. Even if Gainax got it's budget messed with. And really America, when a farm boy blows up a giant space gun (using the advice of a ghost), immature radioactive reptile martial artists eat processed Italian food and some guy flies around in his PJ's, who are you to complain about Evangelion?

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4933 MrMallard14th Oct 2012 04:54:47 AM from Australia, mate
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Indeed: only the most insane of fans will get a kick out of this. There's so much shit going on, you can only get the full picture by actually dedicating time and brainpower into researching different aspects of the show and putting it together. It's the only way to really get any sort of idea about what's going on.

For example, just by watching the show, you know that there's 2 beings, Adam and Eva, and the creatures made from Adam are trying to join with him. As revealed by Kaworu, they'd all unintentionally been drawn to Lilith, baited by the Adam in Gendo's possession. You get that 2nd Impact was a cataclysm of the planet and nearly destroyed everything. Okay, it's a bit of fun, a bit weird but mostly enjoyable - especially if you like being mind-screwed. But you never really find out about 1st Impact: you could speculate that it's the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs, based on the destructive power of the 2nd and 3rd Impacts, but you'd be wrong.

Go deeper, and you'll find out why the angels were doing what they were doing, and what 1st Impact actually was: Adam came to earth in a "seed of life" called the White Moon, intended to colonize the planet it landed on. However, the Black Moon (another seed of life containing Lilith) crashed onto Earth as well. The Black Moon's Lance of Longinus was destroyed, so it couldn't put itself into stasis, which left Adam no choice but to hibernate with her (yes, her) Lance. Thus, Lilith-based lifeforms dominated the planet. And this made up 1st Impact, linking it to the 2nd and 3rd Impacts through the potential and deliberate reshaping of the world. There's so much source material explaining everything that watching the show and the movies just isn't enough if you want to understand it all.

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Video games, man.
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I agree with that. and, for the true fans of the show, that makes it all the better. instead of handing out all the info and a Mind Screwdriver, it demands your love, your dedication to look things up and think about all the stuff you watched, figure out what was what and how everything dovetails in itself, so when you finally knows what's going on it's all the more satisfying

Edit: Now I see someone said almost the exact same I just posted

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I understood Eva pretty well when I first watched it. Of course later viewings added depth to characters and I recognized foreshadowing I hadn't before, but it's still a pretty straightforward plot.
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,It is, but there is an ungodly amount of source material. A lot of it was only released in Japan, but Evageeks has translated a couple things here and there.

They have the Confidential Info Files from the Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 game for the PS2, they've translated the otiginal show proposal, I think they've done the cross-book they handed out in Japan when End of Evangelion came out...

And some of it helps clear up stuff that was only really hinted at during the series. The whole 1st Impact thing up there was set in stone, Yui's lineage ( She's the daughter of a SEELE member) was revealed and the people who put the entire plot into motion, the First Ancestral Race, was established. There are things that were never mentioned in the show, and they help tidy up the plot nicely. Seriously, where in the series do you get information about the true function of the Lance of Longinus (hinted at), the origin of the Seeds of Life (barely even covered) and Yui's family (hinted at, remotely)?

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[up] I like ambiguity. And having a lot of background information isn't the same as having a multi-layered plot.
4938 MrMallard14th Oct 2012 06:14:48 AM from Australia, mate
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Yeah, I guess.

Ah well, different strokes and all.

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Video games, man.
I thought it was obvious from the original series that Yui is a daughter of a SEELE member.
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[up] And Gendo taking her last name is a way of getting in the committee's good favor, I suppose.
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I think Eva could work as a 4-part film series. Part 1 is Shinji's arrival up to the fight with Ramiel. Part 2 goes up to the fight with Zeruel. Part 3 goes up to the fight with Kaworu. Part 4 is End of Evangelion (or some approximation).

The problem is a 4-part story with a set beginning, middle, and end is very uncommon. Most studios like trilogies or just continuing until audiences get sick of the property.
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The Rebuild movies seem to mostly agree with you there...
As for casting, I'm not sure. I'd think the best idea would be to go with some very talented unknowns. I mean nobody in America had ever heard of Chris Hemsworth or Tom Hiddleston before Thor and the Avengers. If you can make it a big enough spectacle I don't think starpower would be too big a concern.

Or if nothing else, maybe they could get a bunch of big name actors to play the supporting roles. I always thought Christoph Waltz would make a cool Anglicized version of Fuyutsuki.
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well, since the beginning Fuyutsuki was modeled after a british actor, so at least his casting would be easier and wouldn't need much changing
New actors for the Children. The adults might benefit from some star power.
4947 MrMallard14th Oct 2012 07:25:34 PM from Australia, mate
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Christopher Walken would be an awesome Keel. "The fayte of destructyon is also the JOY of rebirth!"
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[up]I don't know the name of the actor, but I think the guy who played John Cavil on 2003BattlestarGalactica would be good as him.
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Director: Christoper Nolan, give him and/or Peter Jackson the helm.

Trent Renzor and Hans Zimmer for the score.
They'd probably recast with an American actress but I liked the idea of Yu Aoi as Misato. Actually I think you could easily get away with setting it in America and still having an international make-up, especially in an organization like NERV.

Tangently related, but is the final Rebuild film still scheduled for next year? Or was there any info about it being pushed back?

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