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In one story, I'm planning to have the Big Bad (a lich who ruled an army of undead) get possessed by a spirit being with strong White Magic powers. This spirit isn't in control of the body (except when he's incapacitated, leading to him having a Superpowered Good Side) but prevents him from using any of his powers. This occurs in the climax of the final battle.

Next book will be from the depowered Big Bad's perspective, as he tries to deal with his fall from power and figure out a way to free himself from possession. But I'm not sure exactly what to have him do. The heroes will be mostly leaving him alone, since they think he can't cause any more trouble, but they'll notice if he does something really obvious. I'm also pondering whether to give him Character Development that leads to a Heel–Face Turn - what I've thought out about his backstory makes him somewhat sympathetic, in a screwed-up way.

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I think we'd probably need to know more about the character to answer that, but one thing that's pretty much guaranteed is that he's going to be very resentful of the new supernatural hitchhiker he's got on board. Nobody likes having their body taken over by someone with a completely different personality from their own. In fact, it could even result in any softening up towards his spirit passenger (who, as the 'good guy' he's most commonly in contact with, is the most obvious vehicle of a Heel–Face Turn) having some creepy Stockholm Syndrome-ish implications if you get it wrong.
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