Half-life's Combine are Trolls!:

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The Xenian crystal is a peice of grist that the G-man (a First Guardian) acquired for the government and his own purposes. The result is an interdemensional rift linking Earth with a Vortigaunt session.

On top of the Reckoning, they're dealing with an Alternian invasion of their homeworld. A significant portion of the fleet gets pulled into the session along with the Vortigaunts who's social structure and culture causes for large scale sessions with wide areas transported into the Medium with them.

The Combine Advisors are various Mother Grubs who are going to have to compete for the right to mother a new Alternia, but in the mean time they need to de-terraform Earth to their liking.

This also explains the Synth, a bio-mechanical race dedicated to their overlords.
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This is why they all wear masks: to hide their troll faces!!
So in addition to having their insides torn out and replaced with machinery, people who join the combine are turned into Alternians?

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It's easy, mmkay?
So they delayed Episode Three themselves? Just... to...

...oh my God.
At first I didn't realize I needed all this stuff...
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I think it might be fanfic time.
gorden: y u conquer erth :-(

combine: problem? >:-D
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Think this was jossed by an recent update:

There was no Seven Hour War. By the time anyone realised what happened Earth's military forces were destroyed/disbanded.

That also went for our nuclear defences.

Humanity went out with a whisper, not a boom of a last stand.
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