What is a villain?:

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Determining a villain in a given work isn't a matter of personal belief(well, not usually). It is a matter of where they are on the work itself's scale of good and evil.

Willing Suspension of Disbelief and all that. Sometimes the writer will screw up and not really make it clear WHY the villain is evil.

Reference the Civil War, where Captain America was stated by the idiots in charge to be the Big Bad for no clearly explained reason.

But they are still, technically, the villain regardless.

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I would define a Villain, not necessarily as a character who does evil (though it does clear the issue somewhat), but as a character who uses any ideology and takes it to the most extreme point, and then commits acts like genocide, mass murder etc. under the banner of his ideology and tries to pass it off as a 'necessary' deed.

A villain is not the protagonist's opponent, nor is he simply the character seen opposing the audiences views. A villain is a character who does evil, is aware he does evil, and attempts to justify it by things such as 'Pay evil unto evil', and 'Utopia justifies the Means.'

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