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Does Your Avatar Wanna Date Mine:

 376 Adannor, Thu, 15th Sep '11 4:55:30 AM from effin' belarus
Perfect match! :D

 377 Ailedhoo, Thu, 15th Sep '11 4:57:50 AM from an unknown location
Odd... but Purple Tenacle does not like humans. As pets they are ok though...
[up][up]Now that I've seen the Touhou Windows One page, maybe their personalities don't exactly click. :/


edited 15th Sep '11 4:59:29 AM by EaterOfPizza

 379 Rivux, Thu, 15th Sep '11 5:48:13 AM from the bark side Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
No. You could never get her to be separated from Gamma.
First Generation Ninja American
 380 Tye Dye Wildebeest, Thu, 15th Sep '11 6:00:04 AM from Big Rock Candy Mountain Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
Because I'm Happy
Seems like a match made in heaven, in an odd sort of way...
If you need to put other people down in order to empower yourself, you're absolutely pathetic.
 381 Ailedhoo, Thu, 15th Sep '11 6:31:44 AM from an unknown location
Purple Tentacle does not like humans. They are naturally ugly. This one more so.

edited 15th Sep '11 6:32:21 AM by Ailedhoo

Maybe not.

I'm going to say... probably not.

He's probably more into Action Girl or Lady of War types. So, maybe not.

Still not likely

(For the record, <— is more of a Black Magician Girl type, so take that as you will.)

 386 Commander Obvious, Sat, 17th Sep '11 7:32:25 AM from Unmei no Itaru Basho
intellectual rapist
its not beatrice
but itll do
This level of trolling is reasonable for Commander Obvious. What do you think of this, everyone?
No! Of course not!

Maybe, but he probably can't afford it. Or pretty much any date. tongue

Dude, it's Eridan. What do you think?
Always hiding my keys in the bug bucket, you bastard dog.
[up]I don't know who Eridan is. Don't be so myopic. But, probably no.

edited 17th Sep '11 9:14:32 AM by EaterOfPizza

 391 Gear Leader, Sat, 17th Sep '11 8:35:05 PM from Dota Hell Relationship Status: Married to the job
 392 Adannor, Thu, 17th Nov '11 6:30:21 AM from effin' belarus
Aradia is not a lesbian, so no.

 393 Mega Magikarp, Thu, 17th Nov '11 8:09:07 AM from Off to the left of nowhere Relationship Status: Staying up all night to get lucky
Probably not.
hoenn confirmed
bla bla bla
Most likely no.
 395 Adannor, Sat, 19th Nov '11 6:33:39 AM from effin' belarus

bla bla bla
Let's see now, Galactic Pretty Boy is a gender-flipped magical girl from a mecha show, and Prison Pasta Scientist guy is a villain from a magical girl show that's a lot like Super Robot Wars...

No. But maybe they should fight each other or something.

edited 19th Nov '11 6:36:39 AM by SimplyWhatever

Not anime one
No he doesn't appreciate flirt from guys, trust me he experienced this.

edited 20th Nov '11 5:54:33 AM by Tenzen12

 398 Rivux, Tue, 22nd Nov '11 12:20:54 PM from the bark side Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
1) One of them is a kid
2) The other is gorilla
So no.

edited 22nd Nov '11 12:21:14 PM by Rivux

First Generation Ninja American
No way.
 400 Crystal Glacia, Wed, 23rd Nov '11 11:52:21 AM from Cedarpointland
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