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I've been given permission to start this thread back up again. For those who aren't aware, the original thread was nuked because people started leaving death threats.  *

You can discuss whatever you want about Yahtzee, his videos, his fans etc. but under no circumstances do you start, or take part in, a heated debate (of the type that the previous thread was littered with). If this thread gets out of hand again, it will be deleted - consider this a mod warning, because that's what it is.

I won't be taking part in the discussion much, because I have no interest in Zero Punctuation (anymore). I'll still keep an eye on this thread, however.
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Yeah, something tells me I should keep a close eye on this thread as well. The moment it gets too ornery and heated, it's getting reported. There's no need for silly nerd wars, after all.
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I do find this guy's style funny, even if I do not always agree with him.
The Margaret Thatcher joke in his latest video was GENIUS.
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Yeah, that one cracked me up.

ZP is my favourite online review, he keeps his stuff consise, and with a pretty stable style of comedy. I know it's not for everyone and many people don't like his views (but he IS playing a role on that regard).

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I think his review of Catherine will be pure gold.
One thing I really like about Yahtzee is that he's the only regular game reviewer who's willing to call out the mainstream gaming industry for greatly valuing profit over innovation. Also as I've said before, he does a good job with self-deprecation which helps keeps his reviews from being too mean spirited.

Also, I think a lot of people take a criticism on what they like as an attack on themselves and end up taking video games too seriously. I should know as I used to be like that but I do think that a person gets better regarding that attribute with more maturity and age. Of what games I've liked that Yahtzee has been critical of, I've found he's had a point regarding those games' shortcomings. After all, nothing is perfect.

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His Thatcher joke was hilarious but the joke about pregnant women eating each others fetuses ruined the mood for me. Still, he's otherwise a decent critic esp in his extra punctuation column.
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I'd hardly call valuing profit over innovation a bad goal. Bad planning, but not a bad goal.

There are enough game reviewers pointing it out, they are just a bit more restrained. Because it's an obvious fact, not some world-shattering revelation you have to be reminded about every week. TV programming, movie production, magazine and book publishing; same shit, different medium.

I'm biased but I think the current gaming industry deserves the emphasis as it was not so long ago that innovation was considered a necessity for a game company to be successful.
and that's how Equestria was made!
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^^^^ Yeah, that joke was horrendous.

Also, I couldn't disagree more about his opinions on Shadow 'o the Collossus's exploration.
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So what do you guys think his best review was? What about his worst?
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Best: Maybe Split/Second, Just Cause 2, and the Turok review.

Worst: Valkyria Chronicles. That is all there needs to be said.
It's super effective.
I don't want to post here, I really don't but Yahtzee being the only Internet critic paying attention to game companies valuing profit over innovation? That's...not true in the LEAST. That's all I have to say on that matter.
Best: Halo Wars - a cameo from graham, a rant at the end about arbitrary time limits that was hilarious and seemed completely justified followed with a hilarious after credits scene with imps reviewing pedigree chum (when I first saw this bit I just couldn't stop laughing). His E3 ones are pretty funny too.

Worst: Any of his wii-bashing ones, madworld, conduit, NSMBW. I'd bring up monster hunter tri but it really sounds like an irritatingly bad grindfest going by the stuff in his extra punctuation review.
Worst: Any of his wii-bashing ones
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Yeah, I prefer his non-Wii reviews. Mainly because those ones are all about the game (I don't even know what system Split/Second is for, and I found the review hilarious), whereas the Wii game reviews feel more like Wii (game) reviews.

I thought his Demon's Souls review was particularly good, myself.
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Yeah, it sometimes seems like his Wii-bashing reviews are rather repetitive, and I can't figure out if that's an "ironic" way of lampooning developer laziness, or if he's just phoning it in. Going by his usual stance on similar "irony," I'll assume the latter.

Also, I was annoyed by a comment one person made in the forum after his SMG 2 review, which was along the lines of "Yeah, how is this game getting 10s everywhere? It doesn't even have much of a story!"

Incidentally, on the subject of that one, you'll recall he asked people who played and enjoyed the game to go out and do something they've never done before. So I went on a Mediterranean cruise, around Italy, Greece, Croatia, and Turkey, went to a wine-tasting, worked out at a gym, ran out of space on my camera, and got to try limoncello-flavored gelato.
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I'm going to have to hold off on that request, however much I want to follow through on it. College kind of truncates my list of options.

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Transformers: War For Cybertron review is up!

I just chuckled a bit during the whole comparison between that game and Dark Void.

Also, due to a Holiday Yahtzee is taking, there won't be a review next week.
Cue yet another DMOS about the vacation, no doubt.

I was shocked, offended and literally threw away my Zero Puncutation merchandise when he announced he was going on holiday!
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Hah, I must agree with Yahtzee on his analysis of the Transformers franchise. And why yes, I also got rocks and a piece of string to play wiith as a kid.

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I generally like his videos. I disagree with some, silently raeg at a few, and have vowed glorious vengeance upon him and his kin over at least one. But overall he's a pretty funny guy. Though I tend to like his Extra Punctuation articles better.
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