Left 4 Dead:

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176 Cganale27th Dec 2013 10:14:39 PM , Relationship Status: We finish each other's sandwiches
That Bastard
Moral of the story: Play with your friends or play with bots.
"That went about as well as I expected."
177 Steven28th Dec 2013 07:35:59 AM from The Room , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
The guy who face palms
Well duh, they're NEW players. Of course they are going to do stupid stuff that we learned to stop doing.
178 ABNDT24th Apr 2014 10:32:15 PM from the Canterlot gardens , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Friend gifted me this game a couple days ago, and it is growing on me. The magnum is a thing of beauty.
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179 RainingMetal20th May 2014 01:31:12 PM from Eagleland Canada
Make Rubinelle Great Again!
Well, looks like someone's butthurt over my mod apparently not working for them. Works just fine for me though, so I'm pretty sure that person was a troll.


Those who hate the default Hunting Rifle and its so-called "Moving Accuracy" may want to give this a try. Sorry to advertise.
Pachter, Summerwill, Rodriguez...all must die!
Serving Crits
So I'm a few years late, but this is great!
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181 Soble11th May 2016 02:37:45 PM , Relationship Status: Writing a love letter
Partner in Time
Yeah, I'm hoping I can still find lobbies for the first game. Just finished a No Mercy campaign and lucked out that 3 others were playing, but now the server's dead.

The AI's surprisingly competent, but still, it's a game meant for a lot of people.
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182 RainingMetal11th May 2016 03:45:40 PM from Eagleland Canada
Make Rubinelle Great Again!
I still play both games, if you're inclined. There's also a way to make AI players slightly smarter.
Pachter, Summerwill, Rodriguez...all must die!
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Total posts: 182
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