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My favourite AMV:

 1 apple 3, Wed, 25th Nov '09 12:02:44 PM from Eden Vital afta Ragnarok

edited 25th Nov '09 12:05:18 PM by apple3

Everyone loves this Celibate Hero, aka me!
Bow before your god.
Either this[1] or this[2]. I'm not sure which.

I'm leaning towards the second very slightly since the first has a crap beginning.

edited 25th Nov '09 12:10:39 PM by Mateo

Apathy is death.
apple3: Is this supposed to be ironic or do you just have terrible taste?

edited 25th Nov '09 12:10:33 PM by xexyzl

 5 Fawriel, Wed, 25th Nov '09 12:41:43 PM from the bottom of my heart Relationship Status: If it's you, it's okay
Now, now, xexyzl, the only real problem I saw with that is that it was... not so much an AMV as a slideshow.

Obligatory favourite AMV link.
 6 apple 3, Wed, 25th Nov '09 12:58:51 PM from Eden Vital afta Ragnarok
Slideshows can be amvs for lazy people who do not have enough talent to make actual ones, but atleast the slides and the song matched.
Everyone loves this Celibate Hero, aka me!
Hmm... my favorite is probably this:

She's Oblivious

But there are others I enjoyed.

My Wife Met My Girlfriend gets special props for being a terrible song, paired with a flawed anime, poorly put together and yet... it's hilariously funny.

That last one has left me hungering for an AMV combining Zero no Tsukaima with Joan Jett's "I Hate Myself For Loving You". It's the perfect AMV combination of extreme Tsundere lyrics with the most extreme Takahashi Couple of modern anime.

 9 Ack Sed, Sun, 3rd Jan '10 8:20:50 AM from Pure Imagination
Pat. St. of Archive Binge
This is just fabulous. It could even be... FAAABULOUS!:
Spectacular Spectacular

Not perfect, but fitting for Renji:
Kick Some Ass

Because Code Monkey like you too:
Code Monkey
Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.
 10 L D, Sun, 3rd Jan '10 9:06:26 AM from California

edited 3rd Jan '10 9:07:37 AM by L_D

^I'll never understand how this became popular.

This is kind of a Guilty Pleasure of mine.
Jesus as in Revelations
apple3: I have no complaints about the technical aspects, but the images are really disturbing. Moe Moe girls Driven to Suicide, presented as a "romantic" thing, for want of a better word. Would you happen to be a Twilight fan?
^I'll never understand how this became popular.
Because it's a Koopiskeva AMV . . .

 14 Lull The Conqueror, Sun, 3rd Jan '10 11:17:36 AM from eternal loli Hell
This - Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Song: Still Alive

This - Series: Azumanga Daioh, Song: Oingo Boingo - Little Girls (just guess which character this one focuses on wink)
the dice are loaded, the deck is stacked, the game itself will hold you back
 15 Ack Sed, Sun, 3rd Jan '10 2:00:08 PM from Pure Imagination
Pat. St. of Archive Binge
Lull is eeevil.
*bookmarks*evil grin

Continuing the Haruhi kick with something that exemplifies her attitude towards Mikuru:

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.
fresh-sqeezed snark
YES YES YES to the Oingo Boingo


I'm glasses.
@Smokie: Fun song, popular anime, extremely well-put-together?
Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember them, you are not alone.
Math guy
Smokie: At first I thought that was going to be the first One Piece opening theme.

I really don't know that many AMVs, soo...

edited 3rd Jan '10 2:43:02 PM by ShayGuy

Pronounced "shy guy."

I have spent 4 months of my life outside my home country. Paste this into your sig with your data!
Math guy
Also, I don't suppose it counts, having been animated from scratch, but...

("Prologue" ends around 1:25. No, wait, I mean the first part — the song "Prologue" ends around 2:35.)
Pronounced "shy guy."

I have spent 4 months of my life outside my home country. Paste this into your sig with your data!
fresh-sqeezed snark
this is my actual favorite

Jesus as in Revelations
@Shay Guy HOLY MOTHERBLEEPING BLEEP ON A SANWICH!!!! That was the most AWESOME vid I have seen EVER!!! It's the concentrated awesome of everything I love!!! GO GAINAX GO!!!! Go Beyond the Impossible and kick reason to the curb!!!!!

Okay, I'm sober again. I just wanted to state how awesome that video is. Seriouslah. If had to rank the awesomest animated sequences, I wouldn't know where to put this one... Am I the only one who thinks that way?

Dear TV Tropes Forums... I'm sorry for leaving you for Gaia. Now I left Gaia and have an affair with Tumblr. Love, me.
No Gurren Lagann AMV comes close to this, not even the one with the shitty emo song everyone likes so much:

Fuck yeah.
 25 Noaqiyeum, Mon, 4th Jan '10 11:52:41 AM from a thought-experiment gone horribly wrong Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
the it-thingy
There used to be an awesome one on YouTube featuring Light Yagami in the role of Beethoven in Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Mephistopheles' Return", but it's since been removed. Sad face.

Trigger Happy Trigun

...Everytime we touch, somebody dies...

edited 4th Jan '10 11:59:59 AM by Noaqiyeum

"I know I raised more questions than I answered, but I hope now we are all confused on an higher level and about more important things."
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