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Is there a TV Tropes policy on making/adding to a page of your own work?:

[up] Got it.

Okay. That's what I'll do, then. Thanks, Madrugada! :)
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Got a situation on Diane Duane's page that I'm not sure how to handle.

  • Dolphins, Dolphins Everywhere (in Dark Mirror)
    • Possibly a homage to one of Gene Roddenberry's discarded concepts for the Next Generation. As in this book, a dolphin would have been used for navigation because they're used to navigating in three dimensions.
      • Mysteriously, the reference is to one of the early Trek: TNG guides (semi-canon? demi-canon? — "a demi-cannon. / What, up and down, carv'd like an appletart?"... well, never mind.) in which Rick Sternbach, an old friend, suggested that Starfleet was using dolphins for deepspace navigation research and analysis, including subspace navigational research. I thought the idea was too good to lose, and expanded on it a little. Some of Rick's artwork of dolphins in space suits can still be found on the Net: I had Rick's art in mind for that character. Is the dolphin of a very similar name in Deep Wizardry a relative? ... :)

That third bullet point was just added by Diane Duane to the article. It looks to me like Thread Mode, but it's interesting information which (AFAIK) is only available right here; I hate to delete it. Is there an established procedure for when an author drops some Word of God on the wiki?

edited 14th Oct '11 4:29:03 PM by ComputerSherpa

The Periodic Table of Storytelling: Tropes in three characters or less.
 103 Deboss, Sat, 15th Oct '11 3:18:11 AM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Word of God on the wiki doesn't count since accounts are free and not checked, so we only have Word Of Someone Claiming To Be God. We need to be able to point at something outside the wiki if we want to claim Word of God. Unless standards have changed.
 104 Morven, Sat, 15th Oct '11 3:26:12 AM from Seattle, WA, USA
Diane's a Facebook and Twitter friend; I'll go ask her for verification grin
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 105 Morven, Sat, 15th Oct '11 11:38:44 PM from Seattle, WA, USA
Verification was forthcoming. It indeed was Diane Duane editing her page.
A brighter future for a darker age.
 106 Deboss, Sun, 16th Oct '11 2:47:39 AM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Okay, just trying to make sure.
 107 Japanese Teeth, Sun, 30th Oct '11 11:37:09 AM from Meinong's jungle Relationship Status: Mu
On a similar topic, what's the official line on adding your own work as examples on the appropriate trope pages (obviously in a non-gushing fashion)?
 108 Fighteer, Sun, 30th Oct '11 12:14:10 PM from the Time Vortex Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
Again, fine, as long as the trope fits and you aren't Gushing.

edited 30th Oct '11 12:14:26 PM by Fighteer

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 109 Ironeye, Sun, 30th Oct '11 12:37:26 PM from SoCal Relationship Status: Falling within your bell curve
And the work actually exists in a form where other people can read it. No pimping something that only exists on the hard drive of your computer.
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 110 Japanese Teeth, Sun, 30th Oct '11 12:49:24 PM from Meinong's jungle Relationship Status: Mu
That's what I thought. Thanks.
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