Symphonic Rain:

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As I was coming home from class, it occurred to me that I actually liked it less than Muv-Luv Extra. It's certainly written better and has far less cliches, but... It just seems so lazy so far. It's also boring. The characters aren't annoying, but that's because they're flat.

All in all, it has no energy. Maybe it will get better for now but this is rather dull so far. At least Muv-Luv had some absurdity to snark over.

Oh er and this is the new thread for Symphonic Rain.
Slower than most, but I still enjoy it. Didn't finish is yet. But editing the strings and all were annoying.
Playing this right now. Setup was a pain, but it's nice and scenic. Very Slice of Life. Probably not the type of thing that I can power through, but it seems like it's worth finishing. Well, that's the impression I got until I had to stop at the minigame.

Why do my typing skills have to suck so hard!!!sad Oh, STUPID + note!!

EDIT: Oh, there's an autoplay option. Good.

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Finished Symphonic Rain. It's a very good Visual Novel. Since no one else has bothered to review it, I might as well.

Good points
  • Calming, relaxed atmosphere
  • Genuinely very heartwarming especially in the endings of each route.
  • While the protagonist is pretty much a generic Nice Guy, he can at least sense when other girls like him.
  • The main heroines are interesting characters
  • Has a couple Plot Twists that don't feel like Asspulls
  • Torta, Al Fine, and Phorni routes are great.
  • Phorni route in particular is heartwarming as fuck.

Bad points

  • Mentioned calming and relaxing atmosphere makes it hard to play for long periods of time. The rain sound effects don't help much.
  • Both Lise and Falcietta routes are meh since they are the side heroines. The heroines themselves are also meh though Falcietta is less so.
  • Even in the good routes, it takes a while to get going.
  • Rhythm game is irrationally hard (There's an autoplay mode) and unskippable.

Score: 8/10

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Symphonic Rain has a more of slice-of-life-y feel than other V Ns so that's why I could understand if people don't like it much.

I like it quite a bit though, I enjoyed the dialogue and the mostly good-feel of the whole thing.
The slice of life isn't why I disliked this. I mean, hell, I find the slice of life to be pretty much the best part of Clannad. There was just no energy to Symphonic Rain.
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