Biggest Tearjerkers in video games (Spoilers for any listed ones):

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76 Jace19th Oct 2010 05:56:38 PM from the Great White North
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^ That scene was pretty emotional for me too. My eyes teared up, but I didn't actually cry until Yukari watched the unedited video of her dad, when he says he loves her. Man, placing that scene right after...

Akihiko at Shinjiro's memorial service was the first tearjerker for me. I've been putting off ending the game, but I know what happens. I suspect I'll be pretty sad then too.

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77 Lunacorva15th Feb 2012 02:26:30 AM , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!

Both the scene on the bridge and the ending. I'm an unemotional sociopath most of the time and even got through the Mass Effect death scenes without feeling much, but those two scenes had me shaking with Emotional Torque
78 Cassie15th Feb 2012 02:59:45 AM from Malaysia, but where?
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Legend of Mana

When Bejewelled City starts and I was taking Pearl with me, after seeing the illusions of the past then my player character cried into becoming a stone, I was basically being invoked of all my saddest parts of the brain
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During my first play through of Pokémon Black, I bawled like a baby when it came to N's goodbye, and the ending in general. I knew it was coming, but as soon as the music started, instant waterworks. I was crying so hard I couldn't read the text.
80 Tiamatty15th Feb 2012 04:14:40 AM from Now on Twitter , Relationship Status: Brony
From Mass Effect, the Talitha side mission. That poor, poor girl. She's not even real, and I weep for her. Also, Kirrahe's Hold the Line speech. It's impossible not to help the salarians out after he delivers that. And then the scene with Corporal Toombs. Not Mr. Corporal. ME 2 has the Alarei. Not just Tali's father - no, for me, the worse moment is the log of the woman saying goodbye to her child. One of Samara's lines on the Normandy, after her Loyalty mission, is to comment that she's free - a broken and empty shell of a woman, but free. And, of course: "Square root of 912.04 is 30.2. It all seemed harmless..."

A few months ago, I played through EarthBound again. You spend hours on it. You grow to love all the characters. You go through the Nightmare Fuel that is the final stage. (Paula's call was absorbed by the darkness. Most brutal seven words ever in a video game.) You go through the last bit of walking around the world you saved. You're feeling happy and proud. It plays the Runaway 5 while you see all the people you encountered throughout the game, and it's bittersweet, but hey, the music's too happy to be down. And then the bastards play Smile and Tears. And you tell yourself you're not going to try. Some shitty midi music on a stupid video game isn't going to make you cry. Then: "I miss you."

Damn you! Why! Why would you do that?! You made me cry, are you happy now, you bastards!

Chrono Trigger has several moments that make me cry. Crono's death and Crono's revival are the big ones. Damn if they don't make me tear up every time. I always bring Marle with me for those, and they always hit me.
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I can now officially add the ending of Skyward Sword to this list.

Damn you, Impa! Why did you have to Go Out with a Smile? And then Fi gets all What Is This Feeling? on you and even if you've come to hate her with the fury of a thousand suns, she's all "You made me... happy, master" and then she goes away and it's all like NOOOOOOO!
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[awesome]Silver's ending in Sonic 06. It's even worse than every Pixar movie combined.

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Shu Takumi's games are good at making me feel sad. For those who don't know, he made Ace Attorney and Ghost Trick.

Of course, the endings of these games usually make me cry different kinds of tears.

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84 lolacat15th Feb 2012 08:39:22 PM from Vancouver Island
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Emma's death in MGS 2 was the only scene in a video game that actually made me cry.

Also, the ending of Final Fantasy X made my little sis cry.
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Tear Jerkers eh. Hoo boy are there a few that come to mind.

Gonna have to second the ending to Metal Gear Solid 3. To know that you killed someone who loved their country, but will be forever remembered as a criminal and traitor was quite painful.

Midna's departure in Twilight Princess, especially after having gone through so much together, and the implied feelings both Link and Midna had for eachother.

The death of Maria from Gears Of War 2. I never thought that a supposedly gung-ho macho game could have emotion in it, but the death of Dom's wife proved me wrong. Got painful memories of the Holocaust from it as well.

The entirety of Shadow of the Colossus. From the death of the Colossi, to the credits scene, no game ever hit me as hard as Colossus did.

Rosalina's Storybook in Super Mario Galaxy. "My mother is sleeping under that tree on the hill!" :'(

Zero's sacrifice in Mega Man Zero 4. To make it worse, they had his love interest, Ciel, crying all throughout the credits.

There are more, but I'd rather not before I burst into tears.

Also, Xion's death was sad...up till Roxas said "Who else will I have ice cream with?" Then it became pure Narm.
86 CTM16th Feb 2012 08:43:16 AM from Connecticut
Shadow of the Colossus. Aggro's Disney Death, plus the ending. Didn't actually get me crying, but came close enough.
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NieR, but only on a first playthrough. Following playthroughs' gimmick, while rich in backstory, is made of pure narm. The game try to pull a "No, Nier, you are the demons", and miserably fail in making the extra story bits anything less than laughably corny. Dark Souls' side characters' stories are pretty sad, too. Makes you think twice about taking the bad ending.
88 Nikkolas20th Feb 2012 08:43:11 AM from Texas , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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Pleasantly surprised to see so many votes for Emma in here. MGS 2 love is very good.

So since she's covered I'm gonna have to say Silent Hill 2 - Mary's Letter.

Words are indeed very powerful and just listening to her speak makes me tear up all the time.
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The end of Portal 2, and the end of Half-Life 2 Episode 2.
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90 GearLeader24th Mar 2012 12:13:40 PM from Dota Hell , Relationship Status: Married to the job
Mordin's death in Mass effect 3.
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[up] Tali saying "I wish we had more time" while in the last mission.

I didn't find NieR narmy and I liked the story. The last part where the "Shadowlord" dies was sad.
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92 SuperFrost25th Mar 2012 08:16:57 PM from The Gesselchaft , Relationship Status: In Lesbians with you
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Why... WHAT THE HELL!!!! Followed by this music:

Also the first ending of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers with the player's little speech and everything leading up to it. Does NOT help that I named the player character after myself (and he said stuff I would TOTALLY say!) and the partner after one of my best friends who I actually DID have to leave at one point... (and I haven't seen her since...)

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