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I love chess and the Chess Motif but I am not to good at it :p
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27 66Scorpio21st Jan 2012 08:28:10 AM from Toronto, Canada
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I don't have the patience for chess, which is why I was rated at speed chess a good 300 to 500 points higher. In my youth, I had a decent memory so I could play the openings by rote to gain a material or positional advantage, but then I got bored and made mistakes. Given that speed chess lasted no longer than 10 minutes, I was particularly challenging, even to people twice my age.

Some 30 years later I can still give my stepfather - a provincial silver medalist - a good run as long as I keep my concentration.

My advice is to get a book like Chess Openinings For Dummies and - to the extent possible - memorize it. Read some theory to help your mid-game and end game. If you play AI, then always play defensively and never exchange-and-simplify (more pieces on the board clogs up the computer search tree).
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28 Olivetree9th Apr 2012 05:24:46 AM from A silly little Island off the coast of an island , Relationship Status: I'd need a PowerPoint presentation
My relationship with chess in a nutshell: I love it! Too bad I'm terrible the first half then get good whilst I'm losing and there's no hope at all. It's also too bad that I hardly know anyone who plays it, and hence I only ever practice against myself giving me next to no challenge (I once was able to make the side I wanted to win, lose). [up] In regards to reading your advice there, I think soon enough I will give in and buy a book on chess, though I know the advice wasn't directed at me, it still applies.

I do love collecting Chess sets though.
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I'm actually currently working on a chess variant. Actually it's not really a variant it's like TCG built on top of chess.
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30 Muramasan1329th Apr 2012 09:57:31 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
Ooh, that sounds nifty.
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Ya, the game itself takes heavily from the The Thirty-Six Stratagems

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World Champion match starts tomorrow! I'm guessing that Anand will take it — he's got a slight winning record over Gelfand in their matches over the past several years, plus Anand's already won two World Championships and one FIDE championship, which should count for something. Some people say that Anand's slipping since he fell to 4th ranked in the world, but Gelfand's supposedly been slipping too (now he's at #20 in the world).

Honestly, if Carlsen had competed, I think he'd have a solid chance of besting Anand. But I don't think Gelfand, or any of the others could do it. What are other people's thoughts?
After 4 games, the scores is tied at 2-2 — it's been 4 draws. Pretty much as I expected. I'm guessing the rest of the matches will draw and then Anand will win in the tiebreaks, since his skill at rapid chess is phenomenal, and I don't think Gelfand can match him.
[up][up] Why has Carlsen not competed?
He was whining about not liking the match format. Apparently it didn't 'motivate him to play his best.' Because, y'know, going up against the best in the world isn't motivating.

Specifically, he doesn't like the time controls (I think he wants them to be longer than the usual 2.5 hours per player per game), the long tournament cycle, or that the champion is automatically seeded into the final match. The latter is a matter of chess tradition — to be the world champion, you have to beat the incumbent, so the Championship Tournaments are to pick a Challenger who then goes up to try and take the Champion's title. Carlsen (and others) think that the Champion should have to compete in the tournaments to make it to the final match like anyone else, and argue that the winner of last year's World Cup or Superbowl aren't automatically seeded into the finals for the current year either. There are valid arguments on both sides of the issue, but Carlsen isn't really making them; he's just throwing a tantrum that FIDE didn't rewrite the rules for his personal approval.

(Score is now 2.5-2.5, with another tie in Game 5).

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Another tie, we're at 3-3. I'm still predicting that the regulation matches end tied at 6-6 and they have to go to tiebreakers, where Anand will win handidly.
37 Carciofus5th Aug 2012 11:37:11 AM from Alpha Tucanae I
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I used to play chess a lot as a kid (I never was particularly good, but I managed semi-decently at some tournaments at the provincial level), and I am occasionally a casual player; but to be honest, the competitive aspect of chess tournaments grew tiresome rather fast. I liked all the opening theory and so on; but I liked less all the tension and war of attrition and so on.

Nowadays, I'll happily play a few games against friends (losing more often than not, as I am horribly out of training), but that's it.
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38 Elle7th Nov 2012 08:15:20 AM , Relationship Status: I wanna know about these strangers like me
Do any of you guys recommend one site or app or another for online play? I'm feeling a little nostalgic...I used to be big on chess when I was younger (but not to the point where I ever learned formal openings/strategies and such) and would play it with my dad a lot.
39 EgregiousOne12th Dec 2012 01:41:44 PM from the Mancave of Despair , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
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[up] is pretty nice; you can either sit down and play a game start-to-finish, or set the time controls to 24 hours or more and play a leisurely correspondence game.
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40 Muramasan1313th Dec 2012 10:10:28 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
My skills plummet when I play online at anything. It's got something to do with the weightiness of real pieces and the effortlessness of making virtual mistakes.
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41 SantosLHalper24th Jan 2013 05:41:47 PM from The Canterlot of the North
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I've noticed that every time I play chess, half the midgame is me figuring out how to break that giant deadlock in the middle of the board created by me and my opponent making Pawn Chains. I think I'll make a World War I-themed Chess set so at least we get an appropriate image.
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42 LastHussar25th Jan 2013 06:04:12 PM from the place is here.
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I used to be ok, but lack of practice over the last 15 years means I've lost the awareness. Now my phone beats me! (When I was captain of the school chess team that would have been a nonsense statement)

For beginners Kings Pawn (KP) to King 4 (K4) is a good opening move - it releases the Queen (Q) and Kings Bishop (KB). You can develop the centre to start with KP and QP. Kings Knight (KN - N for knight to avoid confusion with Ks) to KB 3 is often good- blocks an attack on the KB Pawn (KBP) at KB 2, and protects Kings Rook Pawn (KRP) at KR 2.

You'll probably find it easier to develop attacks on the King's side- its easier for the Q to move diagonally that way, esp if opening with KP.

Likewise castling on Kings side (O-O) is easier (less pieces to get out the way, and also puts the king behind a solid wall of pawns - castling on Queens side (O-O-O) leaves him exposed diagonally. However O-O-O is less common, so can often throw an opponent, especially if developing the Kings side. It also gives him 4 pawns to act as a sheild (even though QP is forward to release QB) Once castled conside RP to R3 to strengthen the corner.

N are most useful in the cluttered early game, where their jumping means they are less restricted. Later on, on an open board they can be too slow to help.

Team up your rooks- they are the pieces that can support each other- RRQ is a nightmare to defend against.

If you develop an obvious advantage, seriously consider a Queen exchange (ie taking his queen even if it means losing yours) RR v Rx is a distinct advantage- remember a B can only access 32 of the 64 squares.
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43 SantosLHalper6th Feb 2013 06:32:29 PM from The Canterlot of the North
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For future reference, would it be possible to use Algebraic notation?
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44 LastHussar26th Feb 2013 06:27:04 PM from the place is here.
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No, I'm showing off.

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45 Muramasan134th Mar 2013 02:15:08 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
When playing chess with myself, I find it hard not to take sides.
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"If I was feeling really fool hardy I would even go for a Fools mate. Once beat the reigning champion at our school in Speed chess cause of that."

How could the guy be reigning champion and fall for that? Simply not paying attention to it isn't enough, he'd have to have been making really stupid moves that would have ended up losing him the game against a decent player in the long run anyway.
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47 Pyrite7th Jun 2013 07:45:11 PM from Right. Beneath. You. , Relationship Status: Hiding
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Perhaps he meant "Scholar's" Mate. To screw up with a Fool's Mate in an actual match implies that the other player has your family at gunpoint and your puppy hanging over a shark tank.[lol]
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48 Muramasan1315th Jun 2013 08:43:34 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
Some people who are competent at regular chess become blithering morons when faced with a timer (exhibit A: myself).
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49 Pyrite15th Jun 2013 10:03:06 PM from Right. Beneath. You. , Relationship Status: Hiding
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I know (or used to know) the feeling, but if your first two moves are 1. f3 and 2. g4, you are in a whole different class of fail.[lol]

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50 SeptimusHeap16th Jun 2013 01:18:32 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
I remember facing a similar issue with clock and no-clock chess. I eventually managed to get on with the first sufficiently.
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