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501 Solstace19th Sep 2010 05:12:27 PM from the Second Viennese School
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Hmmm, might be interesting.

Maybe I'll give it a shot when I can play VNs again.
My second run of CROSS†CHANNEL is getting me rather depressed. Not helped by knowing how the story as a whole ends, either.
Hmmm, I really like Cross Channel, but on a second run it bugs me a bit how little the cast interacts with each other. There's a perfectly justified reason for it, but it still makes Taichi seem like the center of the world moreso than is necessary.
Wow... Cross Channel Tower of Friends is just... Yeah. I... guess that covers some of the unanswered questions but... I need to find something really light and fluffy.
Snow Sakura is pretty lite and fluffy at the expense of not really having much of a plot.
I was surprised to find that had an article, actually. I have no idea where I stumbled across it.

You know, thinking more about it, Misaki is the main heroine, isn't she? That sucks.

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Oh dang, CROSS†CHANNEL. I remember when I first realized where they were going with the ending and then pretty much cried nonstop for the last hour of clicking going NO NO NO FUCK THEY CAN'T DO THIS and goddamn shit they did it anyway.

Which was kind of weird, considering that the rest of the novel had me just going :| except when Taichi did something funny.
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508 kairna15th Nov 2010 06:08:33 PM from Ashford Academy, Japan
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The last VN that I played was Yume Miru Kisuru. I am not really a VN person but I really liked it. I'm reading Yosuga no Sora and CROSS†CHANNEL now.
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So, on to Spirit of Eternity Sword. I think they've dropped the thing where the characters are voiced with gibberish that's supposed to be a foreign language.
Sooo interesting thought here. Okay, so, when spirits or etrangers die in this game, they turn into gold mist unlike normal humans who leave corpses. If wounded, the blood or whatever that is lost will also turn into gold mist. Now some scientist girl is talking to Yuuto about stress and how he should ask someone out on a date and how he's not really different from the normal humans blah blah blah and it occurs to me; what happens if he masturbates? Does his semen turn into gold mist?

After all, he's got to get rid of that stress somehow.

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511 neobowman20th Nov 2010 08:53:22 PM from Unidentified Proxy , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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God, Canvas is sooooo damm boring to read. There's so much repetitive stuff in there that they didn'tneed. Same problem as Da Capo imo.
^ The high number of heroines realllly doesn't help either.
513 JackMackerel21st Nov 2010 12:51:55 AM from SOME OBSCURE MEDIA
514 neobowman14th Dec 2010 02:08:19 PM from Unidentified Proxy , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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Finally finished Hagino's route (skipping the H-scenes). I try to get the less intereating ones done with first and that one certainly was boring.
Yeah, she wasn't very interesting. The two main heroines were also pretty boring and had fairly lackluster routes. I think I liked Sumire's route most, followed by Takeuchi, Tomoki and Saya.
Thread revive!

G-Senjou no Maou is EPIC. That ending is still bothering me until now. I find it really difficult to call it a bittersweet or a happy ending — it's just somewhere in between. It needs more love, and I'd kill to see an (proper) anime adaptation of it.
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I watched the walkthrough of CLANNAD, although there was really only seven ten minutes videos, and I find it to be much better than the animation.

Then go download it? Not hard to find.
I'll show you real magic.
My computer hates downloading.
You can't even use a torrent?
I'll show you real magic.
THAT one. It takes me hours to download them all, just to blurt out some gibberish which I forced to assume means "Suck it up, asshole."

I don't know, maybe I might try again. Hey, can you recommend me a good site for downloading those kind of stuff? I would totally appreciate it.
What spits out gibberish, the game when you try to play it, the files when you try to extract them, the torrent program itself?
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The files.
Have you tried downloading it from
I'll show you real magic.
[up] No. Will try when I get home this week.

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