Webcomic with the best art?

Webcomic with the best art?:

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I think Bleedman deserves a mention.
127 Shota27th Aug 2011 10:21:33 AM , Relationship Status: Dancing with myself
[up]Bleedman's creations are excellent!

Now if only he'd work with some ORIGINAL characters!
128 TotemicHero27th Aug 2011 10:31:13 AM from the next level , Relationship Status: Abstaining
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I really like the style of Sweet and Sour Grapes (no, we don't have a page for it yet). Any webcomic that can have a cartoony style yet still pull off stuff like this is good by my book.

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I admit that I haven't read many webcomics in my day, but if we're just picking out the ones that you'd hang on your wall just because of the art, then I'd have to mention minus. I really like that style of art, and I think that in that case watercolors are appropriate considering what it's about.
130 dRoy13th Sep 2011 06:28:09 AM from Korea, aka the Suicide Land
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TAL. Not as good as ones from Song Of The Cloud, but still really nice.
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I unfortunately don't read that many comics that rely on art that much. Of the ones I read, the best ones would probably be Sinfest, DMFA and Starfighter.

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132 dRoy24th Sep 2011 02:12:42 AM from Korea, aka the Suicide Land
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I just checked Romantically Apocalyptic and Holy. Shit!

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Right, just rummaging through my bookmarks for webcomics with decent art, I'll throw in Power Nap and Turbo Defiant Kimecan. Power Nap's look perfectly suits its style, and Kimecan just straight up has some of the best art I've seen in webcomics in a long time.
134 Mukora25th Sep 2011 09:39:48 AM from a place , Relationship Status: I made a point to burn all of the photographs
That second one doesn't seem to have anything on it but a message that the "server has been hacked"
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135 tiaxrulesall28th Sep 2011 11:47:20 PM from Bay Area California
I have been reading red moon rising and para-10 on the advice of this thread, and both have been amazing.

The last panel of this page of para-10 is great http://www.tenthousandmasks.org/para-ten/?p=664
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136 dRoy29th Sep 2011 04:50:21 AM from Korea, aka the Suicide Land
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[up] Hmm...certainly a very unique style...but unfortunately, at the risk of sounding rude, I have to say that I've seen better.
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Has Transient Man gotten a mention yet? It's by an artist who works for Massive Black so it pretty much blows the art of every other online comic out of the water.

((skip to page 3 as tht's when the comic really starts))
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138 Leradny30th Sep 2011 04:45:21 PM from Berkeley, CA
The art certainly is high quality. But then I read:

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139 dRoy1st Oct 2011 12:59:39 AM from Korea, aka the Suicide Land
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[up][up] *jaw drops*
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140 Euodiachloris26th Feb 2012 09:20:21 AM from England (Oop North) , Relationship Status: Is that a kind of food?
Euo will do!
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141 Adannor26th Feb 2012 10:46:29 AM from effin' belarus , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
Two page spreads are so big that they do not fit on screen and the site's system breaks the slider =_=
142 ohsointocats26th Feb 2012 12:46:45 PM from The Sand Wastes , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
It looks to me like Romantically Apocalypitc would benefit from doing the same thing Hero is doing with its text.
143 tiaxrulesall26th Feb 2012 11:46:24 PM from Bay Area California
Good god, Someone get this artist a writer and a web designer. The art is astounding truly. The dialogue is terrible however, and it's difficult to decipher the plot as the panels are formatted wrong and cut off to the left.

Seriously its astounding how much work must have been put into the art with so little regard for story, or that they are displayed properly. Sad kinda.
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144 TBeholder29th Feb 2012 06:43:50 AM from chthonic safety
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Mukora> That second one doesn't seem to have anything on it but a message that the "server has been hacked"

That's why. I'm totally going to enable all the executable crap and visit it and every other obscure widget-"kewl" site every day like this. Yep. Because obviously, if the "designer" thinks a site worth it, it should be so. evil grin Ahem.

For me, top of the webcomic art list are Girl Genius and Gunnerkrigg Court, in different ways. One is very, very well drawn in general, another is just a little better than is needed to express whatever it currently is about, and that is done very, very well.
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145 BobSquob29th Feb 2012 08:01:51 PM from A World of Imagination
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I really love the artwork in minus.For example: http://www.kiwisbybeat.com/minus49.html
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I've always been partial to the use of color in Paranatural. It really does a good job of capturing an "otherworldly" feel. This strip is one of the best examples. I'll probably mention some of my other favorites later.
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