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1 Fusionman30th Aug 2010 01:58:41 PM from In a snow-covered wasteland , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
Hey it's Fusionman again! Yes it's time for me to have even more Attention Deficit Creator Disorder! Well for this me and Robbie Rotten will be alternating seasons. I'll cover Island and World Tour while Robbie will take Action and Reloaded. Well um first episode soon.
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2 RobbieRotten29th Sep 2010 11:24:51 PM from Texas , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
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And by the soon you mean "Totally not soon"?
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3 Fusionman30th Sep 2010 02:40:18 PM from In a snow-covered wasteland , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
No one knows this exists! Once I know people actually care I'll start.
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I care. I really only watched a few TDI episodes in the entire season, and no other ones. However, the show's interesting. Also, if you don't put in the link to the episode, can you post pictures now and then?
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5 Fusionman30th Sep 2010 09:09:19 PM from In a snow-covered wasteland , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
First part of episode 1 here. Well I had a great post for the first few minutes. Data Vampires ate it so... summary! It's a explanation of the show. It's just Survivor. So time for an extremely catchy theme song . I want to be famous.

Well time for me to start saying the "contestants." Also Chris shows his first Jerk Ass move telling the contestants that they'd be in a 5-star resort. Not cool. Camper #1 Beth the Geek sterotype. She also is the first Stalker With a Crush. Camper #2 DJ the animal loving Jamaican man. ((Better description would be nice.)) Camper #3 Gwen the Perky Goth. She also is a slight Ensemble Darkhorse. NEXT!!

OK this is a fun exchange.

Gwen: I did NOT sign up for this. Chris: Actually you did *shows contracts* Gwen: *Rips contracts* Chris: *Shows new contracts* The great thing about lawyers is they make a LOT of copies. Gwen: I am not staying here. Chris: K. I hope you can swim because your ride just left.

OK back to contestants
  1. 4 Geoff the party boy. I got nothing else to say about him. #5 Lindsay. She is both a Brainless Beauty and the Ms. Fanservice. She does amuse me though. #6 Heather the official bitch. She has some other tropes applying to her. Time has not come to say those though. Moving on. #7 Duncan the Emo sterotype. He's the offical Draco in Leather Pants character for the next 2 seasons. He's also a criminal. JEEZ THAT'S ORIGINAL! #8 Tyler. I love this guy. He's a big goof but he tries so hard. I say he's in my top 5 favorites. He also is a master at Epic Fail.

Oh yeah sorry #9 Hector the other Geek. He doesn't annoy me. though. Don't ask why. #10 ((Well according to the show #9 but the math doesn't work)) Trent. Once more no good description. Sorry Trent fans. Oh yeah Trent helps cause a Love Dodecahedron. Wait until I have to explain THAT! And lastly #11 Bridgette the surfer hippy. I have some slight PSL for her.

What's that? TMI? Oh sorry. Well next time we get to challenge 1 and I introduce the other 11 contestants.

((Explain the 1. next to Geoff's intro so I can fix it.))

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