Your ten favorite film franchises:

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Bigfoot Puncher
1. Star Wars- The Trope Codifier for the modern Summer Blockbuster, they've also got everything the perfect blockbuster needs.

2. Evil Dead- This trilogy is single-handedly responsible for giving Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi their careers. Groovy, indeed!

3. Indiana Jones- If adventure has a name...

4. Godzilla- For those who enjoy some good old fashioned city stomping. I even enjoyed the American one!

5. Alien/Predator- The first two Alien films were good, at least. And the three Predator films. Forget the crossover films.

6. James Bond- Car Chases, Girls Of The Week, and gadgets. What more could you want?

7. Toy Story- Manages to pull an Even Better Sequel. Twice.

8. Ghostbusters- Who ya gonna call?

9. The Lord of the Rings- Perhaps the best epic films in recent all history.

10. Die Hard- Who doesn't want to watch John McClane running from terrorists and blowing things up?
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God ten film franchises this may be hard, I like a lot more stand alone films then franchises. Here goes anyway.

1.)Star Wars-The best trilogy ever made, yes there are only three of them

2.)Lord of the Rings-Second best trilogy, especially the extended editions

3.)Hellboy-My personal favorite super hero movie franchise


5.)Mad-Max/Indy-Close race here, going to squeeze both of them in

6.)Pirates-What they are fun brain dead movies

7.)Feast-Same as Pirates

8.)Matrix-Does it count if I only count the first one?

9.)Toy Story-Pixar nuff said

10.)Jurrasic Park-Again does only liking the first one count?

Honorable mentions

Serenity-oh what could have been

Avatar-well not yet anyway, besides it could get better, emphasis on could

Star Trek- the original movies only, good memories of watching them one after the other with my mom in the summer

X-Men-1 and 2 only

Underworld-again can I only count the first one?

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Fuck numbers 3-10.

2. Jurassic Park - and no, liking only the first doesn't count. I LOVE ALL THREE!!!

1. James Bond
Am I the only one who will say Harry Potter. Okay here goes

1.Star Wars by all means 2.Lord of the Rings 3.Batman(I don't count Batman and Robin) 4.Harry Potter 5.X-Men(not the third or origins) 6.Does Monty Python count even though they are not sequels? I guess that would be it for the most part.
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I really have to stretch to get to ten

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My favourite franchises and my favourite entries;

1.Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back

2.Batman-Batman Returns

3.Toy Story-Toy Story 2

4.Marvel Cinematic Universe (it counts)-Captain America

5.The Matrix Trilogy-The Matrix

6.James Bond-From Russia With Love

7.The Lord of the Rings-The Two Towers

8.Indiana Jones-The Last Crusade

9.Harry Potter-The Prisoner of Azkaban

10.Back to the Future Trilogy (how has no one mentioned this yet?)-Back to the Future
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Not quite 10, as there aren't enough really good franchises. It doesn't count if you only like one movie in the franchise, so I can't count Jurassic Park. Ditto for the MCU - The Avengers is great, but everything else is just average.

1) Star Wars (original trilogy is just wonderful, I never get tired of watching it)

2) X-Men (as the earlier poster said, excluding X3 and Wolverine Origins, but definitely including X-Men: First Class, which is my favourite)

3) Pirates of the Caribbean (simply for including Jack Sparrow, though they did the fourth one poorly - he doesn't work well as a hero)

4) Toy Story (I wouldn't have thought of that if someone else hadn't posted it, but I do love all three; it's the only one of these franchises other than Nolan's that has no weak entries)

5) James Bond (Craig movies are my favourites)

6) Lord of the Rings (characterization and themes get increasingly poorly done in each successive movie, but still a spectacular achievement, and visually hugely impressive, and incredibly detailed in the portrayal of the setting)

7) Indiana Jones (I even liked the fourth one)

8) The Dark Knight Saga (not my favourite, but very well-done comic book movies, and tightly plotted with less pure exposition and introductory material than is typical)

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In as good of an order as I could come up with.

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