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It's just a picture of some girl, she does look a bit tomboyish I suppose, but she isn,t really doing anything. And she doesn't have any of clothes the tropes says this type of character usually wear.

I would suggest something, but really I don,t really understand what the trope is supposed to be about. I think this trope might need more than just an image change, but I'm not sure, so I think just the pic should be changed.

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I see the Awesomeness.
Is it just me or is this Tom Boy But In Japan?
Seems like it, yeah. I mean from the few non-anime example I saw, we have Leela (an Action Girl) and Kaylee (a Wrench Wench). The fact that we don't have a exemples page for just tomboys (as opposed to mechanics girl or cute but ultra strong little girl) might be the reason why we have this page.

Anyway, I'm gonna probably put a discussion in the Trope Repair Shop if more people agree that this more has more problem than an image.
Does this trope even need to exist?
This trope definitely shouldn't exist.
Cure Candy
I dont know its a specific type of Tomboy that appears in Anime and usually quite different than what appears in western shows almost always they have shorts and a tank top.

Also I think the pic is fine.

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