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Current That One Boss(es) and That One Level(s)?:

 301 Fergard Stratoavis, Sun, 4th Dec '11 12:29:26 PM from Freddy's Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
Most Dapper Pizza
Oh. Didn't know that one. Well, if you're feeling too weak, you can always level grind in Sin or even better, Omega Dungeon(that is, if you know how to find it). Mimics encountered in OD give you ridiculously big amounts of gil, so you can also use Yojimbo, if you feel uncomfortable with possible outcomes.

On higher note, it's not going to get any worse after it.
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I just beat Barret in Deus Ex: Human Revolution after an hour of trying. Deep. Hurting.

I mean, what the hell. I knew that the bosses were outsourced during development, but Jesus, I felt like a different game was forced on me all of a sudden, and that game sucked in comparison. Is it just me, or do too many FPSes suffer massive brain farts when it comes to boss battles?!
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[up]There's 3 more bosses in the game, although you won't face the next one for quite some time. My personal advice is to use the stun gun to stop them, then attack them with something else, like a particularly powerful gun, grenades, or the Typhoon aug.

Also, try to get EMP Shielding (it's part of the Dermal Armor augs) before the second boss.

 304 ABNDT, Wed, 14th Dec '11 9:42:32 PM from where you're not looking
You can't kill a stone....
Having beaten Jinx a little while ago and being a bit overleveled for my degree of progress, I thought I'd give Culex a try. -CURBSTOMPED- I'll come back after I get the Lazy Shells.
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 305 Beorc, Wed, 14th Dec '11 9:51:25 PM from hither and yon Relationship Status: I know
Ridley and Ridley
I found Braska's Final Aeon quite a challenge as well. Luckily I had taught Tidus, Wakka, and Auron Quick Hit, but even then after several tries I barely defeated him when Ultimate Jecht Shot wiped out my other two party members. Thankfully Auron was able to finish the the boss off before it got another turn.

edited 14th Dec '11 9:51:48 PM by Beorc

 306 todbot 1, Wed, 14th Dec '11 10:16:52 PM from Tazmily Village Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Majora's Mask
Spent about an hour getting completely stomped by Mad Jack. Forgot how tough that guy can be, especially if you haven't played in ten years.
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Malus can go fuck himself.

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"badass" doesn't anything in after used end fail be fine.
 308 Malph, Thu, 9th Feb '12 8:52:30 PM from The middle of somewhere Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
All hail
Call of Duty: Black Ops. Executive Order on Veteran. The last hallway with respawning enemies.
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 309 lolacat, Thu, 9th Feb '12 8:53:37 PM from Vancouver Island
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Seeing all these piss ant tropers trying to talk tough makes me laugh. If Matrix were here, he'd laugh too.
 310 lalalei 2001, Mon, 27th Feb '12 11:07:22 AM from At my computer. Relationship Status: I <3 love!

I was at 2 HP. Marcia was at 3.
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 311 Demongodofchaos 2, Mon, 27th Feb '12 11:09:05 AM from Reality Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
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All of the Bosses from Asura's Wrath with the mortal gauge equipped. Good God.
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Every "dungeon" level in Thief Gold. . . but especially Cathedral 2. Damned hammer haunts. . .
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 313 qtjinla 15, Tue, 28th Feb '12 10:36:30 AM from Los Angeles
Spinal from Killer Instinct.

 314 Random Chaos, Wed, 29th Feb '12 10:44:47 AM from My own little world
No Dragon Power
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