Can This Be Plausible For Soft Sci-Fi/Fantasy?:

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1 AwesomeZombie2222nd Oct 2010 11:23:23 PM from somewhere over the rainbow
Okay, in one of my video game ideas, there is an alternate dimension that has just been discovered. There were many strange creatures who had buildings that mirrored ours somewhat, as they learned from us. They had many small crystals that they used as currency, and gave a few to the humans as thanks. The humans discovered that the crystals had a sort of magic property to them, and that they could encode magic spells into them.

They started by mixing a sperm of a hamster with a crystal with a Shield Spell, and the hamster could use it. They decided to make super soldiers (dubbed Force Soldiers), one per state, and if they died, the state could revitalize them by placing them in pods, or, if the damage was critical (i.e. crushed by an elephant) they would have to make another one.

The story is set in the distant future (like, 4024), remember the genre and tell me if this doesn't sound plausible. I know someone will ask me this, so, yes, Force Soldiers were genetically engineered when they were sperms. The process is: get guy to jerk off in cup, fuse all of the seeds with crystals make them all the exact same person, and then put them all in tubes until they become babies, find the one that is stable, and then train them in how to use their powers.

May have been too descriptive, but you need to have more description in order for people to determine the plausibility.

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Y'know, I got a third of the way into that paragraph and just flat-out hit a wall.

How did they go from "these crystals can be encoded with spells" to "try hamster jizz"?
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3 AwesomeZombie2223rd Oct 2010 12:06:29 AM from somewhere over the rainbow
Well, they tried it out on hamsters instead of just jumping straight to humans to make sure that it works. Though the jump from magic crystals to hamster sperm was sudden on my part. Why specifically the sperm... well, let's just say I read LEGO Genetics.

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Two things:
  • There's a reason we call subjects lab rats.
  • The scientists themselves have to have a reason to try sperm.
But soft! What rock through yonder window breaks? It is a brick! And Juliet is out cold.
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All I know is that you must have superpowered hamsters in this setting.

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6 AwesomeZombie2223rd Oct 2010 12:17:33 AM from somewhere over the rainbow
1. Hamsters can also be used in testing, though yes, rats are used more.

2. They tried the sperm because it would be easier to change genetically that way (if anyone who has a further understanding of how genes work can correct me, then thank you).

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Sperm only has half the genetic structure required. An artificially inseminated zygote - a test-tube lab animal, essentially - or just tissue sample would be easier.
But soft! What rock through yonder window breaks? It is a brick! And Juliet is out cold.
8 AwesomeZombie2223rd Oct 2010 12:50:00 AM from somewhere over the rainbow
Okay, thank you for the correction.
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