Mean things that kids do to each other:

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Hello everyone.

I am in the process of writing a short story, part of which involves my main character living in a foster home with two other children.

I am having a little trouble coming up with creative ways in which kids are often quite cruel to other kids, aside from hiding and breaking each other's things. I want something a little less cliche and predictable, because I figure that children can be incredibly creative in situations like this. Maybe if I had siblings, I would have more personal experience to draw on!

So please, share your own experiences and/or ideas. I promise I won't judge!

Thanks for your help.
Poking, insulting, stealing food, killing & maiming pets, framing each other, locking in closets & wardrobes, hiding explosives and poisonous animals in belongings.

Oh, personal experiences? When I was little my younger sister would twist my arm until I agreed to be the man in our pretend-relationship.

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3 Buttercupistiny3rd Jul 2009 11:13:50 AM from next to ponicalica
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My little sister used to claim that I had done something to hurt her to get me in trouble.

I also once barricaded her into our closet.

Snuck avocado or tuna or mayo onto sandwiches I made her in an effort to get her to try them...

And... tickle wars?

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Just watch a few episodes of Malcom in the Middle. That could be enough to give you some ideas.

In my own experience, I've: Filled my cousin's mouth with dirt when he was asleep with his mouth opened. Locked a kid into a garbage can. Used a fire extinguisher against a group of kids.

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My little brother hit me a lot when he was four. In revenge I took a Mac Donald's toy and threw it at him as hard as I could. I had an 'Oh sh—!' moment afterwards and then lied to my father saying he fell. I also called him names a lot like 'stupid' or 'butthead'.

My girl friends forced me into wearing make up when I didn't want to and made me look absolutely horrifying. They did things like that a lot.
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Reading diaries, if they're of an appropriate age to be keeping diaries. More than just reading it, taunting them with something they wrote, so that they know you've read it.
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7 Ronka873rd Jul 2009 05:34:01 PM from the mouth of madness.
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Taking something of theirs and using it as your own (like clothes, a favourite pen, a retainer...). Locking yourself in a room with a book they like/their homework and threatening to tear out the pages. Deliberately undoing something they worked hard at (like messing up a cleaned room or breaking a Lego tower). Telling all their friends that the party they planned is canceled and so the party that they worked weeks to prepare and were really looking forward to is a bomb 'cause no one shows up and they go cry in a closet. Cutting their hair in their sleep.

And other horrible things my siblings and I did as children.
Thanks for the all fish!
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Finding that one berserk button of yours and pressing it as often as they can. Also, tattling. That's a big one.

Physical stuff includes purple nurples, indian burns and hertz donuts.
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Someone tried to strangle me one time.

If someone shows up with a bad leg or something like that, you can bet somebody will kick it.

Oh, and rumours. Never underestimate how damaging gossip can be.
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Watch Home Alone 1 & 2 and The Good Son, get some ideas.
And it just gets better from there!
11 Zolnier3rd Aug 2009 03:14:31 AM from A suspiciously dull shop
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Bend eachovers fingers back.
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Ahh... the finger bending back. Loved that. It's great cause I'm double jointed, and they're usually not.

Lots of fights. Classic fight with my brother ended up with one or both of us on our backs, hips and knees at a 90 degree angle, kicking wildly but high enough to count. It was the ultimate defense for a long time.

The thing I remember being the worst is, back about the time I was 6 or 7, I planted a bulb in the back yard, hoping to grow a rose bush. My brother came by and dug it up. I saw him through the upstairs window, ran down, and went total apeshit on him. Bit him, threw him on the ground, kicked him in the ribs and in the groin.

The worst thing I ever did was probably hitting him with a baseball bat when we were twelve or so.

I hear a lot worse happens in boarding schools. Homosexual harassment, rape and crazy levels of hazing. Might want to research that sort of thing.
My brother makes annoying noises until I yell at him to stop. Also, he often interprets my command as 'stop that particular noise' and switches to a different annoying noise.
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i'd like to bump this. I need some brainstorming for some of the Backstory in my teen dramedy/ black comedy/ deconstruction that i'm writing.
When I was a kid, I was abandoned by my posse of "friends' several times because I didn't really fit in with them. Opposite of like isn't hate, but complete neglect. Not cool.

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Having them ignore the new kid completely is good. Even better if he keeps finding they've done the other suggestions while ignoring him.
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For my loner character so far, his past has included:

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Bumping because it is a nice collection of ideas.

Bigger kids (like older siblings) feeding tales or misinformation to smaller one is quite common. Like convincing them that doing something will cause something terrible to happen.
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I think what the kids do depends on what tone you're looking for. Yes you could go the all-out hilarious slapstick route like Malcolm in the Middle or Home Alone, but if you wanted to maybe look at the darker, more Lord of the Flies kind of situation, then I recommend you watch the film Mean Creek for inspiration.
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Fake spiders. Placing shoes on beds in the middle of the night.
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Name calling. Never underestimate name calling.

Exaggerating an offense when tattling to try to get the other kid in worse trouble.

Stabbing with pencils.

Teasing about crushes and/or making up crushes for the other person.

If doing a chore or a school project together, forcing the other kid to do all the work or the worst part of the work. For instance, when my sister and I were told to empty the clean dishes from the dishwasher and load the dirty dishes, my sister kept me away while she unloaded the clean dishes so I would have to do all the dirty ones.

An odd thing my sister used to do was type mean things about me on the computer while I watched.

I once locked my sister out of the house. She got so mad I was afraid to let her back in and then she broke our glass door down.

I have hay fever. Some other kids pushed me into a field of head-high grass and wouldn't let me back out.
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Indian burns (twisting the skin in opposite directions to cause a burn-like wound) is always a popular one. Also, anything involving the bathroom tends to be funny to the abusers: like swirlies (dunking the head in the toilet,) throwing belongings into/flushing them, and the ever infamous cleaning the loo with the toothbrush. Horrific.
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My trouble making kid puts deadly spiders into people's sandwiches.

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24 A_H_R29th Sep 2010 01:12:09 PM from Crevice of your Mind
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I once had a pudding cup dumped on my head in middle school (age 11) because I tried sitting at the lunch table with my new found friend, who always sat with her frien...emies...


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In my childhood I observed that one of the common ones was writing Wreck Fic for the other one's imaginary worlds.
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