Dead Earth, It's a Zombie Novel:

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...but it's not about the zombies, damnit!

Dead Earth is where it's at.

Anyways, to get into actual informative information, it's a "zombie novel" taking place in Canada, starring a group of friends that are very knowledgeable about zombie tropes, and are overall very geeky. Unfortunately for them, it doesn't turn out so fine and dandy. Despite the darker content later on, in the beginning it has a good deal of comedy!

So far it's about 5% done, with 10 chapters (22k words) typed up, and two more on the way, having already been written out on papyrus.

Note that I'll be going back and editing a lot of chapters, whether it be in response to constructive criticism or just stuff I thought needed changing.

2 doorhandle16th Oct 2010 04:56:59 PM from Space Australia!
Wait, hang on...

10 ch = 5%

100/5 = 20

10x20 = 200 chapters total.

doorstopper much?
Oh yes. It's my fault for having a really expansive first draft. It was terrible and 60 pages long, and now I'm rewriting all of that and extending it to give it a more natural ending. I'm currently at least six chapters away from finishing the first arc.
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