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Is it true that you can get the third and fourth posters with the spread rockets, and if so how? I know the "normal" ways to get the posters, but it's frustrating me that #3 is impossible and #4 requires a ridiculous amount of luck to reach without killing enemies.
128 Sabbo28th May 2009 05:19:05 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
#3 can only be done the normal way (which is not that hard to do, even if you don't ant to kill anyone), while #4 can only be done in one way as well, but is much harder to do without killing anybody. Spread rockets will help with neither.

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Okay. Annoyingly, I can't remember now where I read that piece of misinformation. Doesn't matter, if #3 is truly impossible I'll skip it, and I got #4 now — it wasn't not too hard once I got the idea to stun the third Commander with the Shredder before going slowly past the two grunts.

...wait, did you say that #3 is not that hard even if you don't want to kill anyone? I know you don't kill anyone to reach it, but don't you have to kill Krotera?

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130 Pacific29th May 2009 07:17:34 AM from da beach house
Oh Yeah?
You will have to in Story mode, but you can get them all via the sector select- which is by far the easiest way to get them.
131 blakyoshi729th May 2009 07:29:01 AM from the Bone Dragon Pit
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I recently tried a Nanomaster run. It turned out to be a lot harder than expected. Is there some trick to it other than giving up on pacifism and cracking everything I can find? I hate making non-pacifist runs.
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132 Sabbo29th May 2009 07:44:32 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
Oops. Forgot Krotera.


Nanomaster? Doing that on pacifist is too hard to bother with.

...random thought: Nanomaster = Crack addict. :P

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Yes, I know the posters are easiest to get on single sector play, but the whole point is I'm setting myself a challenge :) As I'd completed the game without seeing any posters, I thought it would be fun to pick up all ten in one run. However, I'm also combining that with other goals (including no kills, no failed cracks and no stat rebooting), so if some of the posters are impossible under those conditions I'll get them and then restart the sector.

Progress so far: Sector 5 complete, got 5 ribbons, 3 supercharges and 5 posters (3 without restarting), 0 kills, 15 damage. I believe the Sector 2 supercharge is possible under my conditions but I missed it :(

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134 Pacific29th May 2009 08:20:47 AM from da beach house
Oh Yeah?
I don't think that's possible. I've never been able to get them all in one run- Thought it was a nice way to get you to play the game multiple times, though.

EDIT: I've thought- to do this, you need the nuke by Sector 5- meaning that's 10 into Tasen. for sector 6, you'll need 10 in Komato and crack to build the Velocithor. assuming you're playing in Normal, that leaves only three points left over from the supercharges- (I think it was 5 per sector, right?) and you'll have to gain 5 points in Sector 6 itself... but you'll presumably need 4 strength to get the poster in sector 3- along with breaking the truce.

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I think it's possible. By Sector 6 you need maxed Tasen, Komato and Crack and 4 Strength and 2 Health — a total of 31 points. If you get every supercharge you only need 25 levels, not too hard a challenge.

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I just killed Asha 2, and I think it added to my kill count... I'm trying to do a pacifist run, and I was completely overrun by Tor afterwards, so I'll have to replay that fight either way. Is there a way to get a non-lethal kill on Asha 2, or have I just accidentally killed someone and not noticed?
You need to skip the Asha 2 fight altogether.
Uh, how might I go on about that? It seems I need to destroy the core-thingy, but I can only open one set of blast doors without fighting Asha...
The nanofield reset function sure came in handy since Velocithor is really hard to get when you're focusing on a pacifist run, ironically enough...

EDIT: I've now won Iji with ranks of Pacifist, Overconfident, and the 40+ Crack level.

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141 Sabbo29th May 2009 07:41:30 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
The nanofield reset function sure came in handy since Velocithor is really hard to get when you're focusing on a pacifist run, ironically enough...

Not really. What difficulty were you on? It's possible to do a no-reset run on Extreme and still get pacifist, but that's the only one I'd call hard.
Well, I'd worked Iji to have 10 Health, 10 Crack, 10 Strength and 10 Assimilate, all of which are nice for a non-fighter. With some grinding and technical pacifism I could get any another skill all the way to 10 too. Now, to do a perfect pacifist run, I need 10 Tasen, 10 Komato and 10 Crack to make the Velocithor, so I needed to reset my nanofield and sacrifice all my Assimilate and a few levels in Strength to get the weapon skills high enough to do a pacifist run...

Oh, and have I mentioned that I consider VNV Nation's Further one of the most epic songs in the universe, even before I heard the LifeForce cover in Iji?

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143 Sabbo30th May 2009 12:29:20 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
You don't need any extra strength or assimilate (although one or two of the latter can be nice), and you don't need that much extra health(~4 will do).

Of course, perhaps I should take into account that you were not on Extreme. :/
Normal difficulty... <blush> I also liking exploring, so kicking open doors is nice and kicking down Assassins is useful, and I really did need all the extra health for Tor.

I guess I'll just have to become a better player.
145 Sabbo30th May 2009 02:25:40 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
Once you start seeing the patterns in Tor, the extra health is not necessary.

Also, I'm in that bracket of gamers who find "hard" actually hard for most games, evidencing the point that once you see the patterns - or have extremely good luck  * - this game is not particularly difficult. Still fun though.

EDIT: Also, I'm VERY patient in waiting for enemies to face the right way and be in the right place. I've once waited more than an hour for two Beasts to face the right direction, stand in the right place, and for me to shoot them. Rinse repeat until they die. (This was in Sudden Death mode in Sector X, in case you were wondering. ie. shotgun only, and I wasn't allowed to get hit even once.)

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It's not difficult at all, but that's why we make it more difficult by inventing new ways to challenge ourselves :)

So... just beat Sector 7, still on zero kills, now on 47 damage (half of which on the last sector alone). Just wondering — if I try really hard from here on in, is Immortal rank within reach? Should I go back and redo That One Boss? Or give up the idea altogether?

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147 Sabbo30th May 2009 07:22:38 AM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
Yeah, Immortal's still possible. Just be careful with the bosses, and you should be fine.
148 Brickman30th May 2009 08:26:35 AM from wherever adventure takes me , Relationship Status: My own grandpa
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Considering my immortal run on hard had less than 50 damage total through the entire game and I let some of the supercharges sidetrack me, yeah, it's still possible. Heck, if you're dedicated 0 is technically possible. But I'd recommend redoing sector 7 anyways, because you don't wanna use up a quarter of your quota in one level (obviously you don't have as much mastery over the AI as me so you aren't as safe).

Trying to get all posters (and ribbons, but they're always possible) and total pacifism on one run without reboot sounds tricky logistically. Lets see, requirements: Level 1: One point spent on str Level 2: I actually forget where this poster is Level 3: Break pacifism because you'll have to kill Krotera, so restart Level 4: Almost, almost impossible without breaking pacifism. Also, unless you're willing to kill someone off their bike I think it requires the same choice of rocket jump or points in strength that the supercharge required Level 5: Actually, this doesn't require any specific skills IIRC, but if you do it as a pacifist you're gonna need a lot of health. Level 6: Requires ten Tasen, ten Komato and ten Crack. Definitely the bottleneck, that's 27 skill points. Plus side, the supercharge will be free. Level 7: Requires the hyper pulse weapon. I think there's no strength requirement. Level 8: Requires a rocket jump, I believe. Level 9: Requires a devastator (already have) and either maxed health or near-maxed health. Though I assume you're on easy, so the health requirement's not nearly as severe because the pickups along the way affect you double. Level 10: Ah yes. The poster and the pacifism are both yours if you've got all weapons.

Course, even with all this, you'll still have to pass up the Scrambler, which can only be gotten by killing its owner. You'll get the banana gun for free though.
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149 Pacific30th May 2009 08:45:35 AM from da beach house
Oh Yeah?
for level 2 you'll need 2 points in Tasen for a machine gun. (I used to think you needed 5 for the rocket, but it seems you don't).
Brickman: I also initially thought the fourth poster was almost impossible, but it's actually not that hard at all. 2 Health is necessary for the rocket jump, but I wouldn't dare try Sectors 5-8 without 2 Health anyway. The two grunts en route to the supercharge aren't a problem once you know you can knock a turret into one with the Shredder. The second and third Commanders can be stunned with the Shredder before they can do any harm. As you said, the sixth poster was the bottleneck but as I had three supercharges by then I only needed to reach Level 26, not too hard.

I will try redoing Sector 7, but as well as the boss, the seventh ribbon costs a lot of damage. Unless I manage to avoid the health pickups, let the beasts kill me, and then when I go back down after regenerating they'll remain in their corner, thus limiting damage to 4. Feels a bit like cheating to do it that way, though, and also I haven't tested yet whether you keep the ribbon.

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