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So, what does everyone think of the recent events in the Manga? Do you think that the top three Espada are Vasto Lordes? Or do you think that they are all just very powerful Adjuchas, and that Aizen will bring in the Vasto Lordes when all of his current Espada are defeated? And what is UP with Yammy being the Zero Espada? Is he really more powerful than Stark?

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I added the "next arc will be" theory on WMG page that after all the espada are defeated it turns out that the vasto lordes were attacking the real Karakura town, and then it will be another long fighting arc of Vizards vs. Vasto Lordes
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Didn't the Vizards say they were on Aizen's side?
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Not exactly. They said they owed a debt to both Urahara and Aizen. I think the only side they are on is their own.
I read the "owing to Aizen" comment as more sarcastic than anything... On the topic of vasto lordes, I think either most of the espada are, or only stark and barragan are.... why? resurrección. starting from grimjjow and up to halibel, all the resurreccions have been animal based... does this mean they are all adjuchas? what about the ulquiorra silhouette when iceboy is describing vasto lordes? are we giving too much thought to something kubo might have forgotten?

And Yammy, either he's bluffing, or it is the greatest troll by kubo yet... in any case, I found it funny.
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Well, we know that Aaroniero was a Gillian. I imagine that Numbers 10, 8, 7, 6, and 5 were all Adjuchas. I am not sure about Ulquiorra, he does look like the VL silhouette we saw, and he does have a second Ressureccion. But V Ls are supposed to be more powerful than a Captain prior to being turned into Arrancar. And given that the Captains are managing to hold their own against the top three, it makes me wonder if any of the Espada are V Ls, and if Aizen has them hidden away as his trump card. If any of the Espada are VL, I think maybe Barragan and Stark are, given that they look the most Human out of all of the Espada.

I really do not know what to think of the whole situation really.grin

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Okay, right now I'm reading this for stark... which is a pity, because he has like 2 panles per issue, but, cero while standing still? that's manly.
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"no fighting pose or anything?" That made the whole chapter worthwhile. I am so pissed that Hitsugaya gets away with all this even though Ichigo, who's apparently some sort of gifted super-saiyan of the soul reaper world, had trouble with Ulquiorra, who was only Arrancar 5!
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Yeah, Hitsugaya possibly defeating Harribel is really weird. I mean, he had trouble with Luppi, who was the replacement Number 6. I do not think Harribel is dead though. She will probably break out of that thing next chapter.

Stark is awesome, I wonder what he will do next?grin

I also can not wait to see Soi Fong's Bankai.

Oh, and I think you mean that Ulquiorra is Espada Number 4.grin

Was it just me, or did Stark fire an energy beam from his chest?

To the WM Gs!

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I love the Bleach WMG page. I am an active contributor there.grin

Oh, and what does it remind you of?grin

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Another person named Stark who fires energy beams from his hands and chest.

Hello, fellow contributor! I do think it should be cleaned up a little, it's gotten massive...
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Oh yeah, the Iron Man entry is already there.tongue

Eh, I like it the way it is now. It has gotten massive, but I do not see any reason to delete anything.grin

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Nah, I didn't mean deleting anything. There's a few theories that sound kinda similar, maybe merge them. I wouldn't want to start, though, there's just too many surprised
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Ahh I see...yeah, maybe I will try some other time.surprised
16 Recon530th May 2009 10:30:36 PM from Southeast Asia
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Kubo's pulling out all the stops with New Powers as the Plot Demands. Hitsugaya should be re-nicknamed from Captain Jobber to Captain Ass Pull since Hyourinmaru is becoming more and more like a Green Lantern Ring as the plot progresses.

I don't see Stark's cero being a Chest Blaster. He can probably shoot them from any part of his body (mind out of the gutter NOW) at any time he wants unlike the rest of the Arrancar who seem to rely on one part or on a special pose.

Also, I knew from the beginning that Soifon wouldn't die until she revealed her bankai and that kind of took some of the impact off her losing her arm. I figure that she'd have held Suzumebachi in her mouth to go bankai if she'd lost the other arm as well. Now that she's done it, though, all bets are off.

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Just have to say Stark's totally casual "I don't give a fuck" cero is the best thing about this chapter. And Shunsui's "No fighting pose or anything??!" reaction.
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Kubo is the biggest troll in the world of anime/manga, and the only thing that could make stark more awesome now is shooting a Cero out of his mouth during Blade Lock.
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One thing I noticed is that it seems that being a Visored is a better deal power wise than being an Arrancar. Visored get all of the Shinigami and Hollow powers. Where as Arrancar do have most of the same, but lack the ability to use Kido. Granted, given how little use Kido has seen, it does not appear to be much of an advantage for the Visoreds, but it is still something they have over the Arrancar.

20 Sabbo4th Jun 2009 08:12:49 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
...Visored? You mean Vizard?

The difference is really just in what they started as, Shinigami or Hollow. A hollow can't become a vizard, and a shinigami can't become an arrancar.
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It's translated as "Visored" in the official volumes released here in the States.
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22 Sabbo4th Jun 2009 08:16:42 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
Bah. "Visored" looks like it means "to have a visor put on you", or something similar.

I'll stick with vizard. It looks like wizard, but clearly isn't.

(EDIT: But my main point still stands)

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Kinda works considering they're wearing masks that cover their faces. Like visors. grin

Anyway, it does seem like Arrancars are weaker than VISOREDS, but we have yet to see the Visoreds actually do anything other than train Ichigo and look kind of badass.

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24 Sabbo4th Jun 2009 08:19:09 PM from Australia , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters

Whatever. I think I'll keep being stubborn and spell it vizard.
and a shinigami can't become an arrancar.

What If? a shinigami was completely hollowified, and then it was turned into an arrancar? wild mass guess

In any case, Vizard seems like a better deal than Arrancar... mainly because they still have shikai, bankai, kido and cero... as opposed to cero, a sword, whatever abilites they have in hollow form and a bigger cero.

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